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S.C.S Chapter 325: Shady Guy

In the face of these desert robbers, Ian took the initiative to attack, he pulled out the Senbonzakura and rushed up, and instantly cut down seven or eight bandits.

Ian’s blade was too fast, and these desert robbers plundered in the desert all year-round, so they naturally had a sharp vision and instantly realized that they had encountered “a deadly scorpion”. So the rest immediately fled on their camels without carrying about their companions.

Seeing them run away, Ian didn’t bother chasing them. Instead, he put down his sword, squatted, and started looting the seven bodies.

He wasn’t searching for money, the main items were food and water. On these seven robbers, Ian found many water bags, about three bags of each person. In this way, Ian took these water bags and estimated their weight, he got a hunch that the camp of these desert robbers may not be very far away, judging to the amount of water each person carries, the distance from this place to their camp should be about 10 miles.

If they were further, these robbers should’ve brought more water.

However, the water volume of seven people was enough for Ian, so he was satisfied.

Just when Ian collected the water bags and placed them in BB’s hump, he suddenly startled, turned back, and pressed his hand on the handle, asking, “Who is there!”

The desert robbers have already dispersed. There should be no one near Ian, but he had opened the “Nen Field” when he previously attacked, so he noticed someone moving toward him, causing this sudden alert.

In the night, a figure came slowly towards Ian. Although the moonlight shone on the desert, he couldn’t see the other person clearly, because his face, like Ian, was wrapped in a headscarf.

“The robbers looted the caravan, and a pirate stole from the robbers…!” The guy walked over and whispered, “It’s a fascinating thing.”

Ian ignored his joke, frowned, and said: “Who are you?”

As he spoke, the figure had already reached Ian and saw his hand on the handle, so he waved repeatedly and said. “Don’t be nervous, Mr. Ian! I came here to see you!”

“Huh!?” Ian couldn’t help but be stunned as soon as he heard the other guy.

For the first time, he heard someone calling himself “Mr.”…

After the guy was finished, he began to untie his headscarf, and as he unveiled his expression, a face that surprised Ian was revealed.

It was a man with golden wavy hair, but the left side of his face had a large burned mark.

“Sa… Sabo!?” Ian couldn’t help but scream.

Yes, Ian definitely recognized the person who suddenly appeared ahead of him, because it was Sabo! Ace and Luffy’s brother!

Ian only felt that a thunderstorm was rolling over. He didn’t expect this at all, at such a time and in such an environment, he suddenly encountered Sabo, so he was dumbfounded.

Sabo was stunned when he heard Ian call out his name, but then he smiled and said: “Oh! You really know me!”

Then he went to Ian, sat down on the sand, bowed his head to Ian, and said: “I’m sorry for being impolite! Please forgive me for choosing this place to meet you.”

Ian also calmed down and sat down again. “It’s no problem, it was just unexpected.”

After that, Ian asked Sabo with some curiosity: “Do you know my identity?”

“Yes!” Sabo reached out and shook Ian’s hand, saying with a smile: “I know that you are one of us, it was Sir. Kuma, who told me! Speaking of which, your name is now among the top cadres of the Revolutionary Army. But not everyone knows this!”

“What are you saying!?” Ian asked. “All the senior cadres of the revolutionary army know me?”

“No, only a few know about you!” Sabo waved: “The Revolutionary Army cadres know each other very little, most of them are doing their own thing. I just said this because of what you did in Marijoa… You know, when we received the real information about the incident, we were all shocked. No one expected that after Fisher tiger of the sun pirates, someone would again liberate slaves from the Celestial Dragons, and escape from the hands of an Admiral.”

When Ian heard Sabo’s words, he breathed a sigh of relief, he thought at first that since he joined the Army, his identity would be widely known inside the Revolutionary Army. Now, it seems that only a few major cadres know his true identity…

Dragon, the leader of the Revolutionary Army, must know of him, so does Uncle Kuma, and now, Sabo…

Thinking of this, Ian couldn’t help but ask again: “By the way, Sabo, what’s your position in the Army now… ah, sorry, you are not allowed to say, right?”

Sabo nodded, and said: “It doesn’t matter. It’s no secret to my companions. My current position is the Chief of Staff of the Revolutionary Army! Well, I was just promoted by Sir. Dragon.”

It suddenly occurred to Ian that this was the case… Indeed, Sabo had become the chief of staff of the Revolutionary Army. This is the second top position of the Army. In his current capacity, he naturally knows most of the secrets.

But… Ian’s biggest wonder is, why did Sabo appear now in Alabasta!

Suddenly encountering him here made Ian dumbfounded. What makes him even more surprised is why Sabo will be in Alabasta, because in his impression, according to the original story, Sabo seemed to have never appeared in Alabasta…!

Thinking about it, Ian asked directly.

“That’s right!” Sabo thought for a while and told Ian the truth, “Alabasta has been showing signs of turmoil in the past two years because of the continuous drought. There has been a rebel force started gathering in Yuba. They want to carry out an uprising, to overthrow the rule of the Nefertari family, the royal family of Alabasta.”

“This…” Ian said with some consternation: “You don’t want the Revolutionary Army to get involved in it, do you?”

“I haven’t decided yet!” Sabo shook his head: “I am just talking to the people in this country and discovering the real situation.”

Ian asked: “How long have you been here? And what is the situation?”

“We have been here for some time and have been secretly investigating!” Sabo explained: “In the past two years, in the country of Alabasta, except for the capital Alubarna, it has not been raining in other places. This phenomenon is too abnormal, it made us and the people think that there has been some manipulation in the weather and some kind of artificial rain… The people in other cities hoped to take and use artificial rain measures to obtain rainwater. Still, when they were petitioning for some, they were rejected by the King. According to the information obtained by our sources, in the recent period, some people in the underground forces had secretly purchased the Dance Powder and then shipped it to Alabasta. Now, although it has not been identified exactly who the buyer is, this was enough to arouse our vigilance..!”

Ian touched his chin and tapped his leg with his fingers, then said thoughtfully: “You mean, the army suspects that the person who is buying the Dance Powder is the King?”

“It’s possible…!” Sabo nodded. “If we find out that it’s really the King who’s secretly purchasing the Dance Powder, then the Revolutionary Army has reason to intervene and support the rebels. The kingdom that ignores people’s lives is precisely what we hate the most! But…”

“But what?” Ian couldn’t help asking when he heard Sabo’s hesitation.

“However, I feel that something is wrong, there are some flaws in all of this!” Sabo frowned and said: “In fact, according to our recent investigations, the Nefertari family has ruled Alabasta for a long time, and almost every King has a good reputation among his people… So does the current King, Cobra, who has always been respected by his people, dare to act this way?”

‘Of course, he doesn’t!’ Ian can’t help but secretly answer in his heart, ‘This is all the evil deeds of Crocodile…’

However, Ian can’t tell him this directly. Don’t forget, he has just landed in this country. How can he know the actual situation better than Sabo, who has been investigating for a long time?

Fortunately, Sabo is worthy of being the chief of staff of the Revolutionary Army. He is so clever, and the proof is that he has already noticed that something is wrong.

So Ian asked him, “What are you going to do next? Is that why you came to me?”

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