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S.C.S Chapter 331: Over-thinking it

“Let me see!” Ian couldn’t help reaching out and asking the otter for the sketch.

Unexpectedly, however, the unlucky guy jumped on the back of the vulture, and the vulture fluttered his wings and wanted to fly away.

As his previous experience with Alabasta’s animals, the camel bb, Ian confirmed that these species are quite intelligent. But how can Ian let them slip away like this?

With a spark, Ian gathered an electric arc in his hand, then violently launched a lightning projectile in the direction of the vulture that wanted to fly away!

The lightning strike directly broke the wall of the coffee shop, leaving behind a large hole, and then flew by the vulture…

The Unluckies in the air stupidly watched at the lightning disappeared into the sky, then slowly turned their heads, and looked at Ian below, through the big hole.

Ian pointed to the ground in front of him, and looked at these two fellows with a smile! His expression was obviously saying that if you two don’t want to be cooked alive, then come down willingly!

Seeing such expression, the two fellows stopped moving forward, then flew down with cold sweat on their foreheads.

After landing, Miss Friday and Mr.13 rubbed their claws and bowed to Ian, as if they were saying: Master, is there something you want to tell us!

Ian looked at these guys silently, and didn’t know what to say. Are they actually bending the knee!?

Paula and Miss Valentine have seen the Unluckies many times, and these two can be said to be the representatives of the Organization President. When they usually appear, they look BADA$$ and fearless, even the high-level cadres don’t dare to provoke them, and now, unexpectedly, they seemed to be waiting for orders from their new boss…

‘You are an otter, not a pet dog, right!?’

Ian stretched out his hand and placed it in front of the otter. The latter was stunned for a moment, then he reacted, quickly took out the drawing board, and handed it to Ian. Ian took it and found that his sketch was really vivid. However, he did not tear the picture off, instead, he picked up the otter’s brush and left a sentence next to the sketch.

After that, he handed the drawing board to the “unlucky” fellow, saying: “Give this sketch to your Boss! Do you hear me?”

Mr.13 nodded quickly, then climbed onto Miss Friday’s back, carefully looked at Ian, and then both of them took off again.

And now with that done, Ian took a look at the three people in the cafe, and then walked out without saying a word.

The three people didn’t dare to make a sound, they just watched Ian leave. After waiting a bit longer for him to get a little further, Paula let out a loud scream, holding her right fist and rushing to find a med-kit.

However, when passing by Mr. 5, who was still lying on the ground, Paula suddenly remembered that this was all because of this idiot, who had thrown his booger into the cup of this young man… such a reckless move cause a disaster, so when she saw him lying, she felt so annoyed, then activating her ability, a sharp thorn suddenly emerged out of the root tip of her high-heeled shoes, and she stepped on Gem’s butt! Mr.5 couldn’t help waking up and screaming his lungs out.

“Damn it, why… how could he appear in Alabasta!?” Paula thought to herself, while bandaging her hand: “Is there something going on here in Alabasta!? Suck information must reach the president as soon as possible… are the Unluckies going to inform the Boss!?”


After Ian went out of the cafe, he continued traveling towards Alubarna. That bastard, BB, went to the city by himself, and left his master behind, which made Ian very resentful.

The sun was scorching, Ian exposed his arms to tan them, and he decided to take off the desert clothes.

Plus, it’s better to reveal his identity as Shichibukai, because he is in Crocodile’s territory, and his arrival will definitely force him to come out and meet the other side. As for when he will bring the matter of his identity as the president of the Baroque Works, it depends on the situation, anyway, Ian just needs to find a way to see Robin.


Just as Ian moved towards Alubarna, the Unluckies flew to Rainbase, east of Alubarna, where the casino, Rain Dinners AKA Crocodile’s base, was located.

Crocodile was staying in the basement, smoking a cigar, feeding his pets, Bananawanis, then when he heard the sound of Miss Friday flapping her wings, Crocodile didn’t look back and said: “Unluckies, what’s the matter?”

Unlucky wobbled over and handed the drawing board to Crocodile.

Crocodile had received it carelessly at first, but after seeing the painting, his heart startled!

He recognized the person depicted above at first glance, and he was already impressed with Ian, the new Shichibukai.

The sentence that Ian left in the lower right corner of the sketch made him even more concerned.

