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S.C.S Chapter 330: skilled artist

To be honest, Ian sometimes feels very tired. In this desert country, if he doesn’t wear a headscarf and doesn’t wrap it tightly, he can easily get sunburned, but with the scarf, his appearance is no different from that of ordinary locals. So, no one can tell what the other person looks like or what expression he has, just like the caravans who were attacked by desert bandits, and this was the same case for Mr.5.

Ian is someone who came back from the New World, and his vision was locked high. So for a guy like Mr.5, he may have some strength here in Alabasta, but in Ian’s eyes, he is no different from those desert robbers.

But this disgusting guy still didn’t get it…

Hearing what Ian said, he was aggravated. He pulled a booger from his nose, moved his hand in front of Ian’s face, then dropped it into his cup!

Then… Bang, Ian burst up!

‘Someone would not be in trouble if he had not asked for it!’ and it’s always people like Mr. 5… when his booger fell in the cup, Ian had already stood up, grabbed his head, and slammed it onto the bar with all his might!

Boom! Mr.5 didn’t have time to react, and his face was already close to the bar. The wooden counter was smashed and broken to pieces with this sudden move!

Ian was so angry that he didn’t want to control his power. He broke the bar and even pressed Mr.5’s whole body to the floor!

This sudden move shocked Miss Valentine, and Paula was startled by the smashed platform, which made her step back.

Even after biting him to the ground, Ian was still furious. He went on and slammed his foot on Mr.5’s head repeatedly, and scolded: “Let’s not talk about hygiene! But let me teach you some manners, you disgusting piece of Sh!t!”

Next to them, Miss Valentine came back to her senses, screamed, and hurriedly wanted to pull Ian away, which was completely a subconscious reaction.

But, how can she pull away Ian, who was in a boiling state at this time? Seeing that she couldn’t move the guy, she decided to fight and jumped up to use her unique ability on Ian, who seemed like an easy target, staying still and stamping on Mr.5!

Seeing Miss Valentine jumps up, Ian knew immediately what she wanted to do, and with his right hand, he pulled out the Senbonzakura violently, and waved it in her direction.

Vush! At the moment of the swing, a strong wind pressure was formed, which then turned into sharp blade projectiles, tearing off her clothes and slightly scratching her! In midair, Miss Valentine cried out in surprise, quickly threw away her umbrella, and covered with both hands the parts of her body emitting a bright light.

For the sake of being a woman, Ian showed her mercy. His blade does not cut her, only the wind pressure taught her a lesson.

After she reached the ground, the tip of the Senbonzakura in Ian’s hand was directly placed between her eyes, then Ian told her with a cold murderous tone: “You better not move!”

“Ah…ah…” Valentine was trembling all over, the cold look in the guy’s eyes gave her a strong sense of fear, and she forgot how to speak.

At this time, Paula behind the bar also jumped out and attacked Ian. She was the person who ate the Spike-Spike Fruit. The moment she jumped out, a long sharp thorn grew on her fist, and gritting her teeth, she moved to pierce Ian’s vest.

However, Ian turned sharply, and his left hand suddenly turned black, then he opened his palm, receiving the upcoming thorns.

Seeing Ian’s reaction, Paula showed a smile of success, but in the next second, she found that her sharp thorn could not penetrate Ian’s palm!

On the contrary, the strength of the collision actually bent her spikes!

With a snap, Ian’s palm wrapped in Haki broke Paula’s thorns, then caught and squeezed her fist.

“Aahh!!” At that moment, Paula immediately screamed, then an intense heatwave broke from his left hand, and burned her fist!

Paula hurriedly withdrew her hand, and Ian also released her. After retreating, Paula found that several charred finger marks had appeared on her fist, which was seriously burned!

Although Ian’s black dragon wave was sealed on his right hand, now both of his hands can emit its flames. This means that whenever he wants, he can always emit heat that could reach a very high temperature. When he was in Salamis, Sentomaru’s Axe was melted the same way.

