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S.C.S Chapter 99: Parting

‘Ace!!! Are you f@cking kidding me?’

‘Didn’t I just try my best not to reveal my name? In the end, you were so “kind” that you yelled my name immediately.’

However, just as Ian thought about that, he heard Ace continue: “You are a pirate hunter, but it’s just that we happened to save you. You don’t need to become a pirate because of our short relationship!”

Upon hearing Ace’s words, Hina immediately turned her eyes to Ian and asked in amazement: “You turned out to be a pirate hunter!?”

As soon as Ian pondered, he immediately understood that Ace was not exposing him. On the contrary, he was actually helping him out!

Even if Ian didn’t give his name, with the marines’ capabilities, they could always look for his photos. At that time, the marines would wonder why a person who was originally a pirate hunter would be on a pirate ship. In combination with the fact that Ian concealed his name, the marines would misunderstand that he has become a pirate.

On the other hand, in the presence of so many marine soldiers, Ian’s name and identity were directly acknowledged. The marines can definitely find out the truth, and in the absence of concealment, what Ace just said can be believed later.

Because the spade pirates originally came here to rescue the marine soldiers after receiving the Distress Signal, so it’s natural to say that they saved Ian too, the pirate hunter, as well.

As soon as he understood the true intention of Ace, Ian couldn’t help but take a look at Ace’s back. He knew why Ace did this, that is, because what he had said before. Ian once told him that he couldn’t become a pirate and needed the identity of a bounty hunter. Though Ace didn’t say it, he has actually kept it in mind. This encounter with the marines was an unexpected thing, and it has become impossible to avoid. It’s just because Ian was on his ship, which is easy to cause the marines’ misunderstanding, that’s why Ace took the initiative to stand up for Ian.

Maybe for Ace, he knows more than anyone that everyone has his own aspirations. So although he wanted Ian to be his deputy captain, he didn’t take this opportunity to pull him in.

After sighing, Ian didn’t know what to say. Facing Hina’s query, he nodded: “Yes, I’m a pirate hunter!”

“…” Hina looked at Ian silently for a long time, and then she said, “Since you are a pirate hunter, then stand aside! Wait until I arrest these Pirates, then we’ll talk about you.”

“Alright!” Ian stood aside, obediently with a tilted head.

Then Hina stopped paying attention to him, but what she didn’t know was that when Ian lowered her head, he had a gleam in his eyes.

“Catch them!” When the Marines heard Hina’s order, they immediately surrounded Ace, Jimmy and the others were behind him.

At this time, Ace suddenly rushed up, kicked off a marine soldier, and said to Jimmy and the crew, “Jump out to the sea!”

The spade pirates knew that if they were caught by the marines, they would die in prison, so they didn’t hesitate and struggled to get up. Although they were chained by Hina’s shackles, their feet could still move, so they rushed towards the side of the ship!

“Stop! Or we’ll shoot!” The Marines soldiers shouted.

How could they listen to them? They rushed to the side of the ship without looking back. Seeing that they were about to jump down, the Marines were anxious. They aimed their guns at Jimmy and others, and they were going to fire!

However, at this moment, Ace suddenly burst out and yelled, “Don’t you dare hurting my companions!!!”

With his shouting, an invisible shock wave suddenly broke out from Ace, sweeping all those present. The soldiers on the deck who were holding guns were preparing to shoot. Suddenly, their eyes turned white, and then they frothed and collapsed.

Not only the soldiers on the deck, but also the marines standing on the warships on both sides, were also affected, fainting one by one.

This invisible force was ambiguous, and even Hina and Ian were also affected by it. When they were struck by this shock wave, Ian also felt some dizziness. Although he soon recovered his senses, he actually felt the strong erosion of this willpower.

Hina’s cigarette, which had been in her mouth, finally fell off her soft red lips. With all the things that she saw from the beginning, Hina kept her calm expression all the time, but now, an extreme shock expression appeared on her face.

“Haoshoku Haki!?” (Conqueror’s Spirit)

Suspiciously staring at Ace, and looking at the marine soldiers who fainted on the ground, she finally understood what had happened. In front of her, this boy in the cowboy hat, he has the Conqueror’s Haki, which has an appearing percentage of only one in several million people!!?

Ian was also aware of the power that Ace had just erupted. It was the Haoshoku Haki emanating from his emotions. It was Ian’s first time that he really saw the existence of this power.

