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S.C.S Chapter 329: Don’t pick your nose in front of others

Paula’s dress was beautiful, it was a floral dress, and her chest was quite outstanding. She just clubbed on the bar, and walked in front of Ian.

As the partner of Mr.1, she is second only to the chief of the staff, however, she was in such a remote place, and for several days, she won’t receive many visitors in her shop! So, of course, doing business won’t be enough, but this place was used as a contact point. Appropriate, so Paula has been maintaining intern communications from here. As for what she said for Ian, she was acting on purpose, it is rare to have such a young man knocking on her door, therefore, she wanted to play around and have some fun.

But from nowhere, Ian’s words immediately made her suffer 10000 points of critical damage…

Paula hurriedly retracted her hand to cover her chest, but with this touch, she found that the cushion (bra pad) did not fall out as Ian said…… So she realized that she was fooled!

“Yoouu!” Paula gritted her teeth while glaring at Ian, then folded her arms and sneered: “I can’t understand customers like you, young man, it’s so easy for you to get into trouble!”

“Ha!” Ian didn’t care… He was amused by teasing Paula, and making her check her bra in a hurry. He just said that casually, but looking at Paula’s action, is she really wearing padding!?

However, he didn’t want to dive deep into this issue. After lifting the coffee and taking a sip, he started talking: “Actually, I came to Alubarna looking for an agency called Baroque Works!”

When Ian said this, he kept staring at Paula. However, what he didn’t expect was that the woman’s expression didn’t change or make a surprising reaction. When she heard the name, Baroque Works, it didn’t affect her.

She said coldly with crossed arms: “You are looking for information? I’m sorry, given your bad behavior, I’m afraid that you won’t get anything from me.”

Pubs, coffee shops, or whatever, they usually must get paid for some information. After all, these places contact a lot of customers every day. When guests chat, there are usually some things worthy of attention. In fact, Paula in her shop has done this kind of business occasionally, and she charges a lot of money. Therefore, after listening to Ian, she thought that Ian wanted to buy information from her.

But don’t say ‘I won’t tell you because of your joke’, she knows exactly what he is inquiring about, which is her organization, so how could she sell such information to a stranger!?

Hearing what she said, Ian was not surprised, just smiled and said: “Really? I thought I would find here a way to join the Baroque Works!”

This is a matter that just came to Ian’s mind. Even if he knew that their Boss was Crocodile and every other member, there were still two ways that he can take and achieve his goal..!

Because Crocodile is a suspicious person by nature and never trusts anyone, that’s why, even his cadres don’t know his real identity, and just call him Mr.0, and if he’s not mistaken, Crocodile is currently a Hero in Alabasta! No one knew that the Shichibukai Crocodile was the real boss behind this organization until he appeared to admit his identity as Mr.0!

So if Ian went to the door, Crocodile would only meet him as a fellow Shichibukai, not as the Boss of Baroque Works!

There is a difference between the two. Don’t forget, Nico Robin is an important wanted criminal for the World Government. Crocodile won’t appear as Baroque Works Boss until he discovers the real purpose of Ian’s arrival, therefore, he may hide Robin and prevent her from seeing Ian.

Without seeing Robin, Ian’s goal can’t be achieved… unless he knows her whereabouts, then he can go directly and knock on her door, but does he know her whereabouts? Of course not!

He can’t confirm if Crocodile has sent Robin anywhere to perform any tasks during this time!?

Therefore, such internship is very subtle, so Ian feels that Crocodile has to understand that he has discovered the operation team of his Baroque Works, then forces him to come out as the Boss and meet himself… In this way, he can see Robin in “good faith”.

It’s like two people playing hide and seek. Ian is the one who is looking for Robin, and Crocodile is the one hiding her… The best way is to cheat and take a shortcut, then he would shout: ‘Gotcha!’

So Ian said casually that he wanted to join the Baroque Works to see if there is any possibility to find Crocodile through this internal channel.

After hearing this, Paula finally got a little surprised and asked, “What are you talking about? Do you really want to join the Baroque Works?”

