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S.C.S Chapter 292: Flying Ship!

His guess was so possible, but whether this Poneglyph was placed here from ages ago, or after the establishment of the world government, is still unknown.

In the latter case, Ian estimated that after this Sky Island was abandoned, the original people have come back again…

That being said, what Ian is actually most interested in was the content of this Poneglyph.

However, it is obvious that neither Ian nor baby-5 has the knowledge to understand these ancient words, if Ian wants to interpret its content, there is only one way, which is to go to Alabasta and find Nico Robin!

And what’s funny about this is that Ian has an Eternal Pose to Alabasta, which he got when he entered the Grand Line, and he has always kept it. (T/N: I remember that he got one, but I forgot how or when T-T)

Baby-5 looked at Ian feeling his chin in contemplation, and couldn’t help asking: “Do you want to get this Poneglyph down?”

Ian glanced at her, and as expected to be someone who has been with Doflamingo for many years, Baby-5 knew what this huge stone was. But when they came up to this Sky Island, it was due to the help of Baby-5’s Devil Fruit Ability.

Before that, Ian didn’t expect to find a Poneglyph here, so at this time, he was thinking about how to deal with DaBaby-5.

In any case, baby-5 is still a member of Doflamingo’s crew, and Ian doesn’t know if she is still interested in being a follower of Doflamingo, if so, she will notify the Joker about this matter.

Although this Poneglyph is not one of the Road Poneglyphs, it may also have some information about Laugh Tale. Ian has not forgotten that in this New World, BIGMOM and Kaido are collecting these Poneglyphs. If this information is leaked, maybe both the Yonko and the world government may come to ask for it.

At that time, should he give it up or not!?

However, looking at this matter from another angle, it’s actually not a big deal. Even if BigMom and the like came looking for it, Ian can let them print a copy of its content. Without Nico Robin. It doesn’t really matter if he has it or not.

However, if he can keep this matter secret, then it would be perfect, otherwise it will cause unnecessary trouble, so baby-5 must be frank with him now.

He looked at her, and said: “You know what it is, right?”

Baby-5 nodded, then her eyes darkened, and said: “Are you thinking about killing me here, right?”

She is very clever. In fact, when she saw this Poneglyph, she could roughly guess the follow-up.

Ian didn’t speak for a while, then shook his head: “You’ve been following me for a long time, so I won’t kill you, but because of your personality, if someone asks you, you may accidentally speak about this stone. So now there’s only one way out of this, you have to completely leave Doffy’s pirate group and pledge your allegiance to me!”

It’s true that they got along with each other very well for a long time, and there are indeed some amiable feelings. During the time when baby-5 was in the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, Ian’s daily life was mostly taken care of by her. The girl in the maid dress was not only gorgeous, but she was also very qualified to work as a maid. She helps him a lot by cleaning his room and washing clothes.

Plus, the whole crew is used to her presence, so it’s impossible to kill her just because of this stele.

After hearing Ian’s words, baby-5 looked bleak and said: “Young Master won’t agree.”

“Whether he agrees or not is my business!” Ian smiled. “I just want to ask, if you want to leave his group and join mine.”

As a result, Baby-5 went silent. Ian knew her concerns. She had been with Doffy for a long time, so naturally, she knew what he’s capable of, that’s why she couldn’t make a decision. She was probably worried because that could cause trouble to the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.

But what Ian wants to inform her is that he is not afraid of such trouble, he’s now capable of kicked an Admiral’s A$$, so Doflamingo won’t be that hard to deal with!

And in Ian’s opinion, he has already killed Virgo, one of Doffy’s elite subordinates, and the joker won’t forget this. Since eventually they will meet, then her betrayal won’t add much to their unfinished business.

“Give me your Den Den Mushi that is contacted directly to Doflamingo!” Ian said: “If you don’t speak your mind, I’ll take it as your acquiescence… I’m the captain, I will make the decision for you.”

Baby-5 didn’t speak, took out the Den Den Mushi from her pocket, and handed it to Ian.

Ian glanced at it and then smashed the Den Den Mushi’s shell.

