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S.C.S Chapter 326: Ace’s Vivre Card

When he heard Ian’s question, Sabo smiled, although the burn mark on his face looked terrifying, Ian felt that his smile was actually quite sunny.

Sabo was originally a very intellectual person. His body did have an aristocratic temperament, which may have something to do with his childhood environment.

“In fact, I was quite surprised to see you here!” Sabo said with a smile: “If it wasn’t for my companion Barney who saw you at the restaurant in the port, we wouldn’t know that you have come here to Alabasta!”

“Who is Barney?” Ian asked with a question mark above his tilted head.

“Well, you don’t know him, but he knows you!” Sabo explained: “However, he only knows your identity as the Shichibukai. He is one of the companions I brought. All the members have been scattered around Alabasta recently, to conduct investigations everywhere…”

Ian nodded to show that he understood, then he turned his head and didn’t find anyone else around.

Seeing Ian’s reaction, Sabo said: “Oh, sorry, Barney, he just followed you at first, he was responsible for reporting your position to me. When I came over, his mission was over and I let him go.”

“You can’t let others discover my identity, is that so?” Ian said.

“That’s right.” Sabo nodded, and did not continue on this topic, but suddenly got a bit nervous: “I came to you because… because I heard Kuma say that you had seen me when I was saved by the leader, and… and you knew my name, is that true?” (T/N: it came back hunting him! >:)

Ian was stunned, and then remembered that in the past ten years, when he was still in Frostmoon Village… He looked at Sabo, who was staring at him, thought about it, and then nodded, saying: “Yeah, right.”

“Well… Then, you know me, don’t you?” Sabo said with some excitement: “Mr. Ian, can you please tell me some stories about my past, how we met or anything?”

Ian suddenly reacted… Yeah, that’s right, Sabo had amnesia since the incident and lost his memories!

So Ian didn’t rush to answer his question, but first, he asked about what happened after he was saved.

Sabo did not hide anything, and told Ian everything from the beginning to the end.

He was rescued by Dragon, and when he woke up, he forgot his identity and everything about his past, just a month later, he discovered that his name was Sabo from Dragon and Kuma, and the nameplate on his body confirmed that. The rest about the two brothers, Ace and Luffy, and all his previous experiences were completely forgotten.

Also, judging from the burn mark on Sabo’s face, the injury he suffered was very serious. It is not surprising that such a situation occurred.

After being saved by Dragon, he naturally stayed in the Revolutionary Army. While getting trained by the leader, he might have heard him mention that Ian called his name when he was in Frostmoon Village…

Although Dragon rescued him from the Goa Kingdom, he didn’t know much about Sabo, so he couldn’t tell anything about his past besides being raised by nobles, so when Dragon mentioned Ian, Sabo got some hope to retrieve his lost memories from meeting Ian, a person he had never met.

If Ian stayed a pirate hunter and didn’t leave Sabaody Archipelago, he might not have intersected with Sabo, but because of the troubles he cause at the Holy Land, Ian not only became a pirate, but also joined the Revolutionary Army under the recommendation of Uncle Kuma.

As a result, the name Ian appeared again in Sabo’s field of vision.

This made Sabo very puzzled. He did not expect that Ian had become a comrade!

Although many cadres of the revolutionary army do not necessarily know others because of their policies, they still cherished other companions. Therefore, for Ian’s recruitment, Sabo was probably the happiest person.

He always wanted to find Ian, but during that time, Ian was always being chased by the Marines, and Sabo was afraid of bringing more trouble to Ian due to his identity, so he could only wait for a good opportunity.

Then, it came out that two Admirals, Kizaru and Zephyr, came together to hunt down the Dragon Hunter Pirate Group.

At that time, Sabo was very worried about Ian, so he went to Dragon and asked him to find a way to save Ian. Dragon also attached great importance to Ian, a promising new member of the Revolutionary Army, so he personally rushed to Salamis Island and was ready to save Ian in case of a bad situation.

However, Dragon’s identity is a bigger problem. Once he acts, he will definitely be recognized by Kizaru, not because he is a revolutionary, but because he’s the number one wanted criminal by the World Government. If Dragon saves Ian, and Kizaru discovers his identity, then Ian will definitely be classified as a member of the revolutionary army by the World Government, won’t get his title as a Shichibukai, and he will endlessly be pursued by the marines.

Moreover, Dragon’s appearance on Salamis Island is also a huge risk. If he is recognized, he is very likely to be besieged by the two Admirals!

