The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 25: The Pursuit (Part 2)

Ma Kyung-rok ventured into the forest, driven by curiosity.

He wondered if there was something new to discover.

“Perhaps there’s a hidden sub-quest.”

However, he couldn’t find anything, so he tried to kill a few monsters here and there, and before he noticed he reached LV10.

To his surprise, a quest emerged once he reached level 10.

He discovered this fact unintentionally, engrossed in his hunting.

“Congratulations on obtaining a class, Representative.”

“Oh, no. It was just luck.”

It wasn’t an empty statement.

While luck played a part, An Sang-cheol perceived it differently.

“I’ve always felt that the Representative is truly humble.”

“Humble? I was merely stating a fact.”

“Don’t you believe that luck is also a form of skill? Besides, is it easy to secure the second and third ranks across all zones? Having someone like the Representative as our leader is an extraordinary honor to me.”

“Hahaha. Director An, your praise makes me wonder if there’s something you want.”

An Sang-cheol appeared slightly embarrassed, but he didn’t show it.

The Representative truly knew him well.

“Tell me. Is there something you want to ask?”

“Um… In that case, may I ask one thing?”

“Yes, go ahead.”

“You recently advanced to the Dark Knight job, right? If it’s not too intrusive, could you tell me where to obtain the class-specific items for the advancement…?”

While cautiously gauging Ma Kyung-rok’s reaction, An Sang-cheol inquired, and Ma Kyung-rok readily answered.

“It’s nothing special. I just happened to come across the advancement items while hunting monsters.”

Half of it was true, while the other half was a lie.

Indeed, advancement items dropped when hunting monsters, but they weren’t specifically for the Dark Knight advancement.

The Dark Knight was an exclusive job attainable only by those who possessed the Rune of the Dark Knight.

The Rune of the Dark Knight.

A deceptive rune that enhanced overall stats and bestowed the ability to imbue weapons with Dark Aura—an enchantment of sinister power.

Upon reaching level 10, one automatically transitioned into the unique Dark Knight job.

‘I was fortunate. To think such a remarkable rune emerged from a random rune fragment.’

Ma Kyung-rok’s lie stemmed from his desire to keep the rune, a significant piece of information, to himself.

After all, even if An Sang-cheol was like family, he couldn’t reveal everything to him.

Even real family members might choose to remain silent.

Human nature was capable of such sudden shifts.

Especially in relationships founded on business.

‘However, it doesn’t mean I don’t value Director An.’

An Sang-cheol was an exceptional talent and his indispensable right hand.

If anyone dared to harm his subordinate, Ma Kyung-rok would ruthlessly tear them apart without hesitation.

“Director An, let’s get down to business. Who is responsible for injuring you?”

No trace of a smile lingered on Ma Kyung-rok’s face.

His expression was so cold that one would never imagine he had been laughing moments ago.

“Could it be the Black Scythe?”

“The Black Scythe? What about him?”

“You mentioned something over the phone about an incident involving the Black Scythe. If that bastard had a hand in it,  I’ll definitely find him and seek revenge…”

Ma Kyung-rok’s eyes brimmed with intensity, prompting An Sang-cheol to hastily wave his hands.

“Ah! No, that’s not it. Black Scythe was the one who attacked me.”

“Oh, really?”

“Yes. Black Scythe is actually my savior, the one who saved my life.”

“Your savior?”

As Ma Kyung-rok’s eyebrows twitched, the intensity dissipated from his gaze, and he spoke.

“Tell me more.”

An Sang-cheol recounted every detail of the events that unfolded in the forest.

“So, you nearly lost your life because of those thugs targeting Seo Arin?’

“Yes. If Black Scythe hadn’t appeared, we could have both perished. Well, Seo Arin might have survived… but even if she did, the psychological shock would have rendered her entertainment career impossible.”


He narrowly escaped losing his cherished subordinate and the potential ruin of his business?

Ma Kyung-rok gritted his teeth, a resolve taking hold.

“What happened to those thugs? You surely killed them, right?”

“While Black Scythe inflicted enough pain to be lethal, I didn’t kill them.”

Ma Kyung-rok tilted his head, perplexed.

