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S.C.S Chapter 95: Strange place

The Spade Pirates was naturally the name of Ace’s ship.

Ian was relieved to hear what Ace said. Fortunately, Ace was a little different from Luffy. He is not so stupid to say that he is the man who would become the Pirate King as soon as he picks up the microphone…

Because of Jimmy’s warning, they should be cautious when receiving such an emergency signal, and they have no way of knowing if the person who is calling for help was really in trouble.

In this case, Ace only reported his crew name, which was a very smart move. Because it was only the group’s name, it will not reveal too much information.

“He… Help!” A voice came from the Den Den Mushi and eagerly said: “We are the patrol ship of the G-3 branch of the Marines. Our ship, unfortunately, sank by the rocks. Please help us!”

Ian and Jimmy glanced at each other.

Before connecting to this phone, Ian was imagining who was calling for help. He thought that it would be pirates or merchant ships, but he didn’t think that it would be from the Marines.

Ace did not answer at this time. He looked at Jimmy with his eyes wide open.

Jimmy closed his arms, frowned, and said, “This route we are on is indeed within the area of branch G-3. It’s not surprising that there is a marine patrol ship. Moreover, the next Island we are going to is a desert island, and it is surrounded by many reefs and rocks. It’s possible that the patrol ship will strike on the rocks and sink!”

“So, this call for help should be real?” Ian asked.

Jimmy shook his head and said, “I’m not sure. Maybe it’s pirates pretending to be the Marines…”

“It doesn’t matter if they are pirates!” Ace said with a smile, “We are also pirates!”

Jimmy just wanted to say that there were always greedy pirates. But when he thought of the strength of Ace and Ian, he did not say a word. If they encounter some pirates, they can tell who is unlucky in that situation.

In fact, Jimmy’s biggest worry about this emergency signal was the Marines, for fear that it is a trap set by them.

However, as soon as the other party asked for help, he reported his marine identity, which did not look like a trap.

If the Marines wants to use this method to attract the pirates, they will not say that they are Marines, but they will say that they are passing merchant ships and so on, so that greedy pirates can pick up the cheap bait and gets caught in the Marines’ net.

Ian’s thoughts were similar to Jimmy’s. If the other side said any other identity, Ian would doubt it. But now it seems that there are some marines in a big problem.

“However, I feel that regardless of whatever they are saying, the truth, or a lie, I think we should leave them alone!” Jimmy looked at Ace and said, “Captain, even if the other side was telling the truth, but that won’t change that we are pirates. Have you ever heard of pirates rescuing the Marines?”

Ian didn’t speak a word and just kept looking at Ace. This is his ship, and he is the only one who decides these matters. But Ian is only a boarder. Since he didn’t accept Ace’s invitation to be his deputy captain, he can’t express his opinion on this matter.

However, what they didn’t expect that after a while, Ace asked the caller, “Where is your position?”

“We are in a place more than 160 nautical miles southwest of the Island. We are now living on a reef. We don’t have water or food. I don’t know how long we can last!” The marine soldier across the phone cried: “Please come as soon as possible.”

Ace didn’t say anything, just hung up the call.

Ian put away the Den Den Mushi that fell asleep again, and then asked Ace in surprise, “Are you really going to save these people?”

“Of course!” Ace smiled and nodded: “If we don’t help these people, they will die, so naturally we have to save them!”

“But don’t forget, you are a pirate!” Ian said: “Although you are not in the wanted list yet, but from the moment you hang the pirate flag, the Marines are your enemies, so do you really have to save them?”

Jimmy also advised him: “Yes, Captain Ace, you have to think about it clearly!”

Ace pulled the brim of his hat and slightly covered his eyes, whispering: “Ian, since you know the Old Man, you should know the Old Man’s character. If we don’t help these marines, then the Old Man will beat me to death in the future! “

The Old man, is that Garp? Ian just nodded. He understood Ace’s thoughts.

Just like Luffy, Ace is not really a True Pirate. In his heart, he has his own concept of good and evil.

