The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 3: Character Creation (Part 2)

“It’s hard to come up with a nickname in such a short time,” Ryu Min thought.

Looking around, he noticed that many people kept their real names as nicknames.

At that moment, Hwang Yongmin’s eyes met Ryu Min’s, but he quickly looked away.

“He probably doesn’t recognize me. I completely changed my appearance,” Ryu Min mused.

While Ryu Min knew who Hwang Yongmin was, the opposite was not true.

That’s fine,” Once he confirmed this, Ryu Min looked away as well.

Vengeance had already been fulfilled more than enough, so there was no longer any interest.

“I will use him when it is time.”

For now, he’s only worth keeping alive.

[Kyohoho, have you all gathered now?]

An angel descended from the sky along with the halo.

Her name was Briel, the same evil angel from before.

[Do you like the new avatar I created?]


As the angel appeared, the surroundings fell silent.

[I guess it left a strong first impression, that’s why it’s so quiet.]

They knew better than to talk back, lest their heads explode.

The angel seemed to know this too, as she twisted her lips and laughed.

[Kikikik, I like seeing your frightened faces. Don’t worry, as long as you don’t act rudely, I won’t kill you.]

No one relaxed at her words.

[Let’s see, there are a total of 1,802,910 people, so it seems that all the humans in Seoul have gathered.]

“1.8 million people?”

“Everyone here?”

People murmured and looked around.

There were at most 10,000 people in the meadow.

The number of people who were supposed to be there.

But no matter how you looked at it, it didn’t seem like there were 1.8 million people.

The angel responded to their murmurs by grinding her teeth.

[Do you think there’s only this meadow? Of course, not all 1.8 million people are gathered here. If that were the case, there would be no room to move, right?]


“Monkeys, aren’t you? Everyone is participating in rounds with different angels in different meadows, so don’t worry about it.”

Still, 10,000 people were a considerable number.

The vast meadow seemed quite crowded.

“But this is only the beginning.”

Everyone is forgetting that this is a survival game where only half of them can survive.

As the rounds progress, the number of people decreases geometrically.

Especially as the game gets harder in the later rounds, more and more people die without even meeting the clear conditions.

Finally, in the final round, there may only be one survivor.

“At round 15, a huge number of casualties occurred.”

At that time, out of the 2,000 global players, only 50 remained.

Not even half, but 97.5% died without making it to the next round.

“In the end, when I reached round 20. Everyone else died.”

Considering that the start was 1.8 billion people, countless people died.

[Now that everyone is here, let me explain. First, say the words ‘Status Window’ in your mind.]

People followed the angel’s instructions with curiosity, thinking that it wouldn’t hurt to try.


“What is this?”

Moments later, there were sighs of amazement coming from all around.

Everyone was gaping at the empty air because the status window wasn’t visible to others.

Ryu Min also recited the activation phrase like the others.

‘Status Window.’

-Name: Ryu Min

-Nickname: Black Scythe

-Grade: Beginner

-Title: None

-Level: 1

-Job: None

-Strength: 3, Intelligence: 3

-Agility: 3, Luck: 3

-Common Skills: None

-Exclusive Skills: None

-Runes: None

-Owned Gold: 0

-Remaining Stat Points: 0

<Additional Functions>

[??? : Unlocked upon reaching Level 10]

[??? : Unlocked upon reaching Level 20]

[??? : Unlocked upon reaching Level 40]

[??? : Unlocked upon reaching Level 60]

[??? : Unlocked upon reaching Level 99]

The status window was so pathetic that it wouldn’t be surprising to let out a sigh.

Below it there were slots for additional functions that could be unlocked when reaching a certain level.

“I have to start over from scratch, but it’s okay. I’m confident that I’ll be even stronger this time around.”

Even Ryu Min, who made it to the final round, wasn’t strong from the beginning.

“I had to die twice just to barely clear the first round.”

It was a natural result since he was just a high school student who spent his life being bullied by his classmates.

But as he repeated the regression, Ryu Min grew stronger.

Gradually, his survival time increased and he was able to withstand more rounds.

“It wasn’t until I passed the 99th regression that I finally reached the 20th round.”

It was a miracle that he, an ordinary person, was able to achieve it, even if it meant sacrificing quite a few lives.

“Of course, the seven people who survived up to the 18th round without regression are the real talents.”

In the 18th round, seven people survived, excluding Ryu Min.

Two of them survived the 19th round, and only Ryu Min made it to the 20th round.

“I have to save at least four people to meet the requirements and enter the boss room.”

Ryu Min had made up his mind to choose the four candidates that will enter with him the boss’s room.

There was no player stronger than him in the whole world.

But that didn’t mean he wasn’t considering other candidates.

“There were many strong players who were eliminated in the previous round.”

There was no need to match exactly five people to the boss room.

The minimum requirement was five, but you can have more than that.

“The more survivors, the better.”

The problem was that those who survived to the boss room had to be trustworthy allies.

Or Ryu Min had to have strong enough power to control them.

“That shouldn’t be too difficult.”

Now on his 100th regression, Ryu Min had the confidence to become stronger than anyone else.

After all, he was the only one who reached level 99 in the previous round.

“Now, have you all checked your status windows? If you’ve played games before, you should know that you’re currently at a low level.”


“So get stronger. If you survive until the 20th round, you’ll be stronger than anyone else. And if you clear it, you’ll be granted a wish!”

The angel smirked, its mouth curling upward.

“We’ll not only free you from this survival game but grant your wishes as well.”

“A wish?”

People’s reactions to the word ‘wish’ were mixed.

“Do you really grant wishes?”

“No way, that can’t be true.”

While some were skeptical or denied it, others had expectations or greed.

Of course, Ryu Min didn’t belong to either of those groups.

He knew that the game was challenging enough to make it difficult to survive until the final round, let alone grant a wish.

“Before the round starts, let me briefly explain. Say ‘inventory’ in your mind.”


As they memorized the keyword, a window appeared just like the status window.

There was a small emerald-colored stone carving inside.

“By default, one item will be given in your inventory. Extend your hand and take it out.”

As people followed the instructions and put their hands in the air, an item appeared in their grasp.

Then the information about the item automatically popped up.

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