The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 4: Gandalf

Qin Yi undoubtedly prefers to be in his kingdom than conquering this sub-world and creating a settlement in the riskiest different worlds.


Even if he is familiar with the story and with everything in the world, he is still very clear about the degree of danger in this world. With a group of ordinary people who only know how to use melee weapons, to build a nation in a world where ninjutsu techniques are varied and powerful, this level of difficulty can’t be imagined.


but this is not about him!


If he doesn’t go to the sub-world, the country will gradually break down, 600,000 people will die slowly, and even he will disappear. This is the rule of the world. The king has the talent and ability higher than other people, but it also has to pay the identical price.


and the eyes of hope and despair on the streets were lingering in his mind.

“I’m not a hero, but I have to do it!” he said




Pieces of his memory surfaced, where this man was located, Qin Yi heart is heavy and firm.


The predecessor was 17 years old, he lived in despair, ignoring life and death, and he rushed into the world, wanted to do his own responsibilities and obligations, just because of his lack of experience, he died before he learned


So, what is he afraid of?



“It’s just passing through. In the past, how many times I dreamed of going there?”


Smiling, Qin Yi stopped his steps and looked up.

The old, dusty sign was facing him.

“Meihua Street.”


The man is living on this street in memory.



Once again, Qin Yi speeded up.


Meihua Street, No. 302.



The street was more than a month ago the most prosperous street in Wang city. a lot of people come and go. all kinds of snacks, toy sellers singing and shouting, but today the street has become quiet.


The wind blows, rolling the dead leaves on the ground, circling and flying farther afield.


Everything is withered and everything seems to have entered the process of destruction.


“Grandpa Gandalf, I want to eat too.”


In No. 302, the young girl, who is only about seven or eight years old, is staring at a tall man in white robes.


a tall man Wears white robe with a smile on his face and a sweet potato in his hand, sending out a sweet smell.



“This is the last piece, but you need it more than me.”


Gandalf smile and did not hesitate to bend and hand over the sweet potatoes to the little girl

The little girl had been hungry for days she bites the potatoes, but after a few bites, she stopped and raised her head to ask embarrassedly.


“Can I leave something for my brother? He’s hungry for a long time.”


Gandalf gave a glimpse, and then reached out and touched the girl’s head: “Of course, go!”


The girl was overjoyed as she thanked Gandalf, turned and ran out.


Gandalf was looking at the girl as she walked away with a sigh.


He is not a one from this world he has already stepped in and watched the world go to destruction day by day. His heart is worried but he can’t help. It is not him that controls the kingdom. It is the 17-year-old boy.

Unfortunately, the boy seems to have forgotten who he is.


Gandalf sat down Slowly lying in a rocking chair and close his eyes.


Since we have no choice, we can only wait silently.


But just as he lay down for three minutes, a figure crossed the door and walked in.


“This old man has no food, I am afraid I can’t help you.”


Gandalf heard the noise,


During this time, people who had been hungry for a long time came here and asked him for food.


Speaking of that the people of this country are good, even if facing the world destruction they didn’t rob or do other chaotic things,



Noisy voice out there.



Gandalf opened his eyes when he heard the voice.


He saw a 17-year-old boy staring at him with a complex expression.


“your Majesty.”

Gandalf quickly stood up and puts his right fist on the left chest and salute the king.


they stepping into the room, when he watch Gandalf feel like he was not the slightest difference in his previous feelings, Qin Yi took a deep breath and officially said.


“I need your help!”


When Gandalf heard the young king with honest words, Gandalf couldn’t calm himself for a moment, and his expression became complicated. Only after a long time, he opens his mouth softly.


“I have been waiting for you for a long time, my king.”

Half an hour later, they were already standing in front of the portal.


the ministers stood behind them and they looked excited it seems like They have an expectation in Qin Yi.


As soon as the king stepped into the gates and went to the different worlds, the land resources would stop shrinking and the country would be saved. This is the rule of the world, but, On the other hand, the world has also given the king more talent than anyone else. reach the worlds is only one of the king’s capabilities.


“After I leave with Gandalf, everything in the kingdom it’s your responsibility.”


At this time, he was too anxious to see whether these ministers were reliable. but now all we can do is wait for him to stabilize the whole situation and they ‘ll have another day.


“Your Majesty, please allow me to lead the army to protect you!”


The captain who has been guarding the world gate has been bowed and the soldiers are  behind him,


It is their natural duty to sacrifice for the king. Even death It is also a glory in their lives.



“Not necessary, you have to bring the remaining soldiers to guard the city.”


Qin Yi said.




he said with hurry. The first group that went to this world is a huge number, and the king was seriously damaged. This time they ‘ll be only two people.


“In the different world, the more people we have the bigger probability to be noticed.”


Qin Yi said,


Gandalf’s eyes flashed and he looked surprised at Qin Yi’s eyes as he had never imagined such words would come from the 17-Year-old king.



“Let’s go.”


after turning around Qin Yi once again looked at the door that glowed with gray light.


Gandalf nodded, and the two men lifted their steps, and after a few steps they had gone into the bounds of the gate, and the body twisted away in the sight of all.




With the passing of the two, the inexplicable power of Wang city’s sky turn and spreads. After a bit of interest, everyone can clearly feel that the destruction of the kingdom has stopped!



“May his Majesty go, and return with victory!”


he takes a deep breath, suddenly slammed on the ground and shouted loudly.


The soldiers behind him shouted loudly.


“Great, great, the kingdom finally calmed down, it’s great.”


The ministers look happy and excited.


The captain coldly stared at these ministers one eye: “A group of waste!”

The ministers so furious after there were abused but they had no alternative but to leave in distress.