This is the release procedure of the Den Den Mushi. Without the shell, it will lose its ability to transmit radio waves. By then, it will never receive any signal again.

“Well, you are welcome to join the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group!” Ian opened his arms, and said to baby-5. “From now on, we are companions, family members. I promise that I won’t exploit your personality to make you do anything you don’t want to!”

“Hmm!” baby-5 nodded happily, in fact, the moment Ian crushed the Den Den Mushi’s shell, she didn’t know what was happened, but inexplicably, she felt relaxed.

After spending so long with the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group, baby-5 comprehended what kind of group they are. Ian, the captain, is not inherently evil like Doflamingo. In this pirate group, she won’t feel any dark atmosphere that can bring her down.

“Okay, let’s go back!” Ian said to her.

Baby-5 was taken aback, and said: “What about the stele…”

“Just leave it here!” Ian said domineeringly: “From today on, this Sky Island is mine! This is the secret Base of the Dragon hunters!”

Ian didn’t say this in vain. Ever since he discovered that this sky island has technology that uses electricity, he knew that he should take advantage of this Sky Island, because he has the needed resources, that is Thunderstone!

It has to be said that the moon people’s technology is indeed amazing and very advanced. For so many years, the devices left there were still in good shape, they just needed to be recharged. In this case, Ian can use a large amount of thunderstones to fully restore the operation of this sky city!

Moreover, Ian also thought of a person that could be helpful, that is, the scientist Varua. If he was brought to this Sky Island, he would be amazed by the high-tech of the moon people.

If he could study it and repair the windmills on the island, then the trajectory of the Sky Island could be controlled. By then, the Ballon terminal will float at the top of Travolta Island!

Hah, maybe this way, even if Kaido wants to commit suicide by jumping from the island, he has to ask for his own consent…

While thinking about this, Ian left the basement with baby-5. There seems to be a sensing device. When they returned to the above Hall, the hole in the ground was closed again.

Seeing this, Ian was relieved.

After leaving the city and coming to the edge of the Sky Island, Ian once again used the Black Dragon wave, and after transforming its power to the Flame wings, he plunged into the clouds while holding baby-5 in his arms. It seems that only the cloud layer at the edge of the island is thinner and can be penetrated.

When Ian came to the bottom of the giant cloud with baby-5, he took two balloons from under the clouds and let baby-5 hold them.

Sure enough, Ian guessed it right. Although these balloons were very small, they can still support a person’s weight, and they could rise, fall, and float with the pull of manpower!

It seems that these balloons are a kind of black technology… their usage was primitive!

With this kind of convenience, Ian was excited. He pulled a bunch of balloons and put away the flame wings, then the two slowly moved downwards…

This is definitely a very novel experience…

After landing on the ground, which took about 20 minutes, after returning to the Travolta island, Ian immediately summoned the members of his Pirate Group.

Fujitora, Margaret, and the others didn’t see the inside of the basement, because of the signal problem, so when they gathered around, they immediately asked Ian about it.

Ian didn’t tell them a thing, he kept the suspense and just told them to bring Varua from the prison and also bring as many thunderstones as possible.

Then, after everything was ready, Ian gave each cadre two balloons and took them back to the sky!

The Sky Island is moving slowly with the high-altitude air currents. Ian has to hurry, otherwise the Island will drift away, and he doesn’t know how long will it take to float back above Travolta.

There is also the wreckage of the ship that had fallen from it before. Ian estimated that there are other ways to reach this Sky Island, so Ian must seize the time to complete the reconstruction of the city, which requires the help of Varua.

Speaking of the scientist, it’s not that he hasn’t thought about running away, but the problem is that he does not know where to go after. This kind of person often has a very unclear feeling when he lacks a goal, so he didn’t make any attempt.

Ian believes that when he takes him to this Sky Island and shows him the technology left by the moon people, he would get addicted to it immediately. Even if Ian leaves him uninspected, he won’t run away…

With the help of Varua, this Sky Island will become the flying “ship” of the Dragon Hunter Pirates!

Perhaps Ian can also find a way to place a large number of thunder cannons on this Sky Island and turn it into a fortress!?

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