“Yes!” Ian nodded seriously.

“Who are you?” Paula looked up and down at Ian: “A Bounty hunter?”

“I used to be a pirate hunter, but now… I’m a pirate!” Ian tapped the handle of his sword and gestured to Paula.

Paula finally straightened up. She took off her black-framed glasses, crossed her arms back, and asked Ian coldly. “Whatever you are, a pirate or a hunter, let’s put it aside now. First tell me, how did you discover Baroque Works?”

Many people in Alabasta know about Baroque Works, such a large organization can’t really hide all its traces, but Paula still wants to confirm from where did Ian learn about their existence? Anyway, they still need to take guard against infiltrating organizations such as the marines, so some investigation procedures were needed.

“How did I know?” Ian turned his gaze and said, “I killed a man in my way here, and before he died, he threatened me and said that if I dared to provoke the Baroque Works, I will die miserably!”

Paula sneered and said, “Indeed, you have remarkable courage to move against the Baroque Works!”

“Nope!” Ian spread his hands and shrugged: “I am a coward, for fear of their revenge, I wanted to join them, so there will be no trouble between us, am I right!?”

“…” Paula was speechless for a while, what a strange reason!

However, the organization of the Baroque Works was indeed quite large. In addition to the Officer Agents, there are the Millions and the Billions. For pirates who come to join them, they are generally incorporated into these minions. As long as they are constrained by senior cadres, then the more minions the better.

So thinking about it, Paula took out a business card and handed it to Ian, saying, “Well, take this business card and find the person in it. He will tell you how to join the Baroque Works!”

However, unexpectedly, Ian took his business card and threw it behind without looking at it.

“What are you doing!?” Paula slammed the table angrily.

Ian snorted: “The person on this business card is only a minion, right? You want me to start from the bottom? I refuse, I don’t have such patience. Since I’m joining the Baroque Works, I’m surely strong enough to start from a high rank!”

“You seek to be a high-level cadre just after joining!” Paula looked at Ian, thinking that he’s mentally retarded: “Are you crazy?”

“Can’t I?” Ian smiled. “I heard that in the Baroque Works, the stronger the person, the higher his rank… Am I right, or was it just some false information!?”

“Huh!?” Paula also smiled. “Then, what position do you think your strength can get you?”

Ian touched his chin, thought for a moment, and said, “I guess… I can easily be the president?”

Paula opened her mouth and looked at Ian, then suddenly burst into laughter.

She covered her stomach and couldn’t straighten her waist with laughter. After a long time, she wiped the tears in her eyes and said to Ian: “Okay, little brother, you think that you can take the position of the president, then since you are a pirate, tell me how much is your bounty?”

“I don’t want to say it!” Ian shook his head: “I’m afraid it will terrify you!”

At this time, a sound came from the door of the coffee shop. It seemed that someone pushed it hard, and a very disdainful voice filled the place: “What is this thing that can scare her?”

Ian looked around to find a man and a woman coming into the cafe. This was a tall man, dark-skinned with black spiky hair, he was wearing a brown trench coat with a pink cravat and a pair of sunglasses, while the woman was very cute, holding a beautiful umbrella.

Yoo, this is…Mr.5 and Miss Valentine! It seems that this place is really the meeting point of the Baroque Works.

“Paula, prepare two cups of coffee!” Miss Valentine said as she walked in, and Mr.5 was looking at Ian with a disgusted face.

He came over, placed a hand on the bar, and leaned down to Ian. “Little brother, you were talking just now?”

Paula smirked as she poured the coffee and said, “Yes! This young man said that his bounty would terrify me, and now I’m shivering!”

Smiling like this, Paula pretended to be afraid by patting her chest…

“A pirate?” Mr.5 started digging up his nostrils, and said to Ian: “Kiddo, I don’t care about your bounty, now please leave, we have things to talk about!”

Ian raised his head and looked at him, but he just happened to see the guy picking his nose. He couldn’t help but feel sick, and waved his hand impatiently: “Go away! I am drinking here, go pick your nose elsewhere!”

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