The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 30: Start Of Round 3 (Part 2)

“Um, um, excuse me!”

Suddenly, a towering man approached, bowing at a 90-degree angle, capturing Jo Joong-sik’s attention.

“Hwang Yongmin? What’s your story this time?”

“Life feels like a documentary, sir! No, senior Jo Joong-sik of the Joong-sik Faction! I deeply respect you, sir!”


A brief pause followed as Jo Joong-sik observed Hwang Yongmin, trying to discern the meaning behind his respectful address.

“And who are you? Judging by your manners, you must belong to my faction… Where did you come from?”

“Ah, I’m not part of the faction yet, but I’m a young man in his twenties who aspires to become a gangster.”


Aspired to become a gangster?

“These kinds of damn fools exist too?”

Jo Joong-sik had encountered countless fools in his lifetime, but someone bowing down and worshipping him was a new experience.

“Senior Jo Joong-sik is my role model. The Joong-sik Faction is the organization I aspire to join and admire.”

“So? What do you want?”

“I want to serve you for a lifetime! Please allow me!”

With his imposing stature, Hwang Yongmin prostrated himself before Jo Joong-sik.

His face flushed with longing.

Jo Joong-sik couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

The idea of someone worshipping him wasn’t entirely unappealing.

“Get up.”


“Are you oblivious to the people’s gaze around you?”

“I am!”

“Do you not understand that my image has been tarnished?”

“I do, sir.”

“And despite that, you’re willing to cling to me?”

Hwang Yongmin surveyed his surroundings.

People cast disdainful glances his way.

“It’s alright because I hold deep respect for you, sir. As long as I’m with you, I couldn’t care less about these people!”

“Is that so?”

A wide smile spread across Jo Joong-sik’s face.

“That was an answer I found pleasing. Very well. I will take you under my wing and nurture you.”

“Th-thank you! I consider it an honor!”

Hwang Yongmin bowed again, his face glowing.

Jo Joong-sik’s smile widened.

[Has everyone gathered? Humans? Khehehe!]

At that moment, the angel materialized, capturing everyone’s attention.

[It seems we have about 90 fewer participants than before. Have you been quarreling with each other?]

“The number of participants decreased?”

The angel’s words sought to dispel any lingering doubts, as its wings gently fluttered.

◀ ROUND 3 ▶

<Main Quest>

└Protect the Relics for 3 hours.

[Entire Region]

└Participants: 856,030,200

└Achievers: 0/214,007,550

[ESKS45-5 Area]

└Participants: 4,900

└Achievers: 0/1,225

“Huh? Did it really decrease?”

The number of participants in the ESKS45-5 area dropped from 4,988 to 4,900.

[Surely, young adults like them wouldn’t die naturally… Could it be because they were fighting, both in the game and in reality? Humans, are always hungry for conflict, aren’t they? Kehehehe.]

“Did players really fight in reality?”

“I haven’t seen any news about it.”

While the angel’s words left people bewildered, Ryu Min’s reaction differed.

“News of their fights probably hasn’t surfaced yet. They were dismissed as simple murder cases, lacking attention.”

However, the players were secretly engaged in a power struggle, even though it hadn’t garnered much public awareness.

The decrease in the number of participants was a testament to that.

“It won’t be long before people find out. They’ll realize that players are a dangerous existence.”

Clashes between players were to be expected.

Throughout the 99th regressions, Ryu Min never witnessed players forming alliances and bonding.

“They treated other players as rivals, pushing each other away.”

Though they briefly joined hands for cooperative missions, it was short-lived.

Once the mission ended, they pondered how to distance themselves from one another.

Even in collaboration, it was never enough.

“And it’s not just our region. The decrease in participants is happening worldwide.”

A reduction of approximately 90 people was an understatement.

The number of participants would continue to decrease.

“And it will occur occasionally.”

If they weren’t satisfied with the situation, they would resort to violence in the real world without hesitation.

Various crimes would erupt, and even ordinary citizens would eventually become victims.

The world where players reigned was fast approaching.

“I don’t have much time left. I must strengthen myself as much as possible—to possess a power that can protect my brother and surpass anyone.”

While Ryu Min made his determination, someone cried out.

“Wait! Look at the number of achievers for this round!”

“Angel! Isn’t something strange about this? Is it an error?”

The number of participants was 4,900, yet there were only 1,225 achievers.

The achievement count, which should have been half of the participants, had been halved again.

As people grew perplexed, the angel covered its mouth with its wings and burst into laughter.

[Kehehehe! Look at how humans panic. Are you surprised that the number of achievers decreased? Is it an error, you ask? No, it’s perfectly normal.]

“I-It’s normal?”

“What’s happening, Angel?”

The angel grinned with a mischievous smile in response to the people’s objections.

[Have you all forgotten? How typical of Humans. It’s the rule that only half of the participants survive each round. But in the previous round, everyone survived due to the vote, remember? So, isn’t it natural that only a quarter will survive this round?]

“Well, that’s…”

It wasn’t an incorrect statement.

If they considered the number of survivors that should have remained, a quarter was accurate.

People were aware of this fact.

However, they were simply caught off guard by the lack of prior explanation.

“Only a quarter of the participants can survive…?”

“No wonder the previous round was said to be easy.”

“Darn it! Who would have expected such a trap in the third round…?”

It felt as if they had been told that their credit card bills for the current month were exempt, only to have them combined and charged the following month.

[There’s no need to feel unjust. We simply reduced the number of survivors who couldn’t be reduced last time. Just work hard to be in the top 25%.]


It was absurd, but no one dared to argue.

Challenging the angel’s whims might make their heads explode.

After all, they were forcibly thrown into a survival game.

Given their predicament, they had no choice but to follow the rules.

[Now, let me explain the details of the third round.]

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