The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 6: Plunder!

Qin Yi felt that it’s going to be a lot easier after understanding his own strength.


People in the kingdom don’t understand the dangers of Naruto’s world but he is very clear about it. Do not talk about Gonens, just the Genin ninjas, they have already seen life and death, in the face of ordinary fighters, they can take almost tens or even dozens of enemies. It is only in the era of melee weaponry in his kingdom. In the face of this huge and mighty world, they were weak and miserable, only a dead end was in front of them.


He closed his eyes for about four hours, and Gandalf quietly woke him up. “Your Majesty, there is someone coming.”


Qin Yi has been half-awake when he opened his eyes and found Gandalf’s staff flashed with a radiant glare.


He quickly got up and quickly extinguished the fire and followed Gandalf and hid behind the roots of the tree.


By the way, the place where they live is set in large trees, and the bare roots of the trees are already as high as the waist of an adult. They can easily hide under them.


The two hid under the roots of the tree and minimized their breath. Qin Yi looked out and waited for one minute but no one shows up.


He took a glance at Gandalf. With the misty moonlight, he saw the old man’s eyes were serious and his face was very calm.


“You can’t notice the power of Gandalf he will always show ordinary old man to strangers.”


“This old man can never be like a demigod person from the outside.”


Qin Yi thought in his mind.


It is no wonder that the predecessor never looked on Gandalf and never remembered him.



Gandalf stared at the outside while keeping his body very calm. Qin Yi did like him. He trusted this old man very much and he knew that Gandalf had an excellent ability.


When he first arrived in Naruto world, he believes that everything had to depend on this old man.


Although with the power of the king he can use Gandalf’s strength, perhaps because of the great difference in power between the two, he actually can’t understand his mysterious abilities, whether he can use it or not, it was not clear to him.


According to him, Gandalf is a wizard who can use the power of fire and light he can also send out the Holy Light and can summon the giants’ Eagles.


In an unnecessary moment, he must not use his power. If the power of the king is exhaustive, then they will face a catastrophe.


The power of this first contact is very magical for Qin Yi. With variety, but also very rare, it seems to be based on the extraordinary power of the king’s air transport. His injury was recovered within three days after the first time he was awake, and he also used this force.


Only in the memory of the predecessor, though the power of the king was strong, the recovery of his power was slow.


After ten minutes, in the silent night, Qin Yi’s eyes suddenly flashed.


Immediately afterward, three or four figures quickly jumped over the thick branches of the tree.


“they’re coming!”


Qin Yi was surprised.


In anime, it’s different in the real life. It’s hard to see their speed with the naked eyes.


After waiting for another five minutes, Gandalf held his staff gloomily as the two climbed out from the roots.


“They have moved away. The one in front seems to be hunted by the four people behind. They wear different headband symbols and should belong to different forces.”


Gandalf whispered.


Both feet step on the ground and quietly shift their positions.


“Gandalf, have you just seen their headband?”


Qin Yi asked.


Gandalf thought a little and bent down to draw it on the ground.


“It is the leaf and the sand!”


Qin Yi saw the shape of the headband’s symbols on the ground and immediately recognized it.


“Your Majesty seems you have information?”


Gandalf asked curiously.





Qin Yi followed by a deep voice and looked up at each other.


“Can you take me to find them?”


Gandalf was surprised: “Your Majesty, their form of strength, and the power system are obviously much higher than us, and there are dangerous, we can’t rashly approach. I suggest that we hide one side first and wait for useful information.”



“Gandalf, take me. I’m sure you have a way.”


Qin Yi replied with a firm attitude.


He thought of his own ability. If the five people who just ran past were the same as Gandalf’s perhaps he would gain power.


He knows that he must have the strength to survive in this dangerous world.


The king’s power is the winning card, but in this case, he is just an ordinary he is just an unarmed man,


after seeing Qin Yi’s attitude, Gandalf nodded after a short while.


“Please follow me, your Majesty.”


Gandalf first stepped away and they quickly shuttled through the jungle.


Qin Yi felt a little nervous when He saw Gandalf’s staff’s light up from time to time, and soon he knew that there must be an enemy nearby.


About half an hour later, Gandalf stopped and whispered, “They are in front of us.”


Qin Yi cautiously looked forward. It seems that he heard a lot of screaming in the woods, explosions and the sound of knives.


after five minutes, the sound subsided and Qin Yi felt a tremble in the heart and wanted to check it out.


Gandalf has pulled him back behind the big tree.


In the next second, several silhouettes quickly crossed the air in which they were located. One of them was slightly glanced down and stopped.




His teammates quickly asked


“It feels like there is a life, but it’s gone for a moment.”


The man hesitated for a moment.


“Let’s go. Maybe it’s just a little animal. We are still catching up to the big army.”


The teammate said.


The man glanced again and found nothing, but he disappeared quickly.


After five minutes, Gandalf just pulled Qin Yi out.


“Your Majesty wants to see the state of the pursuer?”


He quickly took Qin Yi to the front.


Qin Yi nodded and ran in a hurry.


Soon, he saw a ninja on the ground lying with his headband. His eyes were closed and he seems like a dead.


“He’s not dead yet.”


Gandalf said.


Qin Yi slowly walked past and his mind quickly whispers two words.


“Plunder it!”


Yes, he wants to try his own ability, whether it is useful or not.


The leaf Ninja is almost dead and void so that he can only wait for death at the moment.


The right hand slowly placed on top of his head, and Qin Yi’s information on Plundering quickly surfaced.


“The way to be a king is to plunder and the king is the way is that of plunder!”


His eye was cold at once and Qin Yi’s cold voice sounded with only one word.