“Why not?”

“I asked the same question out of curiosity, and it turns out killing them wouldn’t yield any benefits. It would only reduce the survival points without significant gain…”

“That makes sense, but who knows what those guys might do in the future… tsk, tsk.”

Ma Kyung-rok clicked his tongue, shaking his head.

“He’s speaking so carelessly because it’s not directly related to him.”

Leaving behind any traces would be foolish, even he should know this.

“Nevertheless, thanks to Black Scythe, I was able to protect my subordinates and my possessions.”

He acknowledged the debt he owed to Black Scythe.

“Did you express your gratitude?”

“Yes, but he said it wasn’t necessary and left immediately.”

“Perhaps he’s cautious to avoid exposing his identity? It seems he’s quite cautious.”

If Ma Kyung-rok had known the Dark Scythe’s account number, there might have been something he could do. However, in reality, there was no way to ascertain Black Scythe’s true identity.

There was no means of contact.

“Director An, if you encounter Black Scythe in the next round, please express my gratitude. I’m truly thankful for his assistance.”

That was the only method of communication through which he could relay his message to Black Scythe.

“Understood, Representative. I will deliver your message as instructed.”

“Also, keep an eye on Black Scythe, and see if there’s anything we can do to help. You know I can’t ignore a debt, right?”

“Of course. I’ll do just that.”

“Oh, by the way, I forgot to ask something important.”

Ma Kyung-rok’s gaze flickered with renewed vigor.

“What are the nicknames of those thugs?”


Ryu Min nodded, utilizing his tracking skill to pursue An Sang-cheol.

“As expected, he’s Ma Kyung-rok’s right-hand man.”

An Sang-cheol was currently in a hotel room registered under Ma Kyung-rok’s name.

Could his entrance into Ma Kyung-rok’s building be dismissed as a mere coincidence?

“That guy is surely the An Sang-cheol I know.”

Though he raised suspicions before, it was now confirmed.

He turned away, knowing there was nothing left to investigate.

Lingering nearby would only raise suspicions without any actual gains.

“Who would have thought that a celebrity sponsored by Ma Kyung-rok lives next to us? I should be grateful to my brother for this unexpected gift.”

If his brother hadn’t come up with this idea, Seo Arin would have never crossed paths with him.

He never had a chance to uncover An Sang-cheol’s true identity before either.

“The future has changed, but it seems to have changed in my favor.”

Taking advantage of their neighborly connection might help earn Ma Kyung-rok’s trust to some extent.

“I’ll proceed step by step. Whether I’ll bring Ma Kyung-rok to the 20th round remains to be seen.”

Ma Kyung-rok possesses the Dark Knight’s Rune.

Considering his previous transformation into a Dark Knight, it appears that hasn’t changed in this regression either.

“It’s a powerful rune. However, the drawback is the absence of a rune reward for the transformation.”

While most transformations offer rune rewards, the Dark Knight’s Rune lacks such benefits.

Upon reaching level 10, one only receives a single weapon and skill.

Forcing the transformation into a Dark Knight is inevitable.

“Above all, the Dark Knight has a significant flaw.”

That flaw is the requirement to charge a specialized mana known as Dark Mana in order to use Dark Aura.

And Dark Mana cannot be gathered through conventional means.

“In a way, it aligns well with Ma Kyung-rok’s psychopathic hobby, but it can be considered a drawback, right?”

Setting that aside, the Dark Knight’s Rune is undeniably powerful.

The fact that Ma Kyung-rok hasn’t fallen behind in the rankings is proof of its effectiveness.

“However, including a psychopath like Ma Kyung-rok as a comrade would be risky.”

Although there will be a way to control him once they reach the maximum level, it’s still a concern.

“Besides, there are plenty of other talented individuals apart from Ma Kyung-rok.”

As long as there are alternatives, there’s no need to rely on him.

“For now, I’ll keep him as a candidate and exploit his potential. I need other talents at the moment.”

Especially for the 20th round, having a Supporter is crucial.

“As soon as the day breaks, I’ll get to work.”

This is the perfect opportunity to nurture and prepare a supporter.

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