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S.C.S: Chapter 93: Energy

Hearing that Ace and Ian are going to have a competition, the members of the spades pirate crew were all coming out of the cabin, intending to watch.

However, the fact that Ace burned a warehouse on the Cactus island was still fresh in their memory, so the chef Jimmy couldn’t help but say to them, “Captain Ace, Master Ian, take it easy, don’t destroy our ship, that would be terrible!”

This doesn’t need to be said by Jimmy. Ian and Ace also knew that in the vast sea, if the ship gets destroyed, that won’t be good. They must know that, so from the beginning, they didn’t intend to use powerful and devastating moves.

Ian and Ace stood at a distance from each other on the deck. Ace set his usual fighting posture. Ian squatted slightly, hands-on his left waist, holding the hilt.

After the two men had a confrontation for a long time, Ace couldn’t help but start first. Planning to use a strong kick, he rushed towards Ian at an extremely fast speed.

Ian was still staring at his movements motionlessly. The passive effect of the Evil Eye Expect, Ace’s body was filled with a red aura, which was obtained after he ate the Flame-Flame Fruit. It means that Ace is now a very threatening target for Ian, so Ian didn’t dare to be careless.

However, Ian also understood that this red aura field was actually just a reference, which should include the Flame-Flame Fruit’s Abilities. However, Ace wasn’t able to use the full potential of it, so this threat was not suitable.

In a blink of an eye, Ace had rushed to the front of Ian, jumped high, and waved his leg to kick Ian’s head.

Ian suddenly bowed and ducked Ace’s attack, and then he tried to pull out his sword. But it was unexpected that Ace’s right hand had followed and come close to him, he suddenly pressed it on Ian’s right hand, so that Ian’s sword was forced to be sheathed back when it was halfway out.

Ian did get frustrated when he couldn’t pulling out his sword. With his speed, if he really wanted to draw his sword, Ace wouldn’t be able to stop him. He just didn’t think that he would use this method to interrupt his attack. He looked at Ace and saw a punch coming his way, and by the time, it hit his abdomen, which made Ian fly back immediately, but it was just Ace’s bare fist.

“Be careful!” Ian shouted, and suddenly a lunge comes in. The Devil-Blade Yamato in his hand was pulled out, and he chopped at Ace’s shoulder position at a very fast speed.

Ian didn’t know whether he had time to dodge or deliberately didn’t. He just let Ian cut him on the shoulder.

However, Ian felt the cut-down… Ace’s shoulder was torn open, and then he recovered in an instant.

“Heehee!” Ace turned to Ian and said, “It seems that you can’t hurt me now!”

“Is the body elementized?” Ian also lightly smiled.

In fact, Ian has been thinking about this problem before, that is, whether the body of a Logia Devil Fruit User under normal circumstances is an entity or an elemental body.

According to Ace’s performance just now, he should be physical under normal conditions. Otherwise, if his body is elementalized, it will be a human-shaped walking flame, burning wherever he goes.

However, although it’s a physical entity under normal circumstances, it seems that it can be converted at will. In the instant of being hit by the blade, the conversion can be completed with a thought. Because this conversion was too fast, many people can’t distinguish whether the body of the Logia fruit user is a physical or an elemental.

This is also the reason why Ian couldn’t hurt Ace even though he was fast enough. Of course, it’s also because Ian just used ordinary physical attack instead of entangling his Nen on the blade.

His fight with Ace was meant to test some of his conjectures, so he didn’t rush to use his cards’ abilities.

After the fight continued, Ian found that he couldn’t hurt Ace, so he started using his skills, without any scruples. He immediately rushed to Ace’s side and slashed him with his sword.

Ace turned slightly to avoid Ian’s chop, then jumped up in place and kicked Ian with a whip leg.

After Ian dodged, the Devil-blade Yamato in his hand immediately made several slashes toward Ace. Because of its extremely fast speed, many shadows of the sword appeared repeatedly.

But it didn’t seem to work against Ace. His body swayed left and right, and his feet moved so fast that all the attacks passed-by him.

Ian was not surprised. He knows that Ace has gradually mastered the use of some Haki. At Loguetown, he showed a latent talent of Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki). So, It was not difficult for him to dodge those attacks.

Moreover, Ian also knows that Ace does not only uses the Kenbunshoku Haki (Observation Haki). He also has Haoshoku Haki, as for Busoshoku Haki, it is estimated that such a gift should be inherited from his father, Roger, the Pirate King.

Of course, even so, Ace’s Haki is actually the same as Ian’s Nen Abilities. At this time can’t have the characteristics of materialization. It’s known that the Haki also has a step-by-step appearance, which can be substantively turned into black and attached to the skin surface, so that’s the accomplishment of cultivation.