He wrote: “Crocodile, or should i call you, Mr.0!?… Anyway, I am in Alubarna now, come out and meet me!?”

When he saw this sentence, Crocodile’s heartbeat got faster.

“What do you mean!? What does this guy mean!?” Crocodile turned his head and turned: “How did he know!?”

Crocodile took a long inhale out of his cigar, turned around, and sat down on the sofa, carefully studying Ian’s words.

Mr.13, on the other hand, gestured with his body and described the general course of the event to Crocodile, although he could not speak, Crocodile still understands his meaning.

Several cadres under his command were defeated, but Crocodile didn’t care much. He was just thinking about the purpose of Ian’s trip to Alabasta.

Crocodile was suspicious, so he didn’t easily make an impulsive move before he understood Ian’s purpose, but just as he was still thinking, a couple of footsteps were heard and Nico Robin appeared.

She wore a luxurious mink coat and a cowboy hat. She slowly walked forward and said: “President, what did the Unluckies bring this time?”

“You’re just in time!” Crocodile glanced at her from the sofa, then threw the drawing board towards her.

In midair, a wrist suddenly appeared from nowhere, caught the drawing board, and then sent it to Robin. When she saw the portrait of Ian on the board, Robin couldn’t help but stare.

However, then she giggled quietly and said: “Another Shichibukai has appeared in this country? President, is he coming for you?”

Crocodile exhaled a cloud of smoke, looked at Robin with his cold eyes, and then started to talk: “He seems to know my other identity and wants to see me.”

“Then go out and meet him!” Robin said: “Haven’t you always been curious about this man?”

“This is beyond curiosity, I care more about the purpose of his sudden appearance in my country!” Crocodile said with a sneer: “I guess he also came for Pluto!”

The Kingdom of Alabasta guards a piece of Poneglyph, which Crocodile has heard of a long time ago. The Baroque Works he created seek to conspiracy overthrow the rule of the Nefertari family and set up an “ideal country”. But his real purpose was to grasp the Poneglyph in the crypt, because according to the information Crocodile obtained, the Poneglyph guarded by the Alabasta royal family is likely to be related to the Ancient weapon, Pluto.

As far as his concern, Crocodile thinks that Ian was also aware of Pluto’s existence, so he came to Alabasta from the New World, and asked to see him by name. Otherwise, how can he explain Ian’s sudden emergence?

Crocodile actually thought a bit more about this matter… yes, he doesn’t know Ian at all and has never met before. It seemed so strange that he appeared in Alabasta without notice, but what he can’t know is the purpose of Ian’s trip. In fact, it was to find Robin, and has little to do with Crocodile.

This lack of information has led Crocodile to over-think this matter.

The reason why Crocodile cooperated with Robin and form a partnership was to let her interpret the Poneglyph and obtain information about the location of Pluto. Crocodile had made an agreement with Robin from the beginning, so when Robin heard Crocodile saying this, she couldn’t help but smile, pulling down the brim of the cowboy hat, and said, “So, are you going to get rid of him?”

“No!” Crocodile suddenly grinned, and the scar on his face made him look very ferocious. He looked at Robin and said, “I want to know how much information he knows about Pluto… Nico Robin, I want you to go out first and meet the boy!”

Robin giggled and said, “Yes, but President, aren’t you afraid that I’ll run away? You know, that person is a Shichibukai like you!”

“This joke is not funny at all!” Crocodile’s body suddenly disappeared on the sofa and turned into a gust of wind mixed with sand. He suddenly appeared in front of Robin. He raised Robin’s chin with the poisonous hook in his right hand and said to her: “Nico Robin, don’t forget who you are. We both know that you are a wild dog, you can only live by hiding from the pursuit of the World Government, and only I will take you in… Do you think that if he finds your true identity, that boy who just became a Shichibukai, will turn against the world government just because of you?”

Crocodile’s words were very hurtful, and Robin’s eyes showed a trace of reluctance, but she also understood her situation, knowing that Crocodile was right, plus now only Crocodile can give her shelter.

So, Robin’s eyes darkened.

“Very good!” Crocodile saw the change in Robin’s eyes, nodded with satisfaction, and said: “Now, just do what I told you… you can meet this brat first, can you? Miss all Sunday!”

“Yes, president…” Nico Robin nodded, turned, and left.

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