The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 7: The Power of Everything


The instant after the king’s power was successfully launched a three-dimensional picture was moving fast in front of Qin Yi eyes.


the purple six-pointed star flickered, creating a purple channel toward the three-dimensional picture.


In an instant, Qin Yi saw it.


He saw all the pictures of the Ninja’s training, the flow of chakra in his body, and even his soul.


“Chakra practice, language system, and some ninjutsu.”


all kinds of pictures and details were flashed In Qin Yi eyes, he understood everything quickly


the Plunder made him directly detain the soul of the leaf ninja and saw all knowledge in his soul.


After a minute, Qin Yi felt dizzy and terrible and was about to explode.


“Your Majesty.”


Gandalf walked quickly and helped Qin Yi.


“plundering cannot be used arbitrarily it will do great pressure on your mental strength, and even when it is done, it will hurt your soul.”


Gandalf seemed to know what Qin Yi was doing.


“This is a different world If I want to stand fast I can only do this, Gandalf.”


Qin Yi said painfully,


Gandalf stayed silent as He helped Qin Yi leave quickly and found a place to rest.


Two hours later, the sun shone in the morning liting up the dense forest.


“Your Majesty, what?”


Gandalf worried when he seeing that Qin Yi opened his eyes,


He did not try the plunder himself, but he saw Qin Yi’s predecessor using it. It put a heavy load on the mental will after every use. After a while, it will bring great damage and pain to the soul.


“It’s much better. I feel that my body is fine, but my brain is not.”


Qin Yi said.


After leaving with Gandalf last night they had found a place to hide and rest because of a headache. right Now this headache seems to have eased a lot.


“Chakra system, Japanese language, simple B-level ninjutsu, A-level ninjutsu, and healing techniques.”


After the last night, Qin Yi had a slight understanding of the capabilities he had plundered.


The capabilities of the king are different from those in the previous novels on the earth. They are mostly mysterious and have one type of power. it’s hard to be explained and hard to be learned. But Qin Yi’s power is different, it’s more like the avatar techniques in the great Avatar comic.


Soon he found that there was lighter blue between his eyebrows, a six-pointed star.

“It’s Chakra!”


Qin Yi’s power plundered Chakra from the ninja who was about to die, the chakra flowed into his body without control.


he focuses and tries to control the Chakra method and it rapidly moving up.


And every moment he could feel his chakra growing.


Qin Yi surprised shocked and jump up with happiness


“Gandalf, I can do it!”


He said excitedly to Gandalf.


“Your Majesty keep calm. there is nothing special in this. You can learn it easily. But the power that the king has is to practices everything, that’s the king’s power!”


Gandalf said with a big laugh.


Qin Yi understood the next moment.


When Chakra is in the body it appears light blue, but when he focuses it quickly gathered between the eyebrows, it turns purple to become part of the king’s power, but it adds a light blue texture is slightly thin which contrasts with the power generated by the casual energy from the body.


“This is a powerful ability!”


he said with excitement, he naturally understood the importance of this power. The number of worlds he will travel in the future is probably unlimited.


The different energy to be plundered is also many. With this king ‘power, great convenience will be formed.


Immediately afterward, he noticed that the amount of Chakra in his body was probably under the necessary line.


“It seems that I lost a lot in the process of plunder.”


But this is not important for Qin Yi.


After calming down Qin Yi’s expression changes No matter what with his strength he finally has to be stronger to survive in this world.


If he does like his predecessor he will be defeated and it would be very shameful.


“now we must look for my sister as soon as possible.”


Qin Yi imagine her cold strong face, he takes a deep breath


Although the woman was even younger than him she has the ability to throw him. Before they left, his sister is the only one in the country opposed the entry of the entire army to this world. However, his predecessor was foolish and persistent, resulting in the imprisonment of the kingdom warriors. At this point, Qin Yi doesn’t know how many people are left.


In the war between Leaf and Sand, these soldiers who only use melee-weapons crushed between them, and the end of the battle could be imagined.


“Gandalf, we have to find the big forces of the kingdom. We must find my sister as soon as possible.”


Qin Yi said to Gandalf.


He knew that the old man must have a way. This is the reason why he would bring the other side here this time.


“Well, what should be done at the moment is gathering the troops.”


Gandalf agreed.


after that, Gandalf did not hesitate as he summoned the giant eagle.


They took the giant eagle and quickly flew up.


“People in this part of the world have amazing abilities. They can use fire, lightning, strong winds, and even dust to launch powerful attacks this is shocking.”


Gandalf said.


“It is very difficult for your Majesty to build a country here and to be king.”


Gandalf again, Qin Yi naturally knows what this world has. It can even be said that Gandalf’s still doesn’t know the situation. Madara and the Uchiha clan have reached in a terrible power this time.


He admired some of his predecessor’s luck for the first time but after thinking for a bit, he concluded that this is not a good situation.


“We are already at a height of one kilometer at this moment and it should be a very safe place.”


“Here you can clearly observe everything below, and soon you will find the princess.”


Gandalf added.


“Move faster, Gandalf. We don’t have time.”


Qin Yi said.




The giant eagle wings quickly flapped, and they advanced rapidly over the jungle until they were barely visible.


when they looking down, the two men could see the figures as well as the eruption of various chakra and Jutsu.


After being on the scene, the strength of ninjas is not just that of the anime. Qin Yi is in the middle of ninjas of both countries and both sides were hostile the pressure was great.


The warriors of the kingdom faced with such war killing machines, they were in a horrible situation