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S.C.S Chapter 291: Another Discovery!

Ian was completely overwhelmed. The dwarf soldiers were left here to protect the place. In other words, their original program has already been installed. Even though they have lost energy and have been standing by for so many years. However, when they regained their mobility, the first thing they had to do was to execute their tasks. The program in their system was not erased by any means.

This can only be described as if Ian was surrounded by a clan of African warriors, and it seems that luck is not by his side…

When asking baby-5 to do something, Ian’s Senbonzakura was already out of its sheath. He slashed a dwarf spear coming his way and cut it directly.

His blade was hardened Busoshoku Kōka, with such great strength, he easily cut off the dwarf soldier in half. He fell to the ground, and several sparks flashed out of his body, then he stopped moving.

Very weak! Ian was a little surprised. He originally thought that these dwarf soldiers should have good fighting power, but he just ripped one so easily!?

But soon, Ian found another problem. These little dwarf soldiers were not afraid of death because they were robots. After destroying one, more rushed forward immediately, even if they were not Ian’s opponent, they still rushed in one after another and tried to stab Ian with their spears. Moreover, these guys were short, which made him feel a little overwhelmed. Ian was almost stabbed in his legs by two dwarf soldiers!

Ian, who was startled with cold sweat on his forehead, got a little grumpy. These little dwarfs were so annoying!

Baby-5 was standing behind Ian at this time, bombarding these dwarf soldiers with shells to support Ian, but at this time, she noticed that Ian raised his empty hand above, and a ball of orange flame fluttered in his palm.

Seeing this scene, baby-5 was shocked and quickly backed away a bit, and sure enough, the next second, Ian’s hand suddenly slammed forward!

A blazing Flame was struck out, forming a huge turbine blow, and then rushed to the front with a whistling sound. As soon as the dwarf soldiers rushed up, they were directly engulfed by flames!

Ura 108 Shiki: Orochinagi! (Great Serpent Mower)

Because he obtained tons of Diamonds, Ian kept on buying several ten consecutive draws from time to time, and what he had equipped was a four-star card he drew not long ago, Kusanagi Kyo’s card! Because Ian collected many cards that use fire, he didn’t intend to use this card very often, but now facing so many dwarf soldiers, Ian has used one of his skills!

Orochinagi is an AOE skill. The flame thrown out swallowed a large area of the dwarf soldiers forward. All the dwarfs infected by Flame were scorched by its high temperature and lost control then fell to the ground. The Orochinagi skill eliminated more than 100 dwarfs directly, leaving an open space in front of Ian, and the surrounding area was still radiating a searing heat.

After emptying a room for display, Ian didn’t use the Orochinagi skill again, holding his Senbonzakura, and quickly shuttled among the dwarf soldiers. He learned a new flashing skill from his first swordsman card, Akechi Samanosuke’s card, which was a useful trick.

Ian’s figure turned into a white wraith, and flickered in the crowd continuously. Every time his blade light flashes, a dwarf soldier will be split into two parts. With him in the lead, Ian attracted the aggressivity of these robots, behind him, baby- 5 firepowers were fully operating, bombarding these dwarf soldiers.

After about three minutes, no more soldiers were standing in the basement…

Inserting the Senbonzakura into its sheath, Ian looked at the wreckage on the ground and felt very depressed. He didn’t feel a sense of accomplishment when beating these mechanical soldiers, and his balls were almost poked by their spears.

The person who designed the height of these soldiers is definitely a male hater…

Although he made some effort to deal with these robots, Ian was somewhat concerned about what these mechanical soldiers said when they woke up. They said, “invaders, eliminate the blue ocean people, guard the ruins!” These three sentences were easy for intruders to understand, but what does it mean to eliminate the blue sea people? Could it be that the Blue Sea people were the ones who forced the sky people to flee from this city?

Plus, what’s left behind was just some murals, is it worth putting so many mechanical soldiers to guard this basement?

Thinking like this, Ian suddenly felt that something was wrong, and thought to himself: “Could it be that there is actually something else worth guarding here?”

After that, Ian turned around and said to baby-5: “Look around carefully and see if there are any other devices or systems!”

Baby-5 was taken aback, and asked: “Do you mean like the movable brick from above?”

“Perhaps, there may be other forms of equipment!” Ian said: “You are a competent girl, so if you look around closely, I’m sure you will find something!”

Ever since, the two began to search in this underground basement. It took two hours for Ian and baby-5 to scan all the corners, but they did not find anything suspicious.

After reuniting, baby-5’s face looked tired, even Ian was a little discouraged. Was he overthinking it? Is this secret underground hall was built just to hide these murals? (T/N: Ian has to buy Conan Edogawa’s card, it’s very useful for such situations!! xD)

However, at this moment, baby-5 looked at the rear of Ian.

“What?” Ian asked her suspiciously.

“It seems that we have been looking in the wrong places, there is another place we haven’t looked in!” Baby-5 pointed to the back of Ian: “Over there!”

Ian turned back, only to find that Baby-5 was pointing at the hollow ball that Ian used to charge the dwarf soldiers and make them resume their activities!

Seeing it, Ian slapped his forehead, it seems that he was really blind. He didn’t inspect the location of the device!

It was just like the shadow under a lamp. The hollow ball was too conspicuous, and Ian had always thought it was just a charging device, so he subconsciously ignored it.

The two went over and approached the device again. Ian walked around it, but did not click any of the buttons on it. Instead, he raised his leg and kicked it hard!

Squeak, after the kick, the device slipped out for a certain distance and made a harsh sound by rubbing with the ground.

Then a strange scene appeared. When the device got shocked, a square stone under it slowly rose up and finally stopped with a click.

Sure enough, when Ian just circled around it, he noticed that the gap between the device and the ground was a bit large, so he felt that there seemed to be a mystery, then he made a little attempt, and extracted the last hidden part.

Look at the big square stone, Ian was puzzled, so he couldn’t help but walk around it. When he came to the front of the stone, he saw something engraved on the stone, and suddenly he was struck by lightning!

Pone…Poneglyph! ! ? ?

When Ian saw the weird words engraved on the front of the stone, his eyes almost popped out!

He didn’t figure out what it was before, but when he saw the side full of words, he finally knew what it was!

What the flying F*CK! Among these ruins, there is a stone stele, a Poneglyph!?

The appearance of this thing was so sudden that Ian was not prepared at all, so after he found out what it was, he felt a strong heartbeat…

Ian knows very well that this so-called Poneglyph has a total of 30 blocks, four of which are red Road Poneglyph. These four road steles point to four locations. If these four places can be found and marked on the chart, then each one of them will identify a location that forms a map leading to the final island in the Grand Line, Laugh Tale!

In addition to the four red Poneglyphs, nine of the remaining Poneglyph records the true history of the world!

As for the Poneglyphs other than these thirteen, they record various things, such as the history of some ancient countries, or the information of three ancient weapons…

The piece of Poneglyph they found in the ruins is not red, so it is not one of the Road Poneglyphs, but since Ian can’t read the Ancient script on it, he doesn’t know whether the historical text has information about Laugh Tale.

But in any case, this is the most important discovery Ian has made after they came to Sky Island at the Ballon terminal!

There is a piece of Poneglyph here, which made Ian think if it could be one of the Rio Poneglyphs, True Text of History, and has information about the “Void Century”…

It’s very possible…

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