The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 31: The Proposal (Part 1)

The angel spoke, its voice resonating through the air.

[As you can see, the quest is all about safeguarding the relic.]

“Safeguarding the relic?” Players questioned, their eyes narrowing in curiosity.

[Everyone, cast your gaze upon the village center,] the angel urged.

All eyes turned toward the heart of the village.

There, standing tall at a height of 5 meters, was a colossal diamond-shaped crystal. Its presence seemed alien amidst the ruins, a stark contrast to the desolate atmosphere.

[Every 30 minutes, a wave of monsters will emerge, setting their sights on that artifact. Your task is to work together and protect it during the course of five waves,] the angel explained.

“So, it’s a cooperative mission this time?”

One of the players chimed in, comparing it to a defense game. “It feels like one of those defense games, doesn’t it?”

While the murmurs filled the air, the angel’s voice resonated once more.

€Due to the nature of the rounds, expect a high number of monsters. However, there’s no need to fret. The monsters will be weakened by a third of their usual strength. Of course, this means that the experience points and gold rewards will decrease accordingly.]

“They’ll be weakened by a third?” Hwang Yongmin questioned, raising an eyebrow. “Doesn’t that make it too easy?”

The angel nodded in response. [Indeed, it may seem easier, but don’t underestimate the challenge. Your goal is to protect the artifact unscathed for three hours. Additional rewards will be granted upon success, and the round will conclude. Furthermore, the ranking of the players will be determined by the number of monsters each has slain.]

“So, we must protect the artifact and slay as many monsters as possible.”

“If we fail to protect the artifact?” Someone inquired.

[In that case, a severe penalty will be imposed,] the angel replied. [The round will end, and similarly, survivals will be ranked based on the number of monsters slain.]

“If we protect the artifact, we receive additional rewards, and if it breaks, we face a penalty…” A few people murmured, contemplating the consequences.

“To secure a high rank, we must protect the artifact and defeat numerous monsters.”

Understanding dawned on the people, and they nodded in agreement.

It was a cooperative mission, yet at the same time, an individual mission that hinged on each person’s performance.

“So, all we need to do is kill as many monsters as possible,” One of the players summarized, his eyes gleaming with anticipation.

The same fervor ignited in the eyes of others.

Particularly in this round, only 1,225 achievers can survive out of the 4,900 participants. Fierce competition was inevitable.

The angel’s gaze shifted to Jo Joong-sik, a mischievous smile crossing her lips.

[And do you remember how we selected district representatives in the previous round? Life is a Documentary was voted as this region’s representative, didn’t he?]

Jo Joong-sik, the center of attention, met the angel’s gaze with a stern expression.

[Starting from this round, you hold the authority of a district representative—the power to lead,] the angel declared, relishing in the situation. [Kehehe.]

Jo Joong-sik clenched his lower lip, a mixture of frustration and defiance evident on his face.

“That damned angel is laughing at me,” he grumbled internally. “I’d love to sew that angel’s mouth shut.”

Although spoken in jest, Jo Joong-sik found himself in a situation where he truly desired to silence the angel’s voice.

[I’m sure you’re all curious about what happens if the district representative dies,] the angel continued its words carrying a weight of intrigue.

Once again, the angel’s statement dropped like a bomb, igniting a surge of emotions.

[If the representative dies due to a monster’s attack or natural causes, the position becomes vacant. However, if another player is responsible for the death—killing the representative—the killer immediately becomes the new district representative, wielding the authority, and they gain ten usages of the authority power.”

The revelation hung in the air, leaving the crowd astounded.

“If you kill the district representative…” One of the player’s voice trailed off, anticipation brimming in his eyes.

“You can become the new district representative?” another completed her sentence.

The gazes of the onlookers instinctively converged on Jo Joong-sik, a mixture of hostility and curiosity.

Amidst the boos and jeers, Jo Joong-sik stared back at the angel, his eyes filled with resentment.

“That damned angel,” he cursed internally. “How unfortunate that it’s still grinning.”

Having experienced the angel’s mischief before, it was only natural for Jo Joong-sik to feel a surge of hatred.

“Maybe I should shut that angel’s mouth for good,” he contemplated, momentarily entertained by the idea.

However, the reality quickly set in. He found himself in a situation where silencing the angel was beyond his reach.

[Okay then, the monsters will come in 10 minutes. Cooperate for 3 hours and survive well! I don’t know if it will be cooperative. Kiheh!]

The angel disappeared along with the light, leaving behind only a laugh.

After confirming that the angel had completely disappeared, Cho Joong-shik shouted.

“Fuck you, you damned angel!” His frustration was evident.

However, this violent attitude has only drawn more eyes toward him.

Yet, despite the crowd’s piercing gazes, he maintained a calm and composed demeanor.

The challenge lay not only in his position as the district representative but also in the limited ten usages of his authority.

The crowd couldn’t help but ridicule him, convinced that with such a restricted number of usages, he wouldn’t dare to use the authority recklessly.

However, even a cornered rat knows how to bite a cat.

“You think ten usages is not enough? That’s right,” Jo Joong-sik admitted with a glimmer of acknowledgment in his eyes. “It’s a damn weak ability. I’ll admit that. But let me make one thing clear.”

A cold smile played on his lips, sending chills down the spines of those who witnessed it.

“I will make sure to kill the first few who dares to charge at me. Whether I use the authority or any means necessary, these people will meet their demise.”

Jo Joong-sik’s venomous declaration caused the crowd to hesitate, uncertainty flickering in their eyes.

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