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S.C.S Chapter 98: You can’t do this.

On the Grand Line, every Logia Devil Fruit User is not a small person.

Hina knows this well, but she can’t recognize this Pirate Group right now. There is only one explanation, which is that this is a new pirate group who just debuted.

‘We can’t let them grow up. We must finish this pirate group in the cradle! Otherwise, they will be a big problem for the marines in the future!’

Although the Spade Pirates appeared here by mistake, Hina’s sense of duty tells her that even if she didn’t hook up the iron bone pirates, she had caught a bigger fish.

“Rankyaku (Tempest Kick)·The thorn gun!” When she was in the air, Hina suddenly thought about it and looked at the position where Ace was standing, and she kicked the marines’ powerful projectile technique. Still, the difference was that the Rankyaku she kicked was so aggressive and actually formed a javelin-like shape, which went straight to Ace.

Ace was still shocked by the power of his fire fist. In fact, he didn’t even think that the Strength of Flame-Flame Fruit was that powerful, he was so distracted that he didn’t even realize or see Hina’s attack in the sky.

However, Ian has been paying attention to the situation around. He knows that this is the warship of the Marine headquarters. Then there must be a high-rank marine officer on it. So when Hina launched her attack, Ian immediately detected it.

In a moment, he pulled out the Devil-Blade Yamato and threw out a Flying Slash to the sky. The projectiles Hina and Ian launched collided in the air, and a turbulent flow broke out immediately, and then they offset each other and dissipated.

Hina was surprised again. She didn’t expect on this pirate ship, not only would there be a Logia Fruit User, but also a sword master!?

The strength of this pirate group was higher than she imagined!

Having that said, as a Captain of the Marine Headquarters, Hina also has her own pride.

Seeing that the Rankyaku (Tempest Kick) Attack didn’t work, Hina gave up the attack. She stopped using the Geppo (Moonwalk) and fell directly from the sky on the deck of the Spade’s ship.

Just when Hina was in the air, the crew didn’t see her clearly, but when she landed on the deck, including Ian, they were all stunned.

What! A woman! And a stunning one!

Ace’s crew don’t know Tina, they just felt a little surprised, only Ian was so astonished that he almost screamed out, isn’t this, the Black Cage, Hina!? Thus, the marines that appear here this time were not from the G-3 branch, but a proper marine headquarters force!?

What the Heck, This is a problem! Ace attacked a ship of the Marine headquarters. He will definitely be wanted by the marines, and now, he was in great trouble for what he just did.

Ian had a headache, and he finally realized that he might have witnessed the rise of Ace Pirate’s name with his own eyes, and it all started with him attacking a warship of the Marine Headquarters…

Hina landed on the deck of the Spade’s ship, and she was still in her elegant pose. She held a cigarette in her mouth, pulled her gloves, and said, “Pirates, announce your name!”

She had a charming voice and a sense of composure, but Ace didn’t buy it. He held the cowboy hat on his head and said, “I’m Ace, captain of the Spade Pirates. Why are you attacking our ship?”

Hina smiled slightly and said, “What are you saying!? You are Pirates, We are the Marines, Why can’t we attack you? Besides, didn’t you just destroy our warships? “

“But, we did only come here to save those marines of the reef!” Ace yelled.

“…” Hina was speechless. Actually, from this point, the marines were not authentic. They asked for help with that emergency call. Although this group was pirates, they were willing to come to rescue those people. It was all a good intention, but the marines wanted to catch them in return and make them look like villains.

“Hina is very sorry!” she apologized and said, “but this is a question of stance. I appreciate your willingness to come and rescue the marines, but I also have to do my duty!”

The pirates and the marines are standing on the opposing positions. It is doomed that the two sides can only be enemies. There could be no kindness between these two enemies, no wrong or right. The marines spare no effort to catch the pirates. Similarly, the pirates also resist them by any means, which is the central theme of this world. Rebellion!

After listening to Hina, Ace couldn’t say a word.

“Surrender!” Hina walked towards Ace step by step: “You can’t escape!”

“That won’t work!” Ace pulled back his posture, alerting Hina.

When she saw him like this, Hina had no choice but to start the fight. She burst out and slammed her feet at the deck, rushing towards Ace, and then lifted her leg and kicked him on the shoulder.

Seeing Hina fighting with her fists and feet, Ace naturally got excited, then he also raised his leg to collide with Hina’s.

