The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 2: : It’s My Fate



The name that the soldier said made them very serious.


“Write down this name, this is our first information from this world!”


They didn’t know what the name meant, but they knew it was important.


“If His Majesty wakes up, he will be very happy.”


Silently while they arranging the corpses on the ground, the soldiers felt bad


“no captain! you say we still have hope?”


In the silence, a soldier suddenly asked.


the captain doesn’t answer him, just pointed to the corpses beside, let the people continue.



“his majesty is still sleeping, If he doesn’t wake up, does our whole country disappear?”


The soldier hesitated and keep talking



“Do your job well. this is not your business.”


the captain said coldly


The soldier was scared by the captain’s stern expression and never dared to question

, silently sorting the bodies on the ground.

Shaking his head, the warrior couldn’t see clearly, and he sighed softly,

The departure of the former king caused the immediate collapse of the territory of the Kingdom of Noda and was taken away by 99%, leaving only 1%. The remaining 1%, which has been shrinking and dissipating, has already lost 20%. Today, it is only the size of the original county.

Civilization, resources, population, and settlements fell overnight and they all fell back to the verge of collapse.

A month ago, the 17-year-old king led the soldiers to enter the portal into this world. Only on the first day, however, the King returned from a serious injury and was unconscious, leaving the country in terror and panicked. Immediately afterward, serious injuries occurred almost daily, and the dead soldiers jumped out of the gates constantly.


This period of time is the most stressful in the entire history of the kingdom. Life and death are only separated by one thin line for all kingdom.

The conquest of this sub-world, if the king success, they have the hope of living, but if he fails that mean death!


And all this hope is now in the king’s wake up.

The soldier took one of the corpses away, and there is no more body left. He sighed silently, look at the gate again, and slowly turned away.

In the past, this gate was a hope for the country’s power and civilization evolution. But at this moment, it is like a beast that cut people’s lives and makes others feel fear and despair.

Just as he turned around, a heavy majestic voice sounded.

“Failed again?”

he felt the sound was familiar. When he saw the figure in front of him, his whole body was immediately shaken, took his fist quickly on his chest and bowing.


“your Majesty!”

It is a king! He has no problem, he’s awake! the captain Excited and his blood flows speedily at this moment.

In this country, the most important thing is the king, as long as he is alive, there is hope!


Qin Yi waved without formality. His face was full of sadness.

All the way, he clearly saw everything in this city. no longer a pleasant kingdom, just a small area of poverty. The people on the streets that pass by are meager. It is obvious that they have been hungry for a long time. In this way, it is not difficult to understand that he was a king and he was ill. The maid fed him just a porridge. Simple porridge is already the highest standard of food at this time.


Now, the resources have shrunk to a terrible situation …even food and clothing. Qin Yi now is the body of the king and his mind is clear.

If you don’t move, you die!


“Isn’t The princess Xi Yao coming back?”

Look up to the mysterious portal of the world


Qin Yi asked aloud.

“The princess Xi Yao is still in the world, has not returned!”

The more silence there is.

“Is it?”

murmured Qin Yi.


The original owner of his body was only 17 years old. The woman who was called Princess Xi Yao was his sister, and she was only 15.


At the age of 15, it is the age at which people on earth are attending middle school and enjoy their lives. But here, she fell into the battlefield from a different world. She was always on the verge of death

After entering this body, Qin Yi and the original body almost felt the same. The kind of concern and care for his younger sister can be clearly perceived.


“She is a lot stronger than me. She tries so hard.”

Sigh, Qin Yi shook his head.


“your Majesty.”

He wants to greet him, Qin Yi waved and stopped him.


“Is there any new information?”

To attack the world, the first thing you need is information

. The information is not the only essential to attack the troops, but it must be collected and let the ministers study it, to provide the best plan, fast and efficient to establish a different country,

“This time, with new information, a warrior says something, Atchiha.”


he answered.


Hear this familiar name, Qin Yi surprised.



The Qin Yi expression became extremely strange.


“Yes, your Majesty’s pronunciation is closer to the name that the warrior said.”



they look surprised at Qin Yi.


At this time, Qin Yi’s mind is boiling and shocked.


For Uchiha This surname, he is familiar with it, no doubt, it is one of the three popular mangas. But he is surprised, how he hears this name after the crossing.

But what’s kidding? Could it be said that the sub-world they attacked at this time was exactly Naruto’s world?

He looked up again to the front of the portal, Qin Yi heart was beating quickly.

He almost did not hesitate and immediately mobilize the gate in his mind.


In this world, the king is not an empty noun. They are more representative of a top power and authority and possess a powerful ability that is most talented in the universe. For example, traveling through the world is one of them. Through the gate, he can shuttle to any sub-world he wants to go.


“HY-3201 world, belonging: unknown! The process is being explored.”


Soon, a line of words appeared in his heart, allowing Qin Yi eyes to blink. He flipped the subtitles and enlarged the map of the world. Many scenes were reflected in his eyes.


One by one he sees the ninja mark on the forehead, as well as familiar with the various ninjutsu skills, and the five major countries are clearly identified, let Qin Yi identified in a blink.


This world is the world of Naruto!


“Is this a coincidence?”

Whispered, Qin Yi once again read the scope of the menu of the different worlds.


One by one, a familiar world, opens in his eyes.


One piece, Journey to the West, Legend, Dragon Ball, King Kong, Marvel, etc…


With understanding, he was even more shocked.


Many worlds are familiar animation and film worlds.

And he looked at all the memories of the world, and all of them were ignorant, even the original selection of these worlds, is completely random, not deliberate!


“Is it my fate to be a king?”