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S.C.S Chapter 97: Fire Fist

The three warships Hina brought were far distributed in the three directions of the bait site. They were covered by the sporadic island reefs and the dark night, they didn’t come together until the signal was sent out. The marines’ warships were large, and they had bigger sails, so their speed was very fast, and the hooked pirate ship can be surrounded in time.

However, even Hina herself didn’t expect that there would be pirates willing to save the Marines…

Instead of attracting the Iron Bone Ewing, she attracted an unknown Pirate Group. Hina held a telescope and looked at Ace’s pirate flag for a long time, but she did not recognize it.

Indeed. This guy, Ace, has just gone out to the sea. He hasn’t been wanted by the marines yet. What’s his reputation?

Most importantly, she couldn’t get in touch with the marine soldiers who acted as bait at the time. The marine soldiers on the reef didn’t know whether the name of Ace’s crew, the spade pirates, was deliberately a fake name made out by the Iron Bone Pirates, so they kept their plan and asked for help from Ace.

Now, the end result of this kind of misunderstanding was that the Spade Pirate Group plunged into the Marines’ trap.

The chef, Jimmy, was already regretful and began swearing. Ian could not help shaking his head. He didn’t want to believe that it was a marine trap, but now the facts were in front of him, which made him feel that the trust between people has gone, because this kind of emergency signal was not only played by the pirates, but also by the marines.

In this way, the so-called distress signals are completely untrustworthy. In the end, the real victims here are the ones who believe the caller.

“Are you satisfied?” Ian gave Ace a white look and said, “This is because of your own determination to save people!”

However, ACE laughed and said, “Isn’t that a good thing? It means that no one was in distress!”

Ian was speechless for a while, he only thought that it was not unreasonable that Ace and Luffy were brothers. Their personalities were really similar. It was probably caused by living together for a long time.

In other words, why don’t he and Zoro have the same personality? He has lived with Zoro for a long time too…

As he thought about this mess, Ian watched Ace’s ship, under the command of Spree, tried to get out of the marines’ encirclement.

However, the so-called encirclement should also be divided into different situations. If Ace and his men really ran to save the marine soldiers, they might have fallen into the maze currents at that time. Under the siege of many reefs, there would be no place for them to run unless they could find the right path to the Labyrinth Island through the maze currents.

Now, if three warships want to form an encirclement circle, the loopholes are quite large. Ian’s ship was not trapped in the maze current. Compared with warships, the size of his ship was relatively small, and the chances of his escape are quite large.

Of course, Ian didn’t want to be captured by the marines. Although he was a pirate hunter, there was no way to argue with him while he was in Ace’s pirate ship. He would also be treated as a pirate.

Under the control of the crew, the Spade’s ship went to the gap between the two warships, trying to use the small and flexible features of the ship for rushing out of the siege of the warships.

However, at this time, Hina on the warship, after seeing their intentions, she showed a charming smile with the cigarette in her mouth.

The Marines on board, after seeing Hina’s smile, were all dazzled.

“Prepare the large javelin cannon!” Hina shouted.

The soldiers on the warship responded with excitement, and immediately inserted a thick steel spear in the cannon bore and a primer!

This was a common attack method used by Hina’s direct units. They seldom use shells in their artillery, just the javelins. These javelins can easily pierce a pirate ship’s hull after being fired by the cannon…

It’s a bit like Pixar’s sharp spines, the Porcupine fruit user, but much stronger than Pixar, because these javelins are real steel!

This time, Hina not only used the javelins, but also her marine soldiers tied ropes at the end of the javelins.

When Ian and Ace were on the Spade’s ship, trying to slip past the side of the warships, they didn’t know what kind of danger that had quietly targeted them.

This is mainly because Ian doesn’t know who the commanders of these battleships are. If he knew that this was the elite units of the marine headquarters commanded by Hina, he might have to warn everyone.

Black Cage Hina! This is a famous figure of the marine headquarters!

Just because he didn’t know this, Ian had been paying attention to the action of the cannons on the warships, but he didn’t worry much. He thought that if the shells were shot towards them, he and Ace could take them down. The Spade’s ship had been in movement, and the precision of the shells would not be too high.

Hina also figured that these were the thoughts of these pirates below. She couldn’t help smiling, and then she directly ordered the firing!