Looking at this, Ian couldn’t help reminding Ace, “Don’t rush to her!”

However, Ian’s reminder was late. Both Ace and Hina were pretty good at Close-quarters combat. Naturally, their legs were moving fast. Ian’s words have just fallen, and Ace’s leg has already collided with Hina’s.

The expected shock waves did not come, and Ace saw that he had kicked Hina’s leg, and then his leg passed through hers.

The two sides obviously kicked each other, but they crossed each other in an instant. Ace was too surprised to find that he had a black iron shackle on his leg.

This shackle turned out to be very heavy as if it was steel.

“What’s going on!?” Ace was confused.

But Hina didn’t give him a chance at all. At this time, she rushed forward, opened her right arm, and bumped it into Ace’s chest.

Under the circumstance, Ace was crossed by Hina’s right arm again, and another black shackle appeared on him, tightly binding his arms together.

Ace fell to the ground and struggled to stand up. He started compressing his arms muscles, trying to break free of the shackles.

“That’s useless, I’m the user of the Bind-Bind Fruit!” Hina stood elegantly, with her arms crossed, and said to Ace: “Everything that passes through my body will be bound! No amount of power can break my shackles! “

But Ace didn’t listen, and there was a raging flame all over his body, and he directly transformed his body into elements.

Initially, he wanted to get rid of these shackles in this way. In Ace’s mind, cuffs can lock people’s body parts, but they can’t cage the fire?

However, what Ace did not expect was that when his body turned into flames, his chest and legs could not be elementalized.

For a moment, Ace remembered what Ian told him about the power of the Haki, so he immediately understood that Hina must have attached the Haki to her shackles when she had just locked him!

In fact, it was true that under normal circumstances, Hina’s Bind fruit can’t lock the Logia Fruit Users, but Hina had already awakened her Haki.

Haki, This kind of Power, can be used anytime once it has been awakened, but most people don’t understand what this power is, so they can’t exercise it consciously. But Hina is a captain of the Marine headquarters. Among these Marines, some experts can use Haki professionally. With the guidance of these people, Hina has mastered the Busoshoku Haki, which is the simplest type.

While leaving shackles through Ace’s body, she naturally reinforced them with the Haki, which was the reason why Ace could not break free.

Otherwise, why would she try to arrest Ace when she knew that he was a Logia Fruit User?

Ace was careless. If he didn’t come into contact with Hina’s body, she wouldn’t be able to lock him.

Watching Ace desperately struggling, Hina was not worried at all. Although the Grand Line is full of powerful people and Haki experts, this is only the first half of the Grand Line known as Paradise. She doesn’t think that Ace can use the Haki to get rid of her shackles.

The members of the spade Pirates, watching their captain being chained, one by one picked up their weapons and rushed towards Hina, trying to attack her in order to rescue their captain.

However, they were not that big of a deal. Hina easily avoided their attack, and then she opened her arms, surrounding the area with a fence-like cage of bars that come out of her hands, which directly locked all the members of the spade Pirates.

Then Hina’s gaze turned to Ian and said, “You are the only one left. Who are you?”

“Me?” Ian blinked and said, “Ah, I’m a passer-by, just a pawn that runs a minor character!”

“…” Hina just gave Ian a blank face.

“Really!” Ian spread his arms and looked at Hina’s beautiful eyes, very sincere…

At this time, suddenly, a thumping sound came, and the hull of the Spade’s ship trembled again. Ian looked back and saw another warship coming. They also shot black javelins from their muzzles and pierced their ship on the other side.

Ian sighed. He knew that Hina’s appearance delayed the escape of their ship. Now, another warship has caught up, and the Spade’s ship was under a two-sided attack.

Several grappling hooks were thrown to the mast of the Spade’s ship. The marine soldiers on both sides of the warships, carrying their guns and holding the rope, swung onto the pirate ship. Soon, the deck was full of marine soldiers.

“You’re surrounded!” Hina said to Ian, “Under such circumstances, do you think you can escape?”

‘Now, am I obligated to fight the marines!?’ When Ian thought about it, he saw Ace standing up from the ground.

Facing Hina, Ace covered the members of the Spade Pirates and Ian, too, and without turning his head back, he said: “All of you go now! Quickly! Jump to the sea! Especially you, Ian! You’re not like me. You can’t fight the marines! So, run away! “

Ian froze all of a sudden…


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