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S.C.S Chapter 94: Emergency Signal

In the next few days, Ian kept going to practice with Ace whenever he has free time.

Because it was only to learn and to get stronger, so the competition between the two was a point to point. However, Ace’s losses were more than his wins.

This guy Ian was such a schemer. He was sure that Ace was afraid to use powerful moves on his own boat, so he took this opportunity to use Ace as a source of experience.

It was not long since Ace ate the Flame-Flame Fruit. He’s still exploring the development of his fruit abilities. He was trying to integrate the Flame-Flame Fruit’s Strength into his body skills. Although Ace’s imagination was great and he’s very clever, the moves he created were not threatening to Ian. Don’t forget that Ian himself could also use the power of the flame. He still has Hiei’s skills: the Fist of the Mortal Flame and the Sword of the Darkness Flame.

Moreover, Ace’s Fire Fist could destroy the whole ship, so it can’t be used on his boat, let alone the more powerful moves such as Dai Enkai: Entei (Great Flame Commandment: Flame Emperor) or Enjomo (Blaze Net). Not to mention that Ace hasn’t developed them yet, even if they are developed, he can’t use them.

On the other hand, Ace’s elemental body lost his advantage because Ian can use his Nen and counter him, so he can hurt Ace as long as he seizes an opportunity.

Maybe because it was a competition, it seems that the experience gained after winning should be less than expected. But by passive of the Jagan Eye, Ace’s strength is higher than Ian’s, it was red, meaning that it’s a threatening level, so the experience bonus should be very high when he defeats such enemy. After Ian defeated Ace, the final experience gained was actually much higher than an opponent with the same strength.

In just three days, Ian’s level raised by one with just those duels with Ace.

Ace, who can’t let go, was very depressed, while Ian was secretly snickering in the back.

However, Ian also noticed that Ace’s control of Flame-Flame Fruit power was gradually maturing, and his flame strength was really improving. This guy has been trying to compress his flames, causing it to swell after throwing it out, resulting in an explosion effect. Such progress was really remarkable.

As a result, a game style has been developed between the two; that is, Ace throws an explosive fireball towards Ian, and Ian does his best to use his sword and shoot the fireball away. If Ian’s movement was slow or his control was not good, then the fireball will explode in his face, which will blow Ian to the ground.

After the game, which was similar to playing baseball, was developed, the two had fun playing it after finishing their duel, but the only ones who suffered from this game were the members of the spade Pirates. Whenever the two started playing this game, they did not dare to stay and watch them, the game was fun at the beginning but not anymore, because no one knew whether Ian would make a mistake and shoot the fireball towards them, so when the game starts, they would run away and hide.

In fact, they didn’t know that the seemingly playful game the two of them were enjoying, was actually another way of training and mastering their own skills and abilities. When Ian took the initiative to open Hiei’s skill, the Evil Eye Expert, the soaring Nen, made him lose control. Now, using the Devil’s Blade Yamato to hit the fireball, this way allows him to manipulate his Nen more accurately. So was Ace, The power of the fireball he throws was under his control, he choices it huge or small.

Whenever Ian did not operate well and detonated the fireball, Ace would burst laughing at him while covering his stomach. Similarly, whenever Ian hits all the fireballs away, it’s his turn to laugh proudly.

This made the ship of the spade pirate full of laughter at any time.

After a few days of sailing with Ace, Ian found that his addiction to alcohol began to grow. There was no way to avoid that because the freshwater stored on the ship was so limited. Generally, it was alcohol to relieve thirst. Ian didn’t feel it when he was on the road alone before, but when he was with Ace, he knew what a Pirate Party was!

Every dinnertime, with a little carelessness, will turn a simple meal into a meal and a drink, and then a bunch of noisy people around him, and soon it will become a party. Then all the large glass of Sake will crash into each other, and they will drink all night!

Although the liquor in this world is not as strong as white wine, it will be intoxicating to pour down a lot of it at a time.

Ace and Luffy have quite similar personalities. They are the same kind of guys who can start a party without saying a word, just hand them food and liquor. Ace also shared the same principle with his crew, but Ian suffered from that every time Ace pushes a drink to him when he gets the chance.

Ian wanted to push away the Sake, but Ace was getting mad and started challenging him to drink with a rock-paper-scissors game, he didn’t expect was that Ian could take advantage of it at the beginning, but Ace soon became proficient in it. Instead, Ian was losing so much, and Ace kept pouring Sake for one by one, until he gets drunk.

Although he was often drunk by Ace and his partners, Ian liked it a bit. He understood why many people are willing to be pirates. These were really happy days. Maybe in the eyes of the pirates, this was the freedom they pursue, singing, and drinking all day long.