Whiz! Whiz! Whiz! From the twelve cannons on the side of the warship, twelve javelins were fired. Because they were close enough, they all flew in a straight line. What they aimed at was not the people on the deck, but the whole hull of the ship!

This situation was obviously beyond Ian and Ace’s expectation, when they found that those who had penetrated the hull turned out to be large javelins, Ian’s eyeballs almost bulged out!

If it were not for the awareness that he had cut Pixar to death himself, Ian would think that Pixar had come for revenge!

It doesn’t matter that much if they pierced the ship. Javelins don’t explode like shells, but in the next second, the Spade’s ship suddenly stops, making all the people standing on the boat fall to the ground.

“What’s going on!?” Spree yelled anxiously. “Why isn’t the boat moving!?”

Ian and Ace looked down on the side of the ship, only to find those javelins that have been fired were still connected with long ropes at the end. The other end of these ropes was still tied to the warship!

It was like the Spade’s ship was completely pulled by the warship! With the size of Ace’s boat, how could it compete with the huge battleships of the marine headquarters? So it could only stop quietly and stay motionless.

If their ship can’t move, they can’t run away. The members of the Spade Pirate Group were immediately anxious, so they kept pushing Ace to find a solution.

“Ian, can you cut those ropes?” Ace asked Ian. (No, he can’t! He can only chop off a warehouse in half, but he can’t cut some ropes! JK)

Ian can easily cut them all with one slash of his mighty sword, but…

Ian looked up and saw that the cannons’ muzzles on the warship were again aiming at their ship’s hull. Ian immediately understood that even if he cut them all at once, the marines would keep firing javelins continuously.

“Can’t cut them!” Ian shook his head and said, “The hull of our ship has been seriously damaged. If we are attacked by javelin again, the ship will sink!”

Ace realized this too, and with a big grin, he said, “So, This is the only way to deal with these warships?”

“This is the only way…” Ian shrugged. “But don’t you say the Old Man is a marine? Are you willing to fight with his men? “

“This is already a fight! So I won’t keep watching!” Ace pulled his hat, and the blaze began to rise all over his body.

At this time, Hina came to the side of the warship, holding her cigarette in her hands and looking down at the small Spade’s ship. This pirate ship has been pulled by the ropes, and they can’t run away, so Hina wanted to see what these unknown Pirates are going to do?

‘This should be an exciting scene?’ Hina thought, would these filthy pirates, with their arrogant temperament, have already quarreled?

However, when she got to the side of the warship, she saw what Ian and Ace were talking on the deck, and then looked up at the battleship.

“What are they doing? How can they laugh at this time? Hina doesn’t understand! “

Hina was puzzled when she saw a smile on Ace’s face.

However, what made her more surprised was that at the next moment, one of these two was ignited with his body half crouched, then his right hand swayed the Raging Flames, and punched the warship with his right fist!

“Fire Fist!!!”

A gigantic flame, bigger than a small island, was launched from Ace’s right arm, and at such a short distance, it hit Hina’s warship in an instant!

This time, it was completely different from the duel between Ace and Ian. During that time, Ace was really holding back the majority of his power. Because he was afraid of destroying his own ship, his powerful moves couldn’t be used at all. But now, his target was the warship on the opposite. Finally, Ace can let go of his supreme power, and now, he was able to use his strongest moves!

With a big bang, the fire fist hit the side of the warship, which immediately triggered a massive explosion. Hina’s warship hull was suddenly blasted out of a large hole. The fireball shot by Ace directly burned a significant gap in the thick hull of the ship.

At present, the power of Ace’s fire fist was not enough to destroy a ship with a single blow. What’s more, he was facing a stronger and solid marine headquarters warship, but it was still quite powerful. The explosion brought by the fire fist just now caused many marine soldiers on the battleship to be thrown into the sea, and the sawdust was flying everywhere. The whole ship’s middle position was completely on fire!

The position of Ace’s attack just happened to be Hina’s standing position. When the explosion came, her reaction was fast enough to jump directly into the air with Geppo (Moonwalk).

Although she had escaped a disaster, the shock in Hina’s heart was overwhelming!

Initially, she thought that this was just a group of unknown and weak pirates and that she could arrest them easily when she struck their ship with the javelins, but unexpectedly, everything changed in an instant, and it backfired!

‘On top of this boat, there is a Logia Devil Fruit User!’


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