The two of them kept fighting, they played dozens of rounds on the deck, but no one did get hurt. Ian couldn’t damage Ace with his ordinary physical attack. Similarly, Ace can’t keep up with Ian’s speed.

However, the fight between these two made the members of the spade Pirate stunned. The speed of the fight has exceeded the vision capacity of these crewmembers.

In fact, only Ian and Ace knew that the fight was only a trial between them.

Before eating the Flame-Flame Fruit, Ace has been fighting with just body skills. He is not used to fighting with weapons. Most of the time, the dagger at his waist was just decoration. Now it was the same as fighting Ian. He was more using his original fighting style, and he has not used his Flame-Flame Fruit’s power.

After more than ten collisions, the two suddenly backed away.

After looking at each other and faintly smiling, Ace’s fist and his legs showed some blazing flames. The rising temperature naturally led to the deflection of the light, making his body look twisted.

“Watch Out, Ian! I want to use the power of the Flame-Flame Fruit!” Ace warned him.

“Hm.” Ian nodded and didn’t say much. Holding the hilt of the Devil-Blade Yamato, he began twisting his Nen around the blade.

Ace’s right hand suddenly faced Ian’s position, holding it straight forward in a claw shape, and then the five ignited awns flashed in the air.

“Hanabi!” (Fireworks)

With the voice of Ace, the five fire awns shot towards Ian. Meanwhile, during the flight, the fire awns began to rotate and twist, forming a spiral fire pillar!

The moves of Logia users are all based on the understanding and imagination of their own abilities. Actually, this move was just invented by Ace.

Seeing the spiral fire pillar that Ace shot, Ian’s eyes were condensed, and he flicked his sword toward the pillar of fire.

As a result of entangling his Nen, Ian’s sword cut through the pillar of fire. This spiral pillar of fire was cut in half and scattered the upcoming fire.

“Jujika (Cross Fire)!” Ace didn’t expect that move to hurt Ian either, so he hit Ian with his index fingers and shot a cross-shaped flame at Ian.

However, this time, Ian did not choose to directly strike Ace’s flame, but suddenly stretched out his blade and shook out the Jujika.

The Cross Fire hit the blade, but it was attached to Ian’s blade. Ian turned his wrist and raised it gently.

Sure enough! Ian felt the flame energy of the Jujika. At this time, the Nen that is entangled with his blade consumed the other energy. He could not help sighing in his heart.

The moves used by the Logia Fruit Users are actually part of their own energy. This energy has the characteristics of the Logia, such as Ace’s Flame, which is characterized by high temperature and burning capability. At the same time, the real matter can’t be touched by it, which is why Ian’s blade can’t hurt Ace.

However, the only thing that can touch the energy is the energy itself. Ian’s Nen is also a similar kind of energy. When his Mind Energy is wrapped around the blade, it can naturally collide with Ace’s flame energy.

That’s why he was able to split the Hanabi that Ace had shot.

In this way, then the Haki is actually a kind of energy, so there is a saying that Haki can capture Logia entities.

This is in the final analysis and belongs to the form of energy collision.

So Ian immediately became keenly aware that his Nen was the same as Haki and that it was more flexible than Haki, and his Nen can achieve the same effect of Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki eventually.

These thoughts just flashed in Ian’s mind. After swiping Ace’s Cross Fire, Ian suddenly moved and rushed towards Ace. Meanwhile, his hands were still on the hilt.

Ace was shocked and thought that Ian was going to use his Ittoryu Iai trick, so he jumped in place and tried to cross over Ian’s head, but he didn’t expect that Ian’s sudden rush was just a feint move, the purpose of which was naturally to force Ace to react.

Seeing Ace jumping into the air, Ian leaped back and threw a Flying Slash toward the sky.

He avoided his vital point, and made this Flying Slash brush and flew slightly by Ace’s body.

After Ace landed, he looked at his shoulder slyly and found that there was an open wound there. Although the wound was not deep, it was bleeding.

He was a little incredulous and asked Ian, “How can you hurt me?”

Ace, although he can use a bit of Haki, he doesn’t know the word Haki at all. The use of his own energy was instinctive.

Ace was injured, so naturally, the contest stopped. Ian put away his sword and began to explain to him.

Although the Logia fruits are very strong, they are not invincible. The restraint of the attribute is one of them. If Ace’s Flame encounters Admiral Aokiji’s frozen Abilities, the effect will be greatly reduced. Similarly, when he meets someone who can use the Haki, he should be careful.

After Ian and Ace’s fight, Ian also verified his conjecture. Indeed, the Nen abilities can also capture the entity of the Logia fruit…



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