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S.C.S Chapter 332: This was Easy

On the streets of Alubarna, the capital of Alabasta, Ian looked at the city with a novel look.

Compared with those cities in drought, the amount of rain in Alubarna was still normal, so people’s lives here seem to be stable. However, after observing carefully, he can still see the faint anxiety on people’s faces.

Indeed, as the capital of the country, Alubarna was not affected by the drought, which is a good thing. In the beginning, people regarded this phenomenon as the result of Guardian God’s blessing, but as it stayed like this for the past two years, people have gradually felt that it is strange.

Nowadays, the rebel army of Katorea, another city of Alabasta, has already arrived to Alubarna. It is clear to everyone why these rebel forces appeared here, it’s nothing more than fleeing their hometown for fear of the continuous drought…

Therefore, although Alubarna seemed to be still prosperous today, the cloud of war has begun to hang over the city.

On the streets of the Alubarna, Ian can see some Pirate-like guys in addition to the locals. Ian first thought that these pirates were just replenishing and traveling in the city. However, not long after he thought so, he witnessed a robbery…

It was a jewelry store in Alubarna. Dozens of pirates suddenly rushed out with knives and guns. Each of them carried a filled bag, and as soon as they rushed out, they ran rampantly to escape.

The owner of the jewelry store cried and ran out of the store door, shouting: “Thieves! Help me! Catch them!”

To his surprise, his shouting didn’t matter, the pedestrians who had heard him, immediately understood what had happened. After a burst of exclamation, they backed away and cleared the path.

These pirates have weapons in their hands, and these people don’t want to get into trouble.

The pirates who saw this scene acted even more arrogantly and laughed heartily. The Pirate in the rear suspected that the owner of the jewelry shop would keep chasing them, so he looked back, raised his gun and fired at the owner.

The shop owner was shot in the chest and fell to the ground with a pool of blood expanding around his body, which made the people who watched this scene more frightened.

“Hurry up! Report this to Sir. Crocodile!” a pedestrian shouted.

This sentence seems to remind everyone of their hero, so more and more people started shouting, “Report this to Sir. Crocodile!”

Ian witnessed this from the beginning, and it felt a little weird. When a jewelry store gets robbed, the first thing they should seek is the city’s guards, right? Why didn’t these people reacted like that? Why the Hell would they seek Crocodile and not the guards?

However, it has to be said that the cries of the people around did cause tremendous psychological pressure on the robbers. After hearing the name of Crocodile, they did not dare to continue laughing arrogantly, they just tightened the grip of the bags and ran faster.

They kicked and pushed the pedestrians in the road, and moved towards Ian’s direction. A child, who couldn’t escape in time, stood in the way of a pirate, which caused the latter to trip and fall to the ground.

The pirate seemed to be hurt by the fall, got up angrily, screaming at the child: “Hey, kid! Do you want to die this young!”

After that, he pulled out his gun, aimed it at the child, and wanted to shoot him.

When he pulled the gun, Ian realized what was going to happen, and couldn’t help shaking his head among the crowd. These ruthless pirates can be found everywhere.

So he moved…!

When the robber took out his gun and was about to pull the trigger, a huge Flying Slash came out of nowhere and cut his wrist!

The pirate immediately screamed and held his decapitated arm, which turned to a fountain, and kept on yelling… His screams not only attracted the surprised eyes of his associates, but even the people around him were shocked.

“Cling! Cling!”

A crisp bell sound was heard, as Ian walked out of the crowd and stood in front of the robber, with the Senbonzakura rotating in his hand, then after some pink petals started floating around the sword, Ian slashed down at the location of the pirates!

A huge arc-shaped projectile flew against the ground to the robbers… the Flying Slash split the ground, leaving a deep trench behind, and went into the middle of the pirates… after reaching the center, it burst into a strong wind pressure and spread in all directions. Dozens of pirates have blasted away.

Ian has become able to accurately control his sword energy, and this is proven by what he just did, he attacked these pirates directly without hurting an innocent person.

The residents of Alubarna stared at the trench left out on the ground by the sword projectile, and they couldn’t react for a moment.

