The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 28: Bless (Part 2)

“Thank you for the delightful lunch. Let’s meet again next time.”

“Yeah, let’s fight together in the next round!”

“Hehe, indeed. Let’s survive and meet again.”

Ryu Min smiled as he shook hands with Juri, then turned and walked away.

To think that he, as the last survivor, would be eliminated in only the third round.

It was an outcome beyond imagination.

However, the one who should be concerned wasn’t him, but Juri.

“Well, if everything goes as I foresaw, she’ll hold on until the fourth round.”

Meeting Juri in the other realm would only be possible from the fifth round onward.

Until then, he can’t help her due to being in different zones.

“Well, she’ll likely survive. After all, Juri’s rune is that good.”

Since it was a rune associated with survival, there was no need to worry.

“By the way, I never expected Juri to possess that item.”

Ryu Min recalled his conversation with Juri during their meal.

“I wanted to thank you for the 10 million won you gave me. My dad

says thanks too.”

“Is that what you wanted to talk about?”

“I told you I’ll find a way to repay you, even if you say I don’t have to.”

“It doesn’t sit right with me to accept the money like this. If you don’t want to take the money back, then I thought maybe I can repay you with something else…”

“So, please accept this.”

“What is it?

“I obtained it while hunting in the otherworld. If you don’t want money, I’ll give you this instead. I’m not sure what it does, but it’s an item, so it should be useful.”

“I can’t…”

“Oh, please don’t refuse my sincere gesture. Just take it!”

It was as he had predicted.

Juri, who disliked being indebted, would find a way to repay him.

“But I never expected her to offer me this.”

Ryu Min retrieved the item he received from Juri from his inventory.

[Lowest-grade Violet Magic Stone]

Category: Possession

Description: A beautiful violet stone. Faint traces of magic can be sensed.

When monsters are defeated, there is a low chance for Magic Stones to drop.

They come in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet, each corresponding to a different rarity, and among them, violet is the most challenging to acquire.

“Due to the lack of information, I still can’t determine the exact effect, but I’ll find out when I reach level 20. Magic Stones are incredibly valuable items.”

At level 20, the [Combination] feature would be unlocked.

By then, people would try various combinations of items to discover the right recipes.

“Eventually, they will learn that by combining Magic Stones with equipment, they can add additional effects to the item.”

Red enhances damage, orange boosts strength, and yellow increases luck.

“Green improves agility, blue enhances intelligence.”

Ryu Min also had a Magic Stone he obtained while hunting.

It was a lowest-grade dark blue Magic Stone that reduced incoming damage.

“They are all good, but among them, the violet Magic Stone is the most precious. It has a low drop rate and it boosts all stats.”

It was also the most essential Magic Stone for Ryu Min, who wanted to evenly increase his stats.

“To receive something like this without any cost… I’m lucky.”

Indeed, his luck stat was high. Thanks to the Bless buff that had raised his stats by 50%.

“I’ll save the Magic Stone for level 20… Now, should I check the Gold Pouch as planned?”

Of course, before that, he had to boost his stats using the Rune of Slaughter.

But how can he increase his stats in reality where there are no monsters?

“There are always methods.”

Ryu Min took out a sealed plastic bag from his pocket.

Inside the bag were a hundred small millipedes, each measuring 1 cm.

“The Rune of Slaughter increases stats by 1% every time the target is killed. The same goes for insects.”

It’s not necessary to only kill monsters to raise the stats. As long as the target was alive, anything would suffice.

This fact had already been verified in previous regressions.

“In this otherworldly realm, there are no insects, so killing monsters is the only way. But in reality, it’s different.”

In fact, it was easier to stack the stats in a reality teeming with insects.

With money, he could order thousands of millipedes.

Ryu Min placed the bag on the ground.

He stomped on it, crushing the millipedes to death.

Squish! Squish!

[Current Kill Count: 67/100]

[With the effect of the Rune of Slaughter, all stats increase by 67%.]

[Current Kill Count: 100/100]

[With the effect of the Rune of Slaughter, all stats increase by 100%.]

With just two stomps, he quickly reached 100%.

“Status Window.”

Name: Ryu Min

Nickname: Black Scythe

Rank: Trainee

Titles: Time Reverser (Hidden), First Angel Slayer (Hidden)

Level: 16

Class: Grim Reaper

Strength: 9, Intelligence: 9

Agility: 69, Luck: 45

Common Skill: Tracking

Exclusive Skill: Seal of Death

Runes: Rune of Slaughter, Rune of the Reaper

Gold Possessed: 6,250

Remaining Stat Points: 0

<Additional Functions>

– Shop: Allows purchasing items.

– ??? : Unlocked at Level 20

– ??? : Unlocked at Level 40

– ??? : Unlocked at Level 60

– ??? : Unlocked at Level 99

His luck had increased from 15 to 45. Thanks to the combination of the Rune of Slaughter and the Bless buff, it had tripled.

“With this, I can expect good results.”

It couldn’t be considered extremely high, but it was the best he could achieve at this point, after the end of the second round.

[Random Gold Pouch]

Category: Consumable

Rarity: Rare

Effect: Obtains a random amount of gold between 1 and 9,999.

Usage Restriction: Until the next round, Novice Rank or higher.

Description: A limited-time item given to first-time job changers. The item automatically expires when progressing to the next round. It is influenced by the Luck stat.

Ryu Min gazed at the gold pouch he took out from his inventory.

“Now is the time to use it when my luck is at its highest.”

Since it was a time-limited item, he couldn’t wait until the next round.

He made up his mind and recited the activation command.


As light burst forth from the pouch, Ryu Min pondered.

“I wonder how much I’ll get this time? Even with the same stats, the amount of gold has always varied.”

From around the 20th regression, Ryu Min had never missed the chance to receive the gold pouch before proceeding to the third round.

“It ranged from 3,000 to 6,000 gold. But back then, my Luck stat was 30. Unlike now, I didn’t have Juri’s buff.”

That’s why he had high expectations. Now, with his luck stat at its peak, he should be receiving more gold.


A message indicating the result appeared.



Ryu Min’s face was filled with confusion.

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