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S.C.S Chapter 96: A Trap?

There are matches in this world, and there are also lighters. If they had a match, it would be useless when it gets wet.

Lighters work, but where do these Marines get dry rags to light them up?

Well, if they really dried up their clothes and then tore them off to use them as torches, it’s OK, but what about the sticks they used for the torch? Is that a gun!?

Have you ever seen someone falls into the water, still holding a gun in his arms?

In other words, Ian found that these marine soldiers looked too suspicious.

Spree said hesitantly: “We’re not really going to be tricked, are we?”

At this time, all the members of the Spade Pirates looked at each other, and then looked at their captain Ace. However, Ace didn’t seem to notice anything wrong, and he wanted to lean over the ship.

“Wait a minute!” Ian said: “Don’t worry about saving them first, they are in the same position, but worry about these reefs, if you act too urgent, it won’t be easy to get out if we get stuck!”

As he said that, he sighed secretly. Ace wanted to save those people, which was a good thing. But he thought it was a bit simple. When he arrived at the scene, Ian found that it didn’t seem to be what he imagined.

As for Ian’s advice, Ace was puzzled. He didn’t understand why he stopped, when he saw those people.

“There’s no need to rush for the rescue!” Ian explained to him, “if the other party are really victims, then our ship has arrived here, and they can wait a little longer, but if they are not the victims, they should take action when they see that we have stopped.”

The members of the Spade Pirate Group were all biased to Ian’s opinion now, so they all try to persuade Ace.

Ace was too easy to persuade. He smiled and waited.

It was late at night, and there was no wind. The marine soldiers on the opposite side could see that Ace’s ship was parked not far away, but they could not see what the flag looked like. They only knew that it was a black pirate flag.

In the telescope, Ian could see the marine soldiers looking at each other, but he could not see any frustrated expression on their faces.

This made Ian feel that something was really wrong. If they are really victims, then seeing a ship appearing when they were relying on it to save them, there are only two kinds of reactions. One is to yell and scream at this side to attract attention. The other is frustration. After all, it’s a pirate ship. It is generally impossible for a pirate to save a marine, so they should understand this and show frustration.

However, the marine soldiers on this reef did not show either emotion. Except for the torches in their hands, there were not many other movements.

Ian’s heart moved, and then he went and whispered to Spree, “Turn the ship around and make it look like we’re leaving!”

Immediately, Spree understood, nodded, turned the wheel, and asked the other pirates to paddle. With their efforts, The Spade Pirates’ ship began to turn slowly.

Ian, on the other hand, has been holding up the telescope and watching the movements of the marine soldiers on the reef.

To make it look like they’re leaving, Ian naturally intended to stimulate the other side. If these marine soldiers are really sufferers and see the ship turn around, how can they stay calm?

However, in Ian’s sight, the marine soldiers were anxious, but their response was different from Ian’s expectation.

Instead of jumping and yelling for the boat to turn around, Ian saw a marine with a torch, pulled something out of his pocket and yanked it out.


The next second, a red signal bullet of a flare launched straight to the sky!

Ian was shocked. It was really a fake call! These Marines are absolutely impossible to be victims!

“Get out of here right now!” Spree also saw it, and shouted at the top of his voice: “Hurry up! Paddle now!”

The Spade Pirates’ ship was not that big. It’s just a medium-sized ship. At the bottom of the ship, there are four people who are desperately paddling to get the ship out of the small Calm Belt.

“Would it be a trap for pirates?” Ace stood beside Ian and asked, “Are they disguised as marines?”

“Hard to say!” Ian shook his head and said, “Maybe they are real marines.”

“If they are really the Marines, why are they calling for help and identifying themselves?” Ace was puzzled.

This question was not easy for Ian to answer. He looked up and stared at the flare signal that slowly falls after flying into the sky. He knew that it was just a matter of time, before he will know whether they are pirates or marines!

When their ship turned around and went a long way, Spree suddenly shouted, “There is a large ship ahead of us!”

Ian looked in the direction, only to see in the faint night, a huge monster appeared in front of him, what Spree said was not wrong. It was a large ship.

“There are other ships on the left and the right side!” Spree’s voice was a little scared, saying, “We… We are surrounded!”