But this wasn’t the case for the pirates. After they got up, they saw the sword mark, and couldn’t help looking at Ian with frightened eyes.

“Drop the bags, place your hands behind your heads, and kneel on the ground!” Ian faintly pointed at the pirates and said this.

This means that they should surrender, or else… However, although these robbers have seen Ian’s strength, they were unwilling to give up at this stage.

However, at this time, a sudden voice came from the crowd: “You should do what he told you, if you don’t want to anger the new Shichibukai…”

When Ian heard the voice, he was stunned and couldn’t help looking at the crowd to find out who was talking.

However, before he found out, all the residents finally reacted.

“New… Shichibukai!? Is there another Shichibukai in town!?”

“Ah! Yeah, this is true! That hat… He is the new Shichibukai, he’s Ian-sama, the ‘Black Dragon’!”

“It’s really him! This is great! Alabasta has two Shichibukai protecting it!?”

“Long live the Shichibukai!”

“It’s Ian Sama!”

Ian didn’t know how it happened. Suddenly, his name was shouted out by the residents of Alubarna. People looked at Ian with respect and worship.

So did the pirates. After hearing the word Shichibukai, they immediately surrendered, dropping their weapons and bags, then kneeling on the ground.

Seeing this scene, people cheered even louder.

“Thank you! Thank you, Lord Ian!” A woman hugged the kid who was about to be killed, then knelt down in front of Ian, and said with tears in her eyes: “Thank you for saving my child!”

This sudden heroic treatment made Ian stunned. What is going on?

Later, Ian recalled that Crocodile was very popular in this country, because he repeatedly defeated many pirates who robbed and killed in this country. His strength was worshipped and praised by the people of Alabasta, regarding him as Hero, every time they encounter robbers or pirates, the first thing they think of is to seek his help.

Crocodile is also a Shichibukai, so the people here were very respectful of such a title. “Loving a member could easily make them love the whole group!”, when Ian was recognized as a Shichibukai, he immediately received the same treatment as Hero.

‘I have to say that Crocodile is really a mastermind…’ he has become the hero of this country, while he was secretly planning to demolish this kingdom. If everything goes smoothly, then he will appear in the image of a hero at that time, and he may be able to become the new king.

At the thought of this, Ian suddenly felt that this event was very familiar. Isn’t this exactly what Doflamingo did to become the King of Dressrosa? What is different is just the means…

Ian was surrounded by the people of Alubarna. Although people didn’t dare to get too close to him due to his status as Shichibukai, they still blocked his way. It was not until Alubarna’s guards appeared that they finally solved the siege for him.

The group of robbers was arrested, and when the commander learned that Ian was also a Shichibukai, he immediately respected him and sent his soldier to evacuate the crowd.

Moreover, the commander immediately sent some guards to report this to the palace.

Ian didn’t care about all of this. He was still standing in place, looking for the person who just talked.

At this time, Ian saw a graceful figure standing not far from the scattered crowd. When Ian’s line of sight fell on her, she smiled and turned away.

It is Nico Robin! Ian recognized her immediately and couldn’t help being stunned.

However, seeing Robin leaving slowly, she was obviously waiting for him to catch up, so Ian ignored his surroundings and immediately followed her.

Those guards wanted to follow Ian, waiting for his instructions, but they were dismissed by Ian.

As he walked behind Robin, Ian couldn’t help wondering. He had estimated that he might have to contact Crocodile before he could see Robin. But unexpectedly, Robin appeared in advance.

What about Crocodile, where is he? Could it be that after receiving his message, this guy wanted to play a trick on him?

With this doubt, Ian followed Robin all the way until he saw her walking into a pub…

After walking in, Ian found that there was not even a guest in the tavern except Robin. Only one bartender pouring her wine.

Nico Robin was sitting elegantly in front of the bar, lying forward and holding her chin, waiting for the guy to finish pouring.

Ian walked over and sat down next to her.

As soon as he sat down, Robin turned and looked at him. She smiled and said. “Sir. Ian, I’m Miss all Sunday! I am the vice president of the Baroque Works. I am very happy to see you…”

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