The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 1: Uchiha!

When he heard a beautiful maid call him “Your Majesty”, Qin Yi was filled with happiness

“You must be a king, rule your kingdom and build a big harem. Living your life like an asshole won’t work”

But as soon as his soul merged with his body, ideas flashed into his mind as he understood the current situation
“I want to go back to Earth!”

This is a magical world. The stars in the universe are numerous, the gods are existing, and the saints have supernatural powers. Even though these in the previous lives are powerful, they still have to lower their heads and hide to survive,
Because here, the most powerful type is the king!
They can travel freely in different dimensions, select their own direction, and establish the most powerful dynasty. Just Imagine, among an infinity of dimensions, how many kinds of strong men they can have, and the king who rules these strong men naturally have the king’s power, even if they are gods or saints must be jealous and afraid.
And Qin Yi is such a king.

just, he soon discovered that he is the bottom of the world, not to mention stepping on the saints, and including his own country, cannot maintain it.

“the Land area is 10,000 square kilometers, civilians 600,000.” Resources, civilization, wealth, are shrinking and falling apart.”

“A month ago, this boy used the king’s power, crossed world, on the first day in the different world, was beaten to death, until today I woke up in his body.”

“What’s worse the king’s world is going to be broken. only a month left!”

“At that moment, everything in the territory will be turned into dust in the universe.”

Qin Yi was getting sadder.

He searched hard in the soul that had just fused with him but could not get any news that would make him happy.

“Your Majesty, you woke up. I’ll get you some food.”

When he listened to her voice, Qin Yi looked up at the beautiful woman. It made him feel much better.

No makeup, skin soft like a cream, pretty oval face, eyebrows like it was from a beautiful painting, Qin Yi wanted to open his mouth to reply, but he found his body weak even a simple act like this was difficult.

“What happened to the guy before he died? While my soul was fusing with the body, some piece of the predecessor’s memory flashed in my mind. No, not all memory, just. It’s some flashes. “

His vision blurred and he couldn’t see anything other than shadows.

” Again?”

He felt a pain in his head. The ability to travel across worlds seemed not that easy. It was full of dangers.

The beautiful maid was obviously very happy to see Qin Yi awake. She lifted a small porridge and she gently took it into Qin Yi’s mouth.

After finishing the porridge, the tiredness of his body hit him again and soon he fainted again.

When Qin Yi woke up again, it was three days later, and this time, he felt a lot better, the feeling of numbness and weakness disappeared, and he even had been able to get out of bed.

“What have I been through?”

Qin Yi was a little worried.
He clearly remembered that the situation of three days before was completely different from this.

“Your Majesty, you awake! Listening to the physician, you can go to the ground when you are completely fine, our kingdom will be saved!”

The beautiful maid was clearly very excited and came quickly to serve Qin Yi.
Raised his hands, rubbed his forehead, Qin Yi shook his head.

“Is it?”

“Yes! Ministers have said that as long as His Majesty wakes up and battles and go to conquer the world again, the kingdom will stop to shrink and we will not live in fear.”

Said the maid softly.

Qin Yi sighed but did not say anything.
He naturally knew the meaning of the maid’s words, the king has his own world, as long as he go through the war on the sub-worlds, civilization, resources, the land will continue to grow. But if it stops, it shrinks with time, and it will even disappear.
After eating the porridge and potion from the beautiful maid again, Qin Yi feels much better. He talks with her and learns more about the world

“Ding-dong ding-dong!”

The six strikes bell rang suddenly, and face of the beautiful maid changed. The bowl fell to the ground, and it smashed to pieces.
“The Bell rang six times, again a group of soldiers failed to return.”

the beautiful maid had become sad.
Qin Yi at this moment also became sad
He quickly understood the meaning of this circle of bells. Each time he went to fight a different world and went to a different civilization, the circle bells would strike three beats, it was a clear and happy voice, and make people full of hope. but, if he returns with defeat, it will be six heavy sad strikes, and if he comes back with a victory, it will be nine sounds full of joy!

At this moment, the bell describes a bad situation. There are only six rings and there is no doubt that it is another failure

the predecessor of Qin Yi was with the first group going to this world and also the first who fell. It is a misery, the first attack on this sub-world failed, he even fell apart.

After a brief moment, Qin Yi rose slowly. the maid’s face changed as she wanted to stop him.

“Take me to see them.”

“But, sire, your body!”

The little maid said with fear.

However, Qin Yi didn’t say anything else. He just went to the ground straight outside.
All the way to the palace outside, Qin Yi mood got heavier.
The kingdom will shrink as long as he doesn’t conquer this sub-world, and everything will soon dissipate. the current situation, even his palace is pitifully small, or say, is not a palace. He didn’t expect to be born again after death. It is like living inside a fantasy story.

The young maid hurriedly followed up, but she found that his majesty was very fast

At the moment, the northeast corner of the kingdom, the universal gate

The warrior who was fighting and he was filled with blood jumped out from the mystic shining huge door, once he came back here, he fell with no power and loss awareness next to the guard soldiers, their expressions changes, they lead medical officer quickly to come forward to see him.

“They’re dead.”

“The sharps penetrate the left chest and break the heart.”

“In a row to see several people, are not a survival, but also make everyone sad and feel bad
What is the difference in this world? Why is it that our losses will be so severe!!”

The warrior was in an agitation and roared loudly.

No one answered that starting from the first batch, several fighters have already entered the different world. In addition to the fighters who are still fighting in the other world, whatever is coming back is with serious damage or lose his life and there is no useful information at all.

After 13 soldiers were in the door, there was no movement.


The atmosphere was heavy and the tone is full of pain. Suddenly, the door again lit up, a man jumped out which made the soldiers stare in a daze. He was filled with blood, turning his eyes to the ground. His breath is weak and seemed like his about to take his last.
Even so, this man still Gathered his strength and shouted out the last voice of his life.
This man said