The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 26: GS24 Yeonhui Branch (Part 1)

Somewhere in a convenience store.

The owner Min Dohoon anxiously scrolled through internet articles, his trembling eyes scanning the screen.

[Four consecutive wins last month, and another first prize this time!]

[The winner only bought tickets with the same numbers worth 100,000 won. The jackpot alone is 12 billion won.]

[Five consecutive wins, totaling a staggering 68.5 billion won. Instant billionaires overnight.]

[The secret to his five wins? When asked, the winner claimed it was a dream he had that revealed the winning numbers…]

“Dreams revealing winning numbers?”

Min Dohoon’s heart skipped a beat as he delved into the comments, only to find a string of absurdity.

└Wow, I’m so envious. I wish I dreamt of the numbers just once…

└As if the Lotto god would bother giving numbers… maybe to a woman…

└Damn it.

└Hey winner-nim, seems like you’re unbelievably lucky. In that case, how about giving me a mere 100 million won…?

└Are you seriously asking for money without providing any information? Forget about the loser, my account number is Nonhyup Bank 291-2894-9311-110.

└To the winner, if you’re reading this, please spare me even a penny. Kihyup Bank 281-293099-39-001.

└You bastards. Shamelessly begging like that. Nonhyup 291-2919-3999-912, Park Bongcheol.

└I can’t let myself miss out. Wuhup Bank…

└Are we surrounded by losers here?

└No one’s thinking straight. Why would the winner come here just to read comments, doesn’t he have nothing else to do? He’ll probably waste the money on lavish cruises and such.

└In times like these?

└What’s the point of having money? When lives are hanging by a thread from age 15 to 29.

└Does it not matter if you’re over 30?

└Perhaps he used his player abilities? Like foreseeing the future…

└If he possesses such abilities. He’ll probably hit the jackpot dozens of times more in the future.

└Don’t worry about that. Haven’t you seen the breaking news? They’re discontinuing lottery sales after this round due to fairness concerns.

└No way… really?


Although the comments echoed with astonishment, for Min Dohoon, it was simply a reminder.

A while ago, he had received a call from the franchisee.

With lottery sales now halted, they were required to refund customers who had purchased tickets yesterday or today following the proper procedures.

That’s why he nervously skimmed through the article, yearning to see it with his own eyes.

And there it was.

[Breaking News! Complete Suspension of Lottery Sales Starting February 1st.]

-The government has decided to halt the sales of various lotteries, including Lotto, effective immediately.

Given the global economic turmoil caused by the death of 900 million people and the prevailing atmosphere of mourning, it is deemed inappropriate to continue selling lottery tickets.

However, this is merely a superficial reason; the underlying cause lies in the public outcry over fairness due to the emergence of players.

Players possess unique abilities through a power known as Rune, and the predicament arises from the significant disruption these powers bring to society.

For instance, it is rumored that the winner who claimed nearly 70 billion won in winnings over the past month is a player in their twenties.

The controversy over fairness had arisen since the consecutive wins of that particular lottery winner.

By the way, all citizens between the ages of 15 and 29 are now considered players.

There are approximately 870 million players worldwide, with around 4 million in our country.

Anyone who purchased tickets on Sunday or Monday can receive an immediate refund by presenting the lottery ticket at the point of purchase.

The news of the complete suspension of lottery sales was splashed across the main page of the portal site.

Naturally, Min Dohoon’s face contorted with concern.

“Ugh… What are we going to do? Sales have been shattered to pieces.”

GS24 Yeonhui Branch was a convenience store that also dabbled in lottery ticket sales.

Due to the absence of other lottery retailers in the area, their business flourished.

“Furthermore, recently we’ve even enjoyed the promotional effect of having had the 100-ticket winner visit.”

But now, thanks to that very winner, they found themselves in this ironic situation where they couldn’t sell lottery tickets anymore.

“Sigh… As if it wasn’t challenging enough dealing with all the expenses…”

For Min Dohoon his concerns were about his daughter graduating from high school.

She had been his sole source of strength when he faced the downfall of his business, the divorce from his wife, and the struggle with debt.

“To send our Juri to a decent university, I need to earn several times more than I currently do…”

And of all times, they were now unable to sell lottery tickets, just when money was tight.


Just as he let out a deep sigh, the door swung open, and his daughter, with eyes that were gentle and unwavering, entered.

“Oh, Juri, you’re here?”

“Dad, why are you sighing so heavily?”

“Sigh… It’s nothing. Don’t worry about it.”

“Doesn’t look like nothing. Your face clearly shows the stress. Don’t hold back, tell me.”

Min Dohoon couldn’t help but share his concerns, as if he had no other choice, with his daughter’s persistent prodding.

He felt guilty for burdening his daughter, but if he didn’t vent, the pent-up frustration would drive him insane.

“They’ve discontinued lottery sales?”

“Yeah… We’re already struggling to cover all our expenses, and now we’re left wondering how we’ll make ends meet… Sigh…”

Worry crept onto Juri’s face as she listened to her father’s sigh.

Having assisted at the convenience store during school breaks, she was well aware of how significant lottery sales were for their overall revenue.

Juri forced a reassuring smile.

“Don’t worry, Dad. Now that I’m graduating, I can assist not only during breaks but every day. That way, we can save on labor costs…”

“Don’t say that. I already feel bad for putting you to work.”

“Did you force me? I help because I want to.”

“Even so, it’s not right. Didn’t we make a promise? Once you graduate, you’ll quit working at the convenience store.”

“Then I’ll find another part-time job to contribute to the family…”

“No, that won’t do. Students should focus on their studies, not juggling part-time jobs. I’ll find a way to send you to college, no matter what. You don’t need to worry about this side of things.”

“But dad we’re struggling already…”

“Oh my dear, Dad will handle it. Just focus on your studies, okay? You’re a high achiever, and becoming a doctor is your dream, right?”

“Dad… I’ve given up on that dream already.”


“With the current situation, what’s the point of going to college? We don’t even know if we’ll survive the next round…”


Min Dohoon felt a sudden jolt as if he had been struck from behind.

Being overly preoccupied with earning money, he had forgotten about the harsh reality his daughter was facing.

“Oh… Right. Money isn’t the most important thing now… Lately, I’ve been so absent-minded. I’m sorry, Juri. I haven’t been able to be of help…”

“Dad, you have nothing to apologize for. It’s an uncontrollable situation, like a natural disaster.”

“But still…”

“I’m really okay. I survived the first and second rounds. I’ll be able to endure the next one too. And guess what? I obtained a Job this time.”

“A Job?”

Instead of answering, Juri raised her hand.

A radiant aura enveloped her, seeping into Min Dohoon’s mind.

“W-What is this?”

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