Seeing a large number of soldiers fainted, Hina was stunned. Ian realized that this was a great opportunity, so he took something out of his pocket and rushed towards her.

When Hina saw Ian’s movements, she immediately reacted by raising her leg and kicking it towards Ian. Regardless of whether this person was a bounty hunter or a pirate in front of her, she was going to put him down.

Noticing Hina’s upcoming leg, Ian raised his left hand to block it, which made Hina sneer and despise his move.

However, something strange happened. Ian’s hand actually blocked Hina’s kick. Instead of passing through his palm, he caught her leg directly in his hand.

“You!!!” Hina was shocked. After her kick was blocked, she suddenly felt powerless. Until then, she could see clearly that Ian was holding a black handcuff, which was already locked on her leg.

“Kai… Kairoseki (Seastone)…!” Hina said, then her body fell softly toward the ground.

But halfway down, she felt an arm around her waist.

Looking up, she found that it was Ian who held her. (T/N: Ohhhh! So sweet! Kiss her now XD)

“How… Why do you have the Kairoseki?” Hina asked weakly.

“I’m sorry, beautiful!” Ian smiled and said: “I can’t let you catch this pirate group. I’m the only one who can catch them! So even though I am a pirate hunter, I had to stop you this time! “

Hina’s ankle was cuffed by the Kairoseki, which drained her strength, and the shackles on Ace’s body suddenly softened, so he broke free as soon as he notices that.

“Ian, didn’t I ask you to stay out of this?” Ace looked at him complicatedly.

“I’m not that pedantic!” Ian shrugged and said, “Besides, I’m not helping some pirates, I’m helping my friends!”

After that, Ian said to Ace, “Just go! You have caused so much trouble! Now, you are a true pirate, and you will be wanted soon. Your ship is beyond damaged, so you have to run with Jimmy and the others, get a warship and leave! “

“What about you?” Ace asked him.

“I have to stay!” Ian glanced at Hina in her arms and said, “She is also a Devil Fruit user. She can’t swim. When your ship sinks, she might die. I have to get her to another battleship!”

Hina just kept listening to Ian and Ace’s conversation quietly and didn’t say a word.

Ace looked up at the third warship that was approaching gradually on the other side. Knowing that it was not time to talk more, he said to Ian, “Okey then, got to go! Ian, although our paths are different, I wish you a wonderful life! “

“You too!” Ian sighed. It seems that Ace also found out that if they keep bumping to each other, they will make more troubles. That’s why he said such a thing.

Ace jumped to the warship on the right side of his ship, then lowered the rope ladder to let Jimmy and the other members in the sea climb up. Although there were fainted soldiers on that warship, Ian knows that with Ace’s personality, these marine soldiers will be safe, they will just find themselves tied up with ropes by the time they wake up. For sure, when he reaches an island, they will be released.

As for the problem of the Log Pose (Grand Compass), it’s up to Ace and them, but of course, there would find one on the warship that points to the next island…

Even with Jimmy, they were barely able to control the warship. Soon, Ian saw the battleship turn around and slowly began to leave.

The third marines’ ship came and wanted to chase Ace and his crew, but Ian stood by the side of the ship, hugging Hina and shouting at them, “Come here, Captain Hina is here!”

After seeing the situation on the spade pirates’ ship through the binocular, the Marines on the warship had to give up chasing Ace and headed towards Ian.

“When we get on board, I have to listen to your explanation!” Hina said while she was softly held in Ian’s arms, and gnashing her teeth.

“Whatever!” Ian shrugged and said, “Oh, forget to say that these Kairoseki handcuffs were actually given to me by Vice-Admiral Garp!”

“Ga…Vice-Admiral Garp!?”

At this time, Hina finally believed that Ian was a pirate hunter. However, while he was waiting for Tina to say something, they suddenly heard a loud noise coming from the spade’s ship under their feet.

The spade pirates’ ship was unlucky this time. Tina’s “Black Spear Projectiles” pierced through its two sides, left and right. Hundreds of marine soldiers jumped on it, and the ship supported them for a long time. Now it finally collapsed.

Ian only felt that his feet were not steady, and he only had time to hold Tina tightly in his arms, press the hat on his head, and then he felt icy-cold sensation ascending… he has started fallen into the sea…


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