The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 25: The Pursuit (Part 1)

The very first thing Ryu Min did upon returning to reality was to utilize his skills.

[Envision the face of your target and state their name.]

Ryu Min visualized the image of the man he had encountered while laboriously gifting the rice cake.

“An Sang-cheol.”

In the alternate realm, thinking of the customized face and nickname was the requirement.

“However, in reality, it’s the actual face and name that matter.”

Meaning, even without personal acquaintance, if one knew the face and name, locating the person became possible.

This is precisely why the tracking skill proved invaluable.

It facilitated the easy detection of individuals in need within the real world.

“And not only that, but it also proves handy in determining their true identity by matching their given name. Just like now.”

[Face and name confirmed. Tracking target’s whereabouts.]

A contented smile graced Ryu Min’s face as he received the confirmation message.

“Just as I thought, the guy who stood beside Seo Arin and rejected our gift was indeed An Sang-cheol.”

Before, Ryu Min remained oblivious to An Sang-cheol’s appearance in reality.

Thus far, he had only witnessed him in the other realm, playing the role of Ma Kyung-rok’s right-hand man.

But things had changed now.

“I’ve come to know his real-life appearance as well.”

Of course, sharing the same name in the game and in the real world did not guarantee that this An Sang-cheol was the same person from the other realm.

Nevertheless, Ryu Min held a strong intuition.

“Given how close he sticks to Seo Arin, chances were high.”

Suddenly, a message materialized before Ryu Min’s eyes.

[Target ‘An Sang-cheol’ located.]

[Currently 85 meters away.]

[To track the target, follow the arrow ahead.]

“He’s rather nearby, isn’t he?”

It seemed likely that he was with Seo Arin in the penthouse on the upper floor.

If Ryu Min had resolved to closely monitor Seo Arin, it would be no surprise for them to be together.

“Huh? The distance is changing?”

The real-time display of Ryu Min’s proximity to An Sang-cheol was changing, drawing closer and then retreating.

Given the swift alterations, it appeared as if An Sang-cheol was riding the elevator, descending to the parking lot.

“Where could he be heading in the dead of night? Could it be?”

Predicting Ma Kyung-rok’s course of action was a rather obvious task.

“Shall I give chase? It would help confirm his true identity too.”

Once confirmation of his contact with Ma Kyung-rok is obtained, suspicion would solidify into evidence.

Determined, Ryu Min swiftly donned his outdoor attire.

In the midst of preparations, he turned his gaze and noticed his younger brother slumbering on the floor.

“Seeing him asleep here, it seems he eagerly awaited my awakening.”

Ryu Min smiled and gently shook his brother’s shoulder.

“Wake up.”

“Mmm… Hyung?”

Ryu Won blinked, instantly springing to attention.

“Hyung! You’re back!”

“You should be sleeping in your room. Why are you here?”

“I couldn’t help it, hyung! I was worried something might happen!”

“I told you, there’s no need to worry.”

“Are you okay? Did you get hurt?”

“Even if I suffer injuries in the other realm, my real-life body remains unscathed. Besides, the second round was a voting session, so there was no need to engage in combat. It was more like a bonus round.”

Ryu Won breathed a sigh of relief, placing a hand over his heart upon hearing those words.

“Thank goodness. But why did you change your clothes?”

“I have somewhere to go.”

“What time is it now…? Huh? It’s 3 a.m. And you’re going out at this hour?”

“Well, I have some important matters to attend to. Don’t worry, get some more sleep.”

Leaving behind his concerned younger brother, Ryu Min stepped out of the house.

Despite the growing distance between him and An Sang-cheol, Ryu Min remained unfazed.

With the tracking ability at his disposal, he could locate him whenever he pleased.



Ma Kyung-rok, who was gently swirling his whiskey, gazed out of the window.

The moonlight casting its glow upon the Han River appeared unusually dim tonight.

“What a perfect night for work.”

However, he had to suppress the urge for now.

He had a report to receive from his loyal subordinate, An Sang-cheol.

“The Black Scythe…”

Ma Kyung-rok was eager to reveal the identity behind the enigmatic figure known as the Black Scythe.

Where could the player who was ranked first in rounds 1 and 2 be hiding?

Moreover, it seems he shares the same zone as his subordinate, An Sang-cheol.

“Although we aren’t in the same zone and haven’t crossed paths…”

Black Scythe was ranked first and Ma Kyung-ok was second in both rounds; unbeknownst to them, an undercurrent of rivalry surged beneath the surface.

One could even deem them rivals.

As someone who occupied the second and third ranks across all zones, Ma Kyung-rok had every right to make such a claim, didn’t he?

“To think this involves the Black Scythe…”

A sense of unease gnawed at him.

He didn’t even hold the Black Scythe in high regard.

“Could it be that he picked a fight with my subordinate?”

If that were the case, he couldn’t simply let it slide.

Provoking his loyal subordinate was, in essence, a challenge to himself.

“The Black Scythe. If he becomes an enemy, it will prove to be quite bothersome.”

Ma Kyung-rok tilted his head back and poured whiskey into his glass.


As he set the glass down, a glimmer danced in his eyes.

“Anyone who dares to obstruct my path shall not go unchallenged, even if they hold the top rank.”

While his gaze burned with determination, a knock echoed from outside.

“Is the Representative present? It’s An Sang-cheol.”

“Yes, come in.”

Ma Kyung-rok, adjusting his appearance, turned around with a smile.

His previous intense aura had dissipated entirely.

“Director An? It’s good to see you again.”

“Ahaha, it’s a pleasure to see you, Representative. I owe it all to you.”

“What have I done, even though we’re not in the same zone?”

“Just having the Representative by our side gives me strength. Thank you.”

“Director An, you certainly know how to flatter.”

“It’s not flattery, it’s genuine admiration. I can’t express enough how fortunate I feel to have you as our representative. Congratulations on your survival, albeit belated.”

“Survival… what’s there to celebrate? The second round was a mere cakewalk.”

And indeed it was.

It was a simple quest where all they had to do was vote, to the point where even receiving congratulations seemed lackluster.

“That’s precisely why I grew more suspicious. Unlike the first round, it was ridiculously easy.”

Moreover, the inclusion of a main quest in the task window seemed suspicious, and the generous three-hour time frame for voting raised doubts.

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