Don’t look at Ace, like the guy who always dine and dashes, but he actually has a good heart. Can’t he just beat the crap out of those cooks with his current strength? Of course, he can do that easily, but every time he finishes filling his stomach, he runs away. Instead of bullying the cooks, he runs after politely saying thanks for the delicious meal…

Although he has been talking shit about the Old Man, Ace still has great respect for his grandfather. Garp was a Vice-Admiral of the Marines Headquarters. These marine soldiers in the reef could be considered as his subordinates. It’s easy for Ace to think of it as saving his grandfather’s men.

Ian instantly understood Ace’s thoughts, and he didn’t say anything. If he wanted to save them, then he could go. Anyway, those shipwrecked Marines could not pose any threat to Ace.

Ace made a decision. Jimmy and the others had to obey his orders. Who made Ace the captain? His dignified still needs to be maintained. So the crew of the spade pirates came out from the cabin one after another, turned their sails to adjust their course and headed for the front.

About three hours later, it was almost dark, and they finally arrived at the location of the marine soldiers.

Although it was close to the next Island, it was still too far away to see the land of the Island. On the contrary, with the approach of their ship, Ian saw many reefs above the water.

He had asked Jimmy about it before, so the Island they are approaching is called the Labyrinth Island by the voyagers, also known as the Island of eddy currents, because it is very difficult to get to it. All the surrounding sea areas of the Island are full of various large and small reefs and jagged rocks. When the water flows through these reefs, it becomes scattered because of obstacles, and then converges. A current often flows through these countless reefs, and it gets broken into dozens of tributaries, which will make the ocean currents as chaotic as the labyrinth, and also lead to the emergence of vortices.

However, there is no sea breeze around the Island. It is called the small Calm Belt. All the ships that want to get close to it can’t make it using only their sails. They can only go forward by rowing the oars. When they enter that sea area, they will be affected by these messy currents, which will make it difficult to control the ship’s direction.

If anyone was careless, he might get taken away by a certain tributary. Then his ship may crash into a reef, or it may be caught in the vortex and be pulled into the sea.

In other words, this is a very dangerous island, but it is stuck in their route. If they want to reset their Log Pose, they have to stay on this Island.

Every year, a large number of ships sunk in the sea around this Island. Only under the guidance of a navigator who is truly proficient in navigation, can a ship find the right path to board the Island. It can be said that this Island is a place where the sailors are quite tested.

The navigator of the spade Pirates was a bald young man, called Spree. He seems to have rich experience. Seeing the surrounding waters, he immediately ordered the spades to slow down and approach carefully.

Because Ian couldn’t see the situation under the water, he couldn’t feel the danger of this sea area. But when Spree and the others explained it, he realized the crisis in this sea area. At the same time, he asked with some doubts, “Why do the marine patrol ships come here since it’s so dangerous?”

Spree shrugged: “Who knows, but I’ve heard that this turbulent area is a natural barrier. This labyrinth island seems to be the stronghold of some pirate group. Maybe the marines are here for these pirates.”

Ian frowned and said, “You mean that the patrol ship encountered these pirates here. Because of the pursuit, they were led to a reef and got sunk?”

“It is possible!” Spree said: “To be honest, there are times when the pirate’s sailor is more powerful than the Marines’!”

Then Ian went silence, but he still felt a little strange. The marines couldn’t be unaware of the danger of this sea area. How could they be foolishly lured here by the pirates?

Everything will only be revealed until they find those marine soldiers.

When Ian and Spree were talking, Ace was squatting in the bow of the boat, looking around with a monocular. But by now, it was almost dark, and there was some fog on the sea, which made it more difficult to see.

But at this time, Ace exclaimed in surprise, “Ah, I found them! They’re over there! “

Ian took his telescope and looked at it. Sure enough, it was about two miles ahead. There was a big reef protruding under the sea. Several figures were standing on the reef, waving some torches as a signal to their side desperately.

It can be vaguely seen that these figures are wearing marine uniforms.

But Ian always felt that something was wrong.

Then suddenly, an idea flashed in his head and asked, “Since their ship sank on the rocks, they must have fallen into the water, right?”

Spree nodded, isn’t that right?

“How did they light up their torches?” Ian asked.

Spree was stunned!


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