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S.C.S Chapter 328: Your cushion fell out

Two days later, Ian finally approached the periphery of Alubarna.

When he got there, the scenery of the yellow sand hills was finally no longer seen. Instead, it was gradually getting prosperous.

Alabasta has been in a continuous drought, but it wasn’t the case for Alubarna. This city was built on an oasis, so it was a green place. Even if he has not yet entered the city, he can often see lush trees and gardens, which made Ian feel relaxed, because he has been traveling in a boundless sea of sand.

“Biiith! Biiiith!”

The camel “BB” seemed to be very excited, and Ian riding it felt that this guy’s footsteps were much lighter.

He let the guy run freely, while he put his hands on his eyebrows and looked ahead.

The city is far away, and it has already been seen in his position. However, Ian should still be in the suburbs of the city, and it feels that there are still very few people around.

However, at this time, Ian was suddenly stunned, because he saw a small building not far from the front, and the building seems to have signs, indicating that it’s a store.

Opening a shop in this remote suburb, is its owner’s head was stomped by BB? It’s strange to have a business here!

“Ma guy, let’s go and have a look!” Ian patted BB’s hump.

BB nodded happily and went straight towards the building.

Having that said, Ian found that there were many animals with high intelligence in this world. The camel BB he bought was not a special case. Two days ago, Ian encountered a group of Moving Crabs walking sideways in the desert… At that time, Ian watched them with a shocked face, they passed in front of him, and one of the moving crabs stopped, smiled at Ian, then went his way!

Ian got confused… Did that crab really laugh at me! I’m not mistaken, am I!?

Moreover, in the country of Alabasta, three animal statues can be seen everywhere, one is the sea cat, which is so cute. It is said that this creature is a very sacred presence in Alabasta. It is often seen in the waters near Sandy Island. The people of Alabasta also regard the sea cats as Guardians of the God.

There are two statues that were also regarded as Guardians of the God, one is a jackal, and the other is a Falcon, plus the cat. These three animals are the most common animal statues of Alabasta.

When it comes to the desert, the outsiders’ impression was probably a piece of desolate land. Ian used to think the same, but when he boarded Sandy Island, he found it completely different from what he had imagined. There were many strange animals in the desert, and most of them were very spiritual and smart, which made Ian wonder whether the animals on this island are mutated.

When he was thinking about it, Ian had come to the building.

This so-called building is actually a very large room. Around the house, in addition to the scattered grass, and near the house, there is a water tower.

The water tower is a common water storage device in the desert, so Ian didn’t think much of it. What is really strange is that this building turned out to be a nicely decorated coffee shop!

At the front of the house, there were four x-shaped pillars, followed by a row of brown glass, and at the top of the coffee shop, there was a long signboard.

“Spiders Cafe?” Ian looked up and read the name, then he felt it was a familiar place.

There was a coffee shop in the wilderness, and Ian thought it was very novel, so he stopped outside.

Stepping down from BB’s back, Ian faintly heard a piece of melodious music from the coffee shop, and couldn’t help but be moved, so he took the rein and walked over.

“My guy, you need to stay outside, and don’t run around!” Ian ordered BB.

BB seemed to understand Ian’s words and nodded.

However, as soon as Ian opened the door of the coffee, bb actually ran away!

“I am gonna k…!” Ian turned back, looked at bb running away, only to feel stunned.

“Hahaha!” A burst of laughter came from the coffee shop. “Don’t worry, the little guy may have gone to the city. The animals in this country are so maverick. If you are lucky, you may find him in the city of Alubarna.”

Ian looked at the direction of BB’s departure, and sure enough, he was moving towards Alubarna: You piece of sh!t, you can’t wait to have fun in the city, that’s why you left without me!?

Ian rolled his eyes and complained about such behavior, then he looked back into the coffee shop, and saw that no guests were inside, but every table was well cleaned… behind the bar, a stylish girl wearing a scarf and a pair of black frame glasses, and a wavy curly hair hung before her, was sitting with crossed legs and looking at a newspaper beside her. An old gramophone was playing soft music, and a pot of water was boiling on the stove.

It was the fashionable girl reading the newspaper who just laughed. After Ian walked in, she put down the newspaper, pressed down the rim of spectacles on her nose, and said to Ian. “My Guest, do you want something?”

“Indeed!” Ian nodded! He was the only guest in the cafe, so he couldn’t ask for a table, therefore, he came to the bar and sat down, said: “Can I have iced coffee?”

The stylish girl nodded, didn’t talk, got up and took out a cup, put a few pieces of ice in it, then poured the coffee and gave it to Ian.

After putting the coffee in front of Ian, the girl lay on the counter, touched her chin, looked at Ian, and said. “I am Zala, the boss here. Are you traveling alone? Going to Alubarna?”

Paula, aka Zala!? Ian was stunned when he heard her name, and recalling the name of the shop, he remembered everything at once!

This… This spider coffee seems to be the stronghold of the Baroque Works!

Ian looked carefully at the seemingly sexy girl in front of him, but he didn’t even think that he would meet a high-level cadre of the Baroque Works.

Paula, she was partnered with Mr. 1, and her alias was “Miss Doublefinger”! In fact, the meaning here should refer to the first day and the first month of the year, that’s why she was also called Ms. New Year’s Eve.

This was the codename of Crocodile’s Baroque Works. As a secret criminal company, the Baroque Works acts on the bright side as pirate hunters. It feels like a bounty hunter guild, but no one knows the real leaders behind it, the organization’s senior cadres call each other by codename, and they were usually divided into teams of two people, male and female, the man’s alias is Mr. and a number, while the female’s codename is Miss and a random holiday… however, the lower the code number, the stronger the person.

In fact, from the organizational structure of the Baroque Works, Crocodile is a mastermind. Such a structure was actually quite strict, and although these high-level cadres don’t even know who’s their Boss, they are still loyal to the organization.

However, there is a saying… All the transmigrators are cheaters! It is the case for Ian.

Even Miss. Doublefinger doesn’t know who her Boss is, but Ian knows!

Ian originally thought that after going directly to Alubarna, he found the place where there are hiding the dance powder. In his impression, Crocodile’s casino was opened there, and Nico Robin, as his deputy, served as the director of the Baroque Works. Just by finding Crocodile, he will be able to find Nico Robin.

However, after coincidentally encountering Miss. Doublefingers, Ian realized that the Baroque Works started acting in Alabasta.

Paula opened the coffee shop in this place, which should be used as a contact point. So, other senior cadres should also appear here?

“Little brother, why aren’t you talking?” Paula found that Ian was a little distracted looking at her, so she smiled charmingly, stretched out her fingers, gently lifted Ian’s chin, exhaled, and giggled: “Or are you fascinated by me, young man?”

Paula does look beautiful. If she is really just the owner of the coffee shop, Ian won’t find a problem chatting with her, but for Ian who knows her identity, it’s another matter…

So, Ian lay back a little, got away from her fingers, then pointed to her chest and said, “Hey beautiful, your cushion has fallen out!”

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