The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 3: The Strong Man

In this world, the king is the most special being.


They gain strength from the sub-worlds, create their country, and when the Kings succeed, they make themselves and their countries stronger. But this process is extremely dangerous. If he doesn’t know anything like his predecessor, he will face the same fate as him.


Many of the kings who died like this, their ends were terrible. Some were fortunate as they pick the easier worlds, the success of the king so that both the country and their own forces have grown up before facing stronger worlds.


And more than one king was dead in this first step!


This difficulty in creating intelligence circles to get more to information. Imagine suddenly breaking into a strange world without any information. What will happen in such a situation? And the Kings have to create a country such a difficult situation.

But this difficulty, for Qin Yi, is reduced.


He is able to pick out the world he knows, by virtue of the information obtained from the earth in his previous life, he can avoid all difficulties. And gain greater benefits in these worlds.



Compared to other kings, it’s going to be easier.


“But, building a nation in Naruto world…”


After thinking about it, Qin Yi’s expression turned bad.


He indulged for a moment, silently thinking, realizing that even if he is familiar with the characters, and the system in the world, to accomplish such tasks, it is not an easy thing.


At this time, the country’s civilization was almost the same as on Earth, even worse than the Earth, and there was no knowledge of firearms. It was completely an era of blades.


“this country is less civilized!”


Qin Yi shook his head and sighed.


He is not a typical 17-year-old child. He considers things more reasonably. He knows that relying on only bravery cannot solve any problems. Especially conquer a world like Naruto’s, it is hard to accomplish with melee weapons.

Do we need to rely on swords to fight against all kinds of strong ninja techniques?

“What about information? I heard that someone was back and bring information!”



Suddenly, a sound of a mess around.



Qin Yi looked up and saw a group of people dressed in coarse clothes and cold faces coming quickly.

There was a flash in his mind, Yes, the country has already wasted to this level only because of those ministers. there is the bad influence in this country.



“your Majesty?!”

When the ministers arrived near and found Qin Yi, they suddenly became surprised and then rejoiced.



“It’s great that you haven’t had anything bad. The doctor told us2-days ago that you were about to recover, but we haven’t got a clear idea.”


“Great, it’s great. There’s hope now. you woke up.”


When they saw him, the ministers forgot all about the information, and they all stared at him.


Qin Yi naturally knew the reality of these ministers and could do nothing but smile. After all, when the predecessor king’s father left him with alcoholic assholes ministers. They didn’t give him any good advice. also, it is the advice of these idiots the predecessor travel into Naruto world.


There is no doubt that these ministers when saw him awake they afraid that he would take them into the sub-world again.




“Your Majesty, if you are already awake and ready to do something, as long as you stay here, our kingdom will shrink.”


“Yes, yes, if you continue to do so, the land will shrink, and we will not even have space for living!”


“we can organize fighters, and we try again, and if we succeed, the kingdom will evolve.”


when he Listening to these urging sounds, Qin Yi just smiled.

“Hey, he has his own intentions.”


After finishing, Qin Yi turned away from the crowd.


The ministers were stunned. It was necessary to stand at his spot for some time. Faintly, they thought that the king who had awakened this time seemed to be quite different from before.


Qin Yi left as he felt uncomfortable.

It is impossible. Those who called themselves ministers are just…

, they don’t have any shred of wisdom. The predecessor did not know, but it was so clear about this. There was nothing need to explain.  enter into Naruto’s world means death. and those jealous ministers will take control, the king will die. Even his sister and most of the soldiers in the sub-world were in the war, it was difficult to escape from this terrible fate.

“The ministers are not expecting that we going to Naruto’s world soon.”


Qin Yi was feeling bad.


He naturally knew that there was no time to delay. But if one rushes into the world, But what is the difference between him and his predecessor if he rushing into the world?



“Who else can use?”


He was a person, who cannot create a country, but he just came to this world, he is not clear about the capabilities of the king, he needs to understand how to rule. There is no way he will give up on his own strength, only when you die.



It was Hard to remember, but suddenly Qin Yi’s eyes suddenly light up.




“And, unexpectedly, it’s him!”


“This predecessor’s father is so irresponsible, leaving me with this mess ah!” ”



lips Curved, Qin Yi heart relaxed a lot.


Just because he remembered in his mind, before his father left, deliberately left a person to him, and told him to make good use of him. Unfortunately, the only 17-year-old predecessor, from the ignorance he didn’t understand the power of that person. For a long time, until he was forgotten.



But Qin Yi wasn’t the same, because that person in a previous life had a great fame, he was extremely strong!


Especially for such unknown information, he is the most effective.



Walking along the street all the way, Qin Yi’s look was getting heavier.


The city is full of destruction, no one does business, no one works, and there are hungry people everywhere, eyes staring in front of them. They are desperately waiting for death to come and they have no hope.


Only when he passed by, these poor people could only gather a few happiness, squat down hard and salute him.


At that moment, Qin Yi clearly saw the reverence and hope in these people’s eyes.


Qin Yi body trembled, goose bumps broke out. Seeing their eyes at that moment, he understood the meaning of wearing a crown,


he is responsible for the death of these people, and the hope of living,


“Perhaps if his predecessors looked at these eyes he is ashamed of himself.”


Compared to the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, what does one’s life count?


Protect these poor people, let them live a better life, this is a king’s responsibility and duty!


his eyes turned more and more serious, and his speed was also getting faster.


That man, he must find him!  This difficult situation depends on him!