The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player The 100th Regression of the Max-Level Player
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RMLP Chapter 4: Start Of Round One (Part 2)

“Your expressions are quite mixed. Whether you got a good or terrible rune, accept the outcome. It’s all up to your luck. Hahaha.”

The sound of laughter echoed, but no one voiced his complaints to the angel.

“Now that the rune engraving is complete, shall we start playing in earnest?”

As the angel spread her wings, messages appeared in front of everyone’s eyes.

◀ ROUND 1 ▶


└Defeat 100 Goblins per person

[Entire Area]

└Participants: 1,801,029,290

└Achievers: 0/900,514,645

[Designated Area ESKS45-5]

└Participants: 10,286

└Achievers: 0/5,143

“Defeat 100 goblins?”

“The ones that appear in the game?”

“What is the designated area, is it where we are?”

The onlookers examined the quest and nodded in agreement as the angel spoke up.

“That’s right, it’s the goblin you all know. And the area ESKS45-5 refers to the group you belong to.”

The angel grinned, mysteriously.

“We made it easy for the first round. You only have to defeat 100 goblins to return to Earth. Pretty simple, right?”

“It’s not hard or easy until you try it yourself.” Ryu Min thought.

But the others had different ideas.

“Aren’t goblins supposed to be weak monsters?”

“Yeah, they’re just common mobs in the game.”

“Not as tough as we thought, huh?”

“Here I was, thinking it was a really difficult quest.”

To the surprise of the worried, the challenge did not seem as difficult as expected, and they began to relax.

“But if we take it too lightly, we might be in for a big surprise…”

As someone who knew the strength of goblins, Ryu Min couldn’t help but be tongue-tied.

“Are you all overconfident? Well then, shall we skip any further explanation and go straight into battle? Kyohohoho!”

The angel fluttered its wings in excitement.



Monsters the size of elementary school students appeared beyond the meadow.

They were the goblins that people had seen in novels and games.

“What’s that? A goblin?”

“Haha, it feels like we’ve entered a game for real, doesn’t it?”

Despite the appearance of the monsters, people did not panic.

They were far away, and above all, the goblins that only reached up to their waists seemed as harmless as children.

Was it because they had gained some confidence? No one knows how it started.

Suddenly, there were even people denying reality.

“It can’t be a dream, can it? Or a lucid dream that we’ve only heard about?”

“Has a virtual reality game like the ones we read about in novels already been released? And we’ve been kidnapped and are being tested without realizing it?”

“Wait, that actually makes sense, doesn’t it?”

As game-like situations continued to occur, their sense of reality and judgment had become blurred.

Even those who had been intimidated by the angel felt the need to question.

“Excuse me, angel! Aren’t we supposed to get weapons or something? Those goblins have weapons.”


All the goblins visible in front of them were carrying daggers or clubs.

As the angel watched, he sneered at the humans below.

“You’re on your own. Whether you grab them with your bare hands or take their weapons, it’s up to you. Oh, one more thing…”




“Not all the goblins have been summoned yet.”

Suddenly, a multitude of goblins appeared beyond the meadow, far outnumbering the humans. The green monsters filled the horizon.

“So far, 50,000 goblins have been summoned.”

“50, 50,000?”

“10,000 humans against 50,000 goblins. It’s not going to be easy, is it?”

With over five times their numbers, the people began to feel uneasy.

“Well then, fight each other as if your life depends on, it since it does. Now, Humans and goblins, battle!”

The goblins, who had been merely glaring until then, began to act as soon as they heard the angel’s words.


The people in the front line hesitated as the reckless horde of goblins charged toward them. Facing creatures armed with swords and running toward them, the people were understandably scared.

“Even a dog running towards me would scare me, let alone a monster with a sword…”

Ryu Min stepped forward, sensing the people’s fear. His sudden move drew everyone’s attention.

“Look at that guy.”

“What’s he doing all by himself?”

Ryu Min ignored the whispers behind him and waited for the goblins to get closer.

He didn’t do this for attention. He wanted to show his presence to the people.

“First impressions are important.”

If he wanted to avoid being bothered by annoying gnats, he needed to show his strength here.

“Especially since I need to catch the angel’s attention.”

For that, he needed a little performance.

“Hey, over here!”

“Hey, if you go closer, it’s dangerou–“

Suddenly, the people fell silent.


With a clean kick, Ryu Min landed a direct hit on the goblin charging toward him.


The hawk-nosed goblin next to him couldn’t help but pause for a moment as he watched his comrade’s broken neck.


That one moment of hesitation was more than enough for Ryu Min to get a hold of the goblin’s head with both hands, then turned around abruptly.


Ryu Min left him dying with his tongue hanging out, making a chilling sound; but the first never seemed to be bothered by it, and quickly stood up with the goblin’s dagger in his hand.

The dagger quickly joined the play and was lodged and pulled out of the nearby goblin’s neck and back.

And before the fallen goblin hit the ground, Ryu Min had already targeted the next one like a lightning bolt.

Thunk! Whoooosh!

The sound of the wind leaving the chests of two goblins rang out.

In a split second, four goblins had already been killed.

The smooth, seamless movements were reminiscent of a true killer.


As their fellow goblin yelled and charged, Ryu Min’s dagger was faster.

Thunk-Thunk! Thunk-Thunk!

Green blood spurted everywhere, but Ryu Min swung his dagger without hesitation.

It was truly a scene of slaughter.

The overwhelming power left those around him stunned and speechless.

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