Therefore, although the Revolutionary Army did not show any support for Ian’s troubles on the surface, in fact, their concern and attention to protect Ian has even passed that of ordinary Revolutionary Army cadres…

Fortunately, Ian fought back and was able to protect himself, not only that, but he also humiliated Kizaru by ripping his clothes and smashed him down, but that wasn’t the reason that ended the war… with the appearance of Whitebeard Pirates, the marines were forced to retreat, so Dragon didn’t venture out.

After that, Ian became a Shichibukai, and at this time, it was even harder for Sabo to meet Ian, because he did not know whether Ian had people of the World Government monitoring him.

In Sabo’s expectation, it may take a year or two before he can actually bump into Ian… However, the latter discovered a Poneglyph on the Sky Island above his territory, left New World, and went to Alabasta, then coincidentally, Sabo was also there.

All of this may be cumbersome to describe, but in any case, after Sabo heard that Ian arrived at Alabasta, he immediately came from a nearby city and succeeded in catching up with Ian and seeing him.

When these things were narrated from Sabo’s mouth, even Ian couldn’t come back to his senses for a while.

He didn’t expect that during the battle in Salamis, Dragon had appeared and was secretly looking after him, which made Ian grateful hearing this, and thought of whatever he could’ve met Dragon at the time.

Of course, he also knows that seeing Dragon is not that easy. Dragon himself is a mystery to many Revolutionary Army carders. Even the World Government has attached great importance to Dragon that even passed the Four Emperors (Yonko). Therefore, the condition of Dragon is actually very sensitive. Reducing the number of appearances and maintaining a sense of mystery is his means of self-protection and protecting others, even if it was Ian, it is not so easy to meet and talk with Dragon.

Shaking his head, Ian put aside these complicated thoughts and focused on Sabo. He asked him curiously: “Can’t you really remember anything about yourself?”

“The only thing printed in my mind is that… I must not go back to my parents. I don’t remember anything else!” Sabo said with a low head: “So after I woke up, I asked Dragon to take me in, and let me join the Revolutionary Army…”

“Well…” Ian had to say: “Actually… I don’t know if I should tell you, because it will lead to a lot of changes, but…”

Ian thought about it, and finally shook his head violently. Change it… change it… Because of his own influence, how many things have changed? In Ian’s view, the future shouldn’t be the same. In that case, what is the use of caring too much?

So he said to Sabo: “Have you ever paid attention to some growing pirates?”

Sabo tilted his head, and said: “Well… I don’t. How to say it, the Revolutionary Army’s main focus is on the World Government and some countries. So I do pay less attention to pirates.”

Ian sighed: “I see, no wonder why you can’t remember…”

“What do you mean?” Sabo asked with some doubts.

“There is a young man… A member of the Whitebeard Pirates!” Ian stared at Sabo’s eyes. “His name is ‘Fire Fist Ace’! Now he should be the commander of the Second Division, and there is a bounty of 500 million on his head… Well, this is not important. What is important is that he is your sworn brother! Moreover, there is another one, a younger brother, his name is Luffy, but he hasn’t gone out to the sea yet, but it is estimated to be soon, just when he turns 17……”

“Fire Fist … Ace!?” Sabo’s eyes gradually became confused: “This name… seems familiar…”

While saying this, Sabo held his head tight, and looked like he was in pain, saying: “Oh, my head… my head hurts…”

Seeing him like this, Ian quickly asked him: “How’s it going? Do you remember!?”

However, Sabo gritted his teeth, endured the headache, said: “No… I just feel that the name is very familiar. It seems… he seems to be an important person to me, but when I think about it, I feel that my head is about to burst… ”

Ian sighed immediately after hearing what he said, feeling a little troublesome.

Originally, According to the normal story, Sabo’s Amnesia was caused by severe trauma. When he remembered Ace and Luffy, it was actually because the news of Ace’s death that gave him a strong stimulus, but now, Ace is fine, just relying on Ian’s verbal narration, without even a photo of the guy, therefore, such a stimulation seemed to be not enough!

Could it be that the only way for him to remember Ace is by meeting him in person?

On the other hand, Ian suddenly remembered that Ace once told him that he will look for the Revolutionary Army to find his brother Sabo, but later, it seemed that this purpose was delayed because he joined the Whitebeard Pirates.

‘Hmm… Then, when I’m done here, I will take Sabo and go find Ace?

But where is he right now?’

Thinking so, Ian took off his bear ear cap and picked the Vivre Card of Ace, to see in which direction Ace is now.

However, when Ian took out Ace’s Vivre Card, he was shocked!

Because there was a faint burning mark on it…

What… what is going!?

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