“Ian, it’s the MARINES!” Ace held his cowboy hat.

Yes, it was indeed a marine ship. Although the sky was dark, there was still some light, which made it a little bright. Ian has seen the seagull patterns painted on the sails of those large ships. Undoubtedly, they are marines.

“This is indeed a marine trap!” Ian sighed, but he couldn’t understand it. Since it was a trap set by the marine, why did the “sufferer” marine soldiers say they were marines in the emergency call for help?

There’s no need for a normal pirate to save the marines, is it? Such means, can also attract pirates?

Well, it has worked. It really attracted someone, and that someone was Ace…

“Try to get rid of them!” After seeing that they have been out of the Calm Belt, they can set sail again.

However, at this time, everyone on Ace’s ship did not know that, just in front of them, on the warship, someone was holding a telescope and looking at the pirate flag on their mast.

“Strange!” The person holding the telescope was a man wearing a marine coat, and there was a woman next to him with pink hair, a cigarette in her mouth. Under her large coat was a Sexy mature body, she looked at the pirate ship and wondered: “Why isn’t it the flag of the Iron pirates? Is this a new pirate group? Why don’t they have any impression!? Hina is confused! “

“Captain Hina, what should we do now?” A marine saluted her and asked.

This gorgeous woman, Captain Hina, who was regarded as the goddess of the marine headquarters, put down her binoculars and showed her beautiful face. The sunglasses on her forehead and the light blue smoke from the cigarettes in her mouth set off her magical temperament. She pulled the gloves on her hands and said: “Since these are not the Iron Pirate Group, this action is also counted as a failure, but that stupid pirate group can’t let them go! It’s our duty to fight against the pirates. If we meet them, let’s sink their ships and catch them!”

“Yes! Captain Hina!” The Marines on the ship stood up and shouted, and then moved quickly.

Hina used to be a Captain in Marine Headquarters, but why did she appear here?

This matter should start with the Iron Pirate Group, which is a newly rising Pirate Group on the Grand Line in recent years. It’s not surprising that a pirate group originally rose. But what annoys the marine headquarters is that the reputation of the iron Pirate Group was actually because they attacked a lot of marine ships!

The captain of the iron pirates, named “Iron Bone Ewing”! He is the user of the Iron Bone Fruit. He seems to hate the marines to the extreme. Some time ago, his pirate crew attacked a marine patrol ship on the Grand Line, killed more than 100 marine soldiers on the ship, and then fled.

Such a thing must have made the marine headquarters extremely angry. Only the pirates have always been afraid of the marines and avoided them. However, it is rarely heard that any of them dare to attack the marines boldly.

According to the information obtained, after attacking the marine patrol ship, the iron Pirate Group came to the route of the G-3 branch through an Eternal Pose, that is, which was the route that Ian and Ace sailed in.

The G-3 branch is responsible for the sea security of the whole route, and its manpower is not enough, so the marine headquarters simply sent Captain Hina to hunt down Iron Bone Ewing. At the same time, they also offered a high bounty on him, 75 Million Berries.

However, Iron Bone Ewing is very cunning. It seems that after attacking a marine patrol ship, he went into a state of dormancy. Hina, from the information she received, only knows that Ewing is currently operating around the Labyrinth Island. The water here is complicated, and it is very difficult for Hina to hunt him down. So, she used this emergency call for fishing.

According to the information she got, the Iron Bone Ewing hated the marines very much. In the beginning, more than 100 marine soldiers were killed by him. So this time, Hina sent the bait and told them that she was a marine soldier of the G-3 branch in the call for help, in order to attract Ewing to the hook.

Maybe it’s a little stupid, but it’s also a helpless move. There’s no spy satellite in the world. The marines catch the pirates by only relying on finding traces to hunt them down.

Hina’s first thought was that if the person who asked for help reported that he was a marine soldier, most of the pirates would not come on their own to help some marine soldiers, and only those who hated the marines like the Iron Bone Ewing might come to have a look. With his temper, he might come to kill these suffering marine soldiers.

This can be said to be a trap specially set for the Iron Bone Ewing. The success rate was very high, Hina did expect to attract Ewing, but she did attract him, she got Ace and his spade Pirate Group…


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