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S.C.S Chapter 327: Point in Time

“What the hell is going on!?” Ian couldn’t help frowning.

This special paper can not be soaked in water or burned by fire. Ace’s Vivre Card has always been in a good state, but now it suddenly started burning from the corner. The only explanation is that Ace is in trouble.

Seeing the Vivre Card in Ian’s hand, Sabo took a closer look and said: “Is this Ace’s Vivre Card? He has encountered something bad for sure, but judging the state of his paper, he may just be injured, it doesn’t seem that his life is in danger.”

“Oh!?” Ian asked. “Are you sure!?”

Sabo nodded said: “The Vivre Card reflects its owner’s body condition, the size of this paper does not seem to change, which means that his vitality has not been damaged.”

Ian was a little relieved to hear this, but he was still worried about Ace.

“Sabo, can you do me a favor?” Ian said to Sabo.

“Whatever you need!” Sabo accepted directly.

Ian thought for a moment and said: “If you can, I’d like to ask you to use the intelligence force of the revolutionary army to help me find out what has happened in the new world recently. As you can see, I am in Alabasta, too far away from the New World…”

Ian has also discovered a defect in his means, that is, his intelligence capability. If he wants to be a big house force, then intelligence force is essential. The Dragon Hunter group didn’t score any points in his field, and he didn’t even consider it until this moment.

But fortunately, Ian is backed by the Revolutionary Army. According to his estimation, the intelligence department of the Revolutionary Army could even be stronger than that of the World Government. Therefore, Ian naturally wants to make use of it.

Hearing Ian’s request, Sabo immediately nodded: “No problem, you want to check upon Ace, right? You don’t have to say more, I was already about to do the same thing!”

Although Sabo didn’t recall the past with Ian’s words, he realized that this guy, Ace, might be his own brother, as Ian said, plus the name alone seemed too familiar when he wanted to remember it. This time, even if Ian didn’t ask him, he would try to take the initiative to check it out, he still wondered if he should go and look for Ace.

Sabo took out a small Den Den Mushi, and a white one, and handed them to Ian. “Take this, I will contact you with this young Den Den Mushi, but when you answer, you’d better use the white one with it to prevent eavesdropping.”

Ian picked them up and then said to Sabo: “There is another thing, it’s better that we don’t intervene with the rebels of Alabasta!”

“Oh!? Do you feel that something is wrong, too?” Sabo said with a smile.

“Yes!” Ian followed his words: “My intuition tells me that there are some secret forces manipulating this country, so I think that the Revolutionary Army better wait and watch from afar, and don’t act rashly.”

“I have the same intention!” Sabo nodded: “In that case, I will let the partners know that nothing is confirmed, if it is really as what we feel, then we will withdraw.”

After the two agreed, Sabo stood up, re-wrapped his headscarf, held Ian’s hand, and said: “Thank you, Mr. Ian!”

“There is no need for Mr.!” Ian smiled and said: “Just call me Ian, and as I said, you are Ace’s brother, and I’m his closest friend, not far from being brothers too, plus as a Revolutionary Army partner, you don’t have to be so formal!”

“haha!” Sabo laughed, “Well, Ian! I must go now. After dawn, this road will be filled with travelers…”

“Farewell!” Ian waved.

Sabo waved back, turned and left.

Ian waited for his figure to disappear, set down, and leaned on BB. Placing both hands behind his head, he frowned and began to think.

Ace’s Vivre Card has burned a bit, which made Ian very vigilant, so he first thought was Teach’s betrayal to the Whitebeard Pirates.

Ian only knows that Teach will flee the group when he gets the Dark-Dark Fruit, but the problem is that Ian doesn’t know when he will get it, which is why he can’t confirm any situation.

However, Zoro has already gone out to the sea, which means that in less than a year, Luffy will also leave the island as a pirate. At this time point, Teach should have already acted or it is getting close…

Could it be that Teach had already killed Thatch and stole the fruit, that’s why Ace’s Vivre Card was burned a bit!?

Ian asked Sabo to inquire about the news of the Grand Line because he thought it was very possible. He needs to confirm this.

However, what made Ian feel a bit confused is the marks on Ace’s Vivre Card! If he remembers correctly, Ace’s paper shouldn’t start decaying this period. It should be when and if he gets defeated by the Blackbeard and then delivered to the Marines. What’s happening now is unreasonable!

Or did Ace have encountered some unexpected problems?