So just by fighting, playing games, drinking, and singing, six days have passed. And with just one more day, Ian and those lovely fellows will reach the next island.

On the deck, Ian and Ace were still dueling. Yesterday, Ace just came up with a good idea. He puts his index and middle fingers of both hands together, pointing forward just like guns, then turns his fingertips into flames and shoots bullets made of fire from them towards Ian. This is his newly developed move: “Higan (fire gun)!”

These bullets made of fire were as small as real bullets, and they came to Ian intensively, and Ian concentrated his Nen on his sword and kept swinging it to reflect these bullets away.

As a result, Ace was addicted to his new move. He knew that it won’t work against Ian, but he kept using it intensively. Ian has to wave his sword up and bring out the gust of the Wind Wall to block Ace’s fire bullets.

Now Ian’s Nen skills were about to be upgraded with his continuous training. Once he reaches the advanced level of the Nen skills, Ian intends to attach his Nen to the Wind Wall to see if he can improve its strength.

Ace has the conception to develop the tricks of the fire abilities. So as Ian, he even thought that he could combine Yasuo’s Wind Wall with the fire ability of the Flying Shadow Hiei to create a Fire Wall, or fuse Hiei’s flame into Yasuo’s tornado to make a Fire Whirlwind!

Card skills were all mastered. The key is whether the host can use them flexibly.

After blocking Ace’s fire bullets with the Wind Wall, Ian just wanted to attack, and suddenly he heard a strange sound, as if someone was crying.

Ace also heard it, and both of them stopped the fight at the same time. He pointed to Ian’s hat and said, “It seems that the sound is coming from your hat!”

Ian was puzzled for a while. Then he took off his bear ear cap, and saw the Den Den Mushi that was supposed to be in its shell all the time, he didn’t know why, but it came out of its shell, crying and making a blubbering sound. When the two voices were mixed, it became an unpleasant sound, “Oaoo, Oaoo”.

“You have Den Den Mushi!” Ace crouched down, curiously looking at Ian, and asked strangely: “Why is he crying? Are you bullying it?”

“Get out of my way!! Am I bullying it!!??” Ian gave him a dreadful look.

Why would a person bully a Den Den Mushi!?

However, Ian was somewhat confused. His Den Den Mushi has always been placed in his hat. For this reason, he specially modified the structure of the hat. The little guy has always been good for a long time, and nothing happened to it. Why did he cry at this time?

Could it be that when Ian was dueling with Ace, he accidentally pressed on it? Or is it that Ace’s Fire Gun Attack, accidentally hit the hat and hurt the little guy?

Two guys stared at the crying Den Den Mushi with big eyes. They didn’t know what to do. They might have to try wheedling it, but it’s a Den Den Mushi, not a child…

Forget it……

While they didn’t know what to do, Chef Jimmy carefully poked his head out of the cabin. Since one of the unlucky guys in the group was accidentally burned on his buttocks by Ace’s Flame, none of the spade pirate members dared to show up when they were dueling. Jimmy also thought about coming to see what happened after hearing the cries from the deck.

After discovering that Ian and Ace were not fighting, he was relieved, but when he saw the weeping Den Den Mushi, he was startled and walked up and said: “This…this seems to be like an emergency signal!”

“Huh? Emergency signal?” With a puzzled look, Ace pointed to the Den Den Mushi and said, “Isn’t it crying because it’s hungry?”

“Hungry!? Shut up, Ace!” Ian pushed Ace aside and asked Jimmy, “You mean someone sent an emergency call to my Den Den Mushi?”

Jimmy rubbed his hands and said, “to be exact, they are not sending the call specifically to your Den Den Mushi, but to all the Den Den Mushi in the nearby waters that can receive the signal!”

“So, is someone in big trouble?” Asked Ian.

“Nine out of ten!” Jimmy nodded his head and said, “No one usually sends emergency signals, but…”

“But what?” Ace asked curiously.

Jimmy sighed, “But it’s also possible that Marine is deliberately phishing and enforcing the law, or some pirates are deliberately using this way to attract people and rob them.”

When Jimmy said this, Ian remembered that he did have some impressions about the emergency signal, so he couldn’t help but shake his head. The emergency signal was a good thing, but it was ruined by the Marines and the Pirates. When someone receives the signal, the first reaction is, of course, doubt.

‘What shall we do?’ Ian and the two next to him looked at each other, wondering if they should take the call or not.

“You are the captain, you have the final say!” Finally, Ian pushed the decision to Ace.

As a result, Ace thought about it, then he picked it up and said to the microphone: “Moshi Moshi! This is the Spade Pirates, who are you!”



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