Paula fell to the ground due to the severe pain that filled her body and made her sweat, and she started rolling on the floor as if she had been fished out of the water.

All of this just happened in a few seconds. In a short period, Ian took down three Officer Agents of the Baroque Works.

“Hum!” Seeing Mikita (Miss Valentine) and Paula lost their will to fight, Ian snorted coldly, put away the Senbonzakura, then crouched down, grabbed Gem’s head (Mr.5), and lifted him up the floor.

At this time, Gem’s condition was so miserable. His nose was bleeding, his mouth was missing several teeth, and his face was swollen.

Ian took his cup of coffee, put it on Gem’s mouth, and said coldly: “Drink it!”

Gem dropped his booger in this cup of coffee, and since he likes to play this way and act rude, then Ian wanted to make him drink it! This is called treating people in their own way!

Gem didn’t lose consciousness yet, but the cold look in Ian’s eyes, and the horror in Paula’s face, made him faint… However, Ian didn’t stop and raised the cup, forcing him to slurp it.

At this moment, Ian experienced a new kind of mood…

After emptying the whole cup, Ian threw Gem to the floor and stood up. He grabbed his scarf and pulled it off.

Pulling out his hat from the trouser pocket, putting the Den Den Mushi in it, and then wore it… Ian walked up to Paula and looked down at her.

“That… that hat…” Paula’s entire body started trembling, looked at Ian’s whole figure, and her heart was suddenly dominated by a great sense of fear.

She finally recognized the young man in front of her…

“Why… why are you… Why are you here!” Paula asked in horror, forgetting the sharp pain in her hand.

Ian didn’t answer her, sighed, and asked back: “You are a high-ranked agent in the Baroque Works, right?”

Paula didn’t dare to lie, so she nodded.

“Very good, can you contact the Boss of your organization?” Ian asked.

Paula shook her head and said: “No… No, we cadres, usually just received orders, and they are all single-line calls… I swear, we can’t contact the boss at all.”

‘Sure enough!’ Ian thought.

In fact, the provocative behavior of Mr.5 made Ian a bit skeptical. In the Baroque Works, it seems that if someone wants to get a higher rank, Crocodile, or Mr.0 has to approve first, that’s why the competition among cadres seems to be fierce. If one of them wants to climb up to get a higher codename, then he must defeat a stronger member!

Therefore, Gem must have heard Ian’s words before entering the cafe, and as the lowest rank in the Officer Agents, he certainly want to climb up, that’s why he provoked the guy inside as soon as he came in.

It’s a pity that he obviously provoked the wrong person…

Now, Ian confirmed his guess, and immediately realized that walking into the Baroque Works was not enough, unless he was willing to start from the bottom.

After thinking about it, Ian asked Paula: “Well, if something happens to you cadres, your president should know?”

“Well! All I know is that as soon as Mr.13 comes here, he will inform the boss!” Paula confessed: “It is a dedicated intelligence officer who works as a messenger for the Boss.”

Ian: “Mr.13?”

“He’s an otter, he’s a part of The ‘Unluckies’…” Paula explained.

“Are you talking about that guy!?” Ian pointed behind Paula.

Paula turned her head and found two animals squatting on the window, one was an otter wearing sunglasses and round spotted clothes, while the other was a vulture wearing a yellow aviator cap dotted with red flowers and black goggles.

“Mr. 13!? Miss Friday!?” Paula screamed in surprise.

These two guys seem to have just arrived. After seeing Ian looking towards them, the otter took out a painting board and a pen, then starting drawing.

A few seconds later, Ian’s sketching pattern suddenly appeared on the drawing board, and then Mr.13… A member of the Unluckies, turned the drawing board and showed it to Ian.

When Ian saw it, he was shocked… ‘What the fck! This otter is a legend!? His craft is on fire! His sketch looks like a complete picture…’

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