The more Ian thought about it, the more puzzled he gets…

after that, he decided to pull out the Den Den Mushi inside his hat, and wanted to contact Fujitora. However, what made him depressed was that he didn’t know whether it was because he was too far away from the new world or what, but he couldn’t contact his crew on Travolta. After dialing the number, the Den Den Mushi falls asleep!

This is a typical no-signal state feature, and Ian has no choice but to put the Den Den Mushi back.

“Something must have happened!” Ian thought: “Both Hawkins’ divinations have said that there is a potential danger. It seems to be gradually emerging, perhaps this danger is related to the abnormal situation of Ace’s Vivre Card.”

Ian started regretting his decision… If he had known that this would happen, he would’ve kidnapped Hawkins and took him by force, making him join his group or just follow him in this journey. Now, Ian found that this kind of ability, to predict the future through divination, is very useful

Ian only remembers two people who can precognition the future, one is Hawkins, and the other is Madam Shyarly, the proprietor of the Mermaid Cafe, but these two people are currently islands away from him, so he can only wait for Sabo’s response.

Forcing himself not to think about it for a while, Ian finally slept on BB…

The next day, the camel moved a bit, and started making his weird sound, which woke Ian up as an alarm clock.

“Good morning, friend!” Ian woke up, stretched out, took out a water bag and quenched bb some, then rode it again.

Ian was galloping in the desert on bb. After realizing that something bad might have happened, Ian just thought about getting things done and going back to the New World.

Alubarna, the capital of Alabasta, is naturally in the middle of the kingdom. It is a long-distance… Ian has been on the road for more than three days and has not yet arrived.

However, along the way, Ian noticed the current situation of the country. He also passed another city, Erumalu, but this city has long been turned into ruins. Most of the dilapidated urban sites have been covered by sand, leaving only desolation.

The drought is much more serious than Ian imagined…

Ian knows that this is caused by Crocodile. Since, this time he went out looking for Nico Robin, then he would probably meet Crocodile, too. Ian hasn’t figured out how he should deal with the guy, he didn’t know whether he should stop him.

Logically speaking, Shichibukais between each other, what they uphold is the idea that a king doesn’t go to another’s territory and fck with his plans. They each have their own territories. Literally, river water does not interfere with well water… No one knows what the latter will think if he rashly enters Crocodile’s territory…

However, Ian estimated that the possibility of a fight between them may not be that high. Shichibukai has scruples about each other. After all, such a position is not easy to come by. If the battle between each other hurts both sides, then they may look for some kind of a settlement…

However, in this case, Ian can only take one step at a time.

When he was about to arrive in Alubarna, Sabo finally called, and he confirmed Ian’s guess!

In the New World, Thatch, the fourth commander of Whitebeard Pirates was killed by Marshall D. Teach. After the assassination, Teach fled away…

According to the information obtained by the Revolutionary Army, Teach did not stay in New World after what he did, because the Whitebeard Pirates were already searching for him.

This is exactly what Ian was afraid of, it happened as expected, but it was just a bit earlier.

But according to the news from Sabo, Ian learned that Teach had crossed the Calm Belt and went to the West Blue…

Teach wanted to escape Whitebeard’s sphere of influence first, then lurk for a while!

After all, eating a devil fruit, the process of getting familiar with its power takes time! Moreover, if Teach wanted to fulfill his ambition, he must first establish a pirate group. Therefore, he can’t sail alone, that is to say, he should go find some companions with the same morality and mentality!

This guy went to the West Blue, which made Ian think of an important member of the Blackbeard Pirates group: Laffitte!

If he remembers correctly, this guy with a classic black top hat and red wooden cane, who looks a bit sissy, seems to be from the West Blue, and worked as a sheriff there. Since Teach has fled to that area, the first partner he succeeded to recruit is Laffitte!

He was afraid that Teach won’t get back to the Grand Line until he gets familiar with his power and recruits some furious companions, such as the sniper, Van Augur, and Doc Q… then he will be able to return to the Grand Line…

According to Sabo’s information, Teach went to the West Blue, and he was found there by locating his traces. Many people still didn’t know about this matter.

Another message came from Sabo, in which Ace was also mentioned! He really went out alone to hunt down Teach.

Ian stretched a finger and started waving it in the air. It won’t be so easy to find Ace while hunting Teach. The process of this hunt will probably last for a long time, at least for more than half a year, because Ace was alone and has no intelligence source. Most of the time, he can only linger behind the cunning guy…

“Fortunately! There’s still time!” Ian couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief at the thought of this…

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