The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 5: The Power of the King

It was a Half-moon clean night, the starry little silver light shines through the cracks between the leaves and adding a bit of silver glow to the ground.




The crisp sound of the dry wood burning made the quiet night sky lively.


Qin Yi and Gandalf were around this small bonfire


they were still in the Wang city Two hours ago, but the moment of stepping into the gate, the sky and earth changed, the first thing they come across in this world is a clash. Ninjas with different headband symbols cruelly fighting.


In this time, Gandalf took care of the Qin Yi and left with him.


they found this safe space after two hours of searching.


“Your Majesty, you can rest assured that if someone comes, I will wake you up.”


Gandalf had some understanding of Qin Yi’s feelings. At the age of 17, he should have a good time in wang city. but on the other hand, to survive, he had to go to another world and risk his life.


“Gandalf what’s your advice for the next move?”


Qin Yi didn’t listen to Gandalf before.


He is very clear at this time, all people in the kingdom can rest, only he cannot. The kings in his past life on the earth did nothing but manage the kingdom and conduct management work. After he understood the nature of this different world kings, Qin Yi deeply understood the difference between the two.


The king here is the one who responsible for the rise and fall of his country!


In the early days of every king, he has only a small county. This narrow space is floating in the universe, forming a magical ecosystem for the king and his subjects to survive. After entering the first sub-world and building Kingdoms, the territory, civilization, and resources will evolve and develop rapidly according to the king’s different world.


Yes, the world’s kings and civilizations don’t need to evolve themselves, but they rely entirely on the different sub-worlds!


It’s amazing, isn’t it? On the way to this process, the king is controlling everything in his kingdom, he is the only god. whether they are laws or strength. the King is the only ruler,



This is a true gift of king’s power, the supreme gift of the universe given to a king.


“Perhaps, your majesty should understand your own strength.”


Gandalf whispered.


“my power?”


Qin Yi was stunned. For the king issues, the boy actually knew only a general idea


“Yes, your strength is the supreme power that the king has!”


Gandalf nodded his head, and the stick in his hand and the silver moonlight seemed to be twisted at this moment…



“Only by understanding your own strength can you do what you want.”


Qin Yi Listened to Gandalf’s voice and slowly closed his eyes.


The moonlight gave him a sober realization and seemed to have cleared the cloud in front of him, allowing him to clearly see the depths of his body, specifically his own unique power.


After a long while, Qin Yi opened his eyes full of happiness and pleasure and he was slightly smiling


“What? Your majesty, do you understand? ”


Gandalf smiled.

“That group of ministers was really a fool! Thanks to Mr. Gandalf for helping me.”


Qin Yi said with a sigh.


they know nothing and one idea only attacks the predecessor and reach the world to avoid death. Those ministers are unlimited stupid. They don’t even know what the king is, and those predecessors are also fools to hire them.


Gandalf gently smiled and add firewood to the campfire


“Your Majesty still has time, and then carefully understand and realize your power. The power of your majesty is critical to success.”


Qin Yi nodded and he felt familiar with Gandalf.


This old man from among The Lord of the Rings has a very good identity. He is a demigod! Moreover, although the strength of this old man is not clear, he is good at is the guidance!


As a senpai, Gandalf is almost incomparable!!


Qin Yi closes his eyes and carefully understands the power of the king in his own body.


As he realized in silence, he quickly noticed the purple energy between his eyebrows


“This is the power of the king.”


Qin Yi said.


What is the power of the king? There is a clear understanding of the world.


Under heaven and earth, is it the king’s land? the power of the king can use this power arbitrarily to use any power of his subordinate.


What does it mean?


For example, Gandalf the opposite of him, then, using this power, he can use whatever power Gandalf has!


When he was first mobilized, the purple energy light quickly fluttered, radiated powerfully, and finally even flew out of his eyebrows, and then outlined a small six-pointed star that fits into his forehead.


“It is a pity that my kingdom is about to collapse the power of this king is also very weak. It is very difficult to use Gandalf’s power as well!”


He sighs, the power of the king is related to his own country. His country is weak at this time, so the power of the king is also weak.


In addition teleport, In other words, going to other dimensions, it has a protective mechanism for the weak kings. Once they enter a different world, they can no longer go to other worlds.


“The king’s power is teleport and this.”


Qin Yi eyes flashed, showing a trace of chill in his eyes.


“The king’s plunder!”


Born to be king, you must be cruel. You can use the power of the king to plunder people who are unconscious and kill them and you have the chance to earn their abilities.


This is the meaning of plundering, full of brutal power, and this guarantee that Qin Yi can quickly gain strength and survive in different worlds.


At present, Qin Yi only understands these three abilities in the passive of the king of his own body and continues to see the capability of king’s power, and the secret power that radiates light, knowing that the king is can have other abilities. But he is weak now. He can’t understand these abilities.


But Qin Yi has been very happy with these three abilities.


He also found that the king’s ability was very much in line with his identity. The king’s power represents the might of the king, and the plundering represents the brutality of the king.


“The road of the king is at the beginning, and it is doomed to be cruel.”


Qin Yi Sighed and his eyes were full of coldness.


“It seems that your majesty has nearly realized the extent of this power.”


Gandalf laughed and said.




“Well, I know it.”


Qin Yi nodded.


“I have seen your father using the power of the king. He is omnipotent and stronger than the gods.”


Gandalf sighed.


“Since your majesty has come to realize it maybe this trip is bound to go smoothly.”