The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 8: The Weak Enemies

“Oh, from all the other portals, we enter to Naruto’s world, I think we are in the strongest sub-world.”


“Although I can cross a simple sub-world now after passing through I notice that I’m facing a crisis of death!”


Qin Yi felt very bad.


Half an hour later, Gandalf stared suddenly.


“Found it, there is a soldier from our country.”


Pointing fingers, Gandalf’s giant eagle also made a roar, swooped down quickly.


when he looking down at the bottom the kingdom warriors trembling together Qin Yi feels bad.


“what a mess the predecessor left behind.”


Attacking an unknown sub-world actually he dared to take the whole military force directly.


How stupid was he?!


At the same time, in the jungle.


About a hundred of the Kingdom’s fighters gathered together to form a defensive circular array, taking attention to the movement around.


“General Fang Lan, our urgent task is to find the royal highness of the princess as soon as possible,”


a warrior said. behind him, a grim-faced general stood.


Yesterday afternoon, after fighting with the group of people from this world, they parted with the princess. bringing back the princess to the country it is the biggest responsibility.


“I know, but in this jungle, there are too many enemy soldiers. If we act rashly we will be detected by the enemy troops and the losses will increase.”


Fang Lan said.


His expression was very bad. Just a month ago, when he first came to this sub-world, he was leading the rest of the army to fight enemy troops, but the result of the fight made them almost desperate.


The other side, who controls all kinds of supernatural powers they can make all kinds of abnormal attacks and make the gap between them wider.


the 10,000 fighters lost nearly a thousand and they were desperate. they marched around in this huge dense forest and often had to deal with the enemy’s attacks.


“Damn it, what kind of people are these guys? Why are they so strong?”


The young soldier behind him said.


Fang bit his lip and didn’t answer.


Everyone is very clear, this civilization in this different world may be too much beyond their level. Those who run between the branches had more balance and physical quality than they did.


Almost everyone is able to compare with the most powerful fighters among them, and with all kinds of strange attacks, even the strongest kingdom warriors are not their rivals.


“General Fang Lan, we must move quickly, find the princess. It doesn’t matter if we die. But if the princess has a problem we can’t handle this!”


a soldier yelled again.


Fang Lan squeezed his fist and glanced around.


He could clearly see every soldier’s face with a tired look and the rations food he brought with him on the march had also been consumed. These days they ate a little and everyone’s mental state was at its limit.


“General, protect the princess, protect the royalty is our bounden duty. As long as the princess’s highness is safe our losses are worth much more.”


“Yes, General, let’s go!”


“Order it, Fang Lan! we will fight to the death!”


In time, the soldiers in the army rang out loud.


Since childhood, they were instilled in loyalty to the king, listening to the orders of the king, this belief from top to bottom has been deeply rooted in the bone marrow.




This is definitely an iron-clad elite army. They are not afraid of death every one of them is full of passion and has strong faith.


after a full three minutes, Fang Lan released his hand and his expression became extremely cold.


“Start! Loop defense, advance in layers! Full speed ahead!”


“Must find Her Royal Highness!”


“yes, sir!”


As soon as his order was reached, the soldiers quickly responded.

The 100-man team took the order and they quickly shuttled through the jungle.


At the same time, in the forest ten kilometers away from this place, some tents and a group of people wearing green vests and ninja costumes are negotiating here.




“Tobirama-senpai, the group that you asked us to pay attention to are moving.”


A ninja quickly walked into the tent and one knee kneeling to report quickly.



“There are three teams, which one is moving?”


Tobirama asked.




One month ago, this army suddenly shows in the jungle where they had battled with sand ninjas, and the number was very large It could be said that they were shocked. What makes them more surprised is that this group of fighters who have come from a different place actually launched an attack on them. Moreover, these people’s attack methods are also weak.


The war broke out and the gangs were very crazy. At the same time as they battled the ninjas of Sunagakure, they even started to fight with Konoha. They seemed to be fuzzy from each other.


Gradually, Konoha and Sunagakure found out that the strength of this army is really weak, and even under the pressure of war can easily solve them. After several battles in the field, they were defeated and divided into several branches scattered in the jungle.


After discovering that these ordinary fighters did not threaten them, the two sides paid their attention to each other’s and gradually ignore this group.


“It is the northwest corner of the jungle, the one ten kilometers away from us.”


“This group of people is moving in a different direction Their language is also different from ours. in the past, never heard any information about these guys.”

she quickly said that in the end with doubts appeared on her face.


Konoha never likes to wage war in the first place, and at the moment the situation with various countries is very sensitive, and it doesn’t want to be confused at all. If they can avoid the war its better,


Tobirama opened the door.


“Send a team to try communicating would be great if they can reach their top management.”


“If you still can’t communicate.”


Tobirama said with cold eyes


“Direct extermination!”


At the moment of war, they may not allow them to hesitate. He knew very well that he would become mistaken if this group of unknown fighters affects the result of the battle


“Yes, sir!”


she quickly replied, and her body had flashed away.



Soon, a line of 4 ninja teams appeared here on top of a tree about 400-meters away from the southwest of the Fang Lan division.


“miss Mirē, who is this group of people?”


The three people in the age of fifteen or sixteen were all puzzled.


“I don’t know really, but if it is an enemy, I can only solve it.”


Mirē said


“Then are they enemies?”


he asked curiously.


“According to past performances, these people are enemies.”


Suddenly, Mirē smirk and sarcastically said.


“Weak enemies