The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 9: A Misunderstood


Mirē led the team and crossed the distance of 400-meters quickly


After quietly approaching, she waved and the team stopped immediately. After the gestures and exchanges, the ninja members understood what she meant and were hidden by the trees.


Looking down from the branches, Fang Lan team of 100 people forms a ring-mounted defensive formation, which advances in layers, is airtight, and has the same distance between soldiers and soldiers. It facilitates the exchange of positions between the front and the rear to make them support each other.


“It’s a strange array.”


Mirē said.


Although she could not afford to look down upon these weak people, she strictly followed the orders.


With a wave of hands, three kunais come out.




In a blink of an eye, the kunai was shot at the front of Fang Lan and other people in front of the formation and let them immediately alert up.


“be careful!! There are enemies!”


Fang Lan cried and immediately looked up at the trees around him, but after a few laps, he did not find an enemy and made him look dignified.


This native army’s everyone has a high physical strength it’s extremely difficult to deal with.


“What are you guys? Can someone understand what I’m talking about?”


Mirē hiding behind the tree shouted.


The other three ninjas also have hidden, but they are ready to attack at any time.


both sides were ready to fight.


At this time, Fang Lan and others below heard the other party sound, but because of language barriers they couldn’t communicate at all and can only shout for everyone to prepare for battle.


“Captain, they are ready to fight.”


Although they did not understand it they could see actions of each other.


“I understand. It seems that this group of guys is really stubborn.”


“what a pity!”


Mirē shook his head and walked out of the big tree, looking down at it and she showed a smirk


“Then kill them all!”


As ninjas, they are machines of war. In the face of enemies, they will never be merciless.




Fang Lan screams when he saw them,


One hundred soldiers were all screaming out loud, holding spears and swords ready for battle.


“Fire Release. Great Fireball Technique!”


Mirē jumped directly from the branch, her hands quickly print seals, and at the same time, she took a deep breath and pointing at the enemies below, she took a mouthful and the burning flame ran out to a length of ten feet.




Fang Lan’s face changed dramatically and angrily shouted at facing this supernatural power.


The soldiers responded quickly and they put the shield on top of their heads.


At that moment, the look of Mirē suddenly changed, and a sharp eagle’s voice rang out on her head.




the soldiers suddenly lifted the shield, and the figure on it rose high and suddenly stepped on the branch.


‘Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique’


Almost instantly, the man below opened his mouth, and the flame was released from him.



The two flames hit each other and lasted five or six seconds to end.


A cold look from Mirē eyes, his stature leaping backward, his feet sucking on the branches behind him, parallel to the ground, and coldly stared at the figure standing on the shield.


At this moment, the man on the shield slowly raised his head and revealed a young face.




Under the shields, the soldiers suddenly lifted their shields, and the figure on it rose high and suddenly stepped on the branch.


“Who are you?”


Mirē asked coldly.


“Please don’t shoot, Konoha’s ninja., we have no malice towards you.”


the young man said


Mirē pointed to the soldiers below: “are you with them?”


“Yes, they are my soldiers. Please don’t do it again.”


At the moment, the soldiers below saw the face of the man on the top of them. their expressions were all startled and shocked.




One hundred soldiers, including Fang Lan they all stood straight at this moment and took the right fist hit hard on the chest.



“your majesty!”


Even if their enemies were at the moment, the loyal soldiers of this group of nations displayed their highest spirit and will in front of their king.


Qin Yi smiled and turned to stand at the forefront of the soldiers.


“As you can see, I am their leader.”


he talking with Japanese, Mirē eyes flashed slightly instantly her body fell down and stood in front of Qin Yi.


“You said you didn’t mean to be malicious, but from the beginning of your showing you attacked us continuously.”


Qin Yi’s face remained unchanged after hearing these words, but he said only lightly.


“Their language is different, they don’t know the situation here think you and sand both are their enemies.”


All this is a misunderstanding.”



Mirē stepped forward and smiled.


“Is it misunderstood?”


In the next moment, her figure suddenly disappeared, almost instantly, and she was already in front of Qin Yi. The kunai in her hands was swiftly hitting towards the eyes,


Behind Qin Yi, the soldiers were shocked and Fang Lan was even more discolored.


“your Majesty!”


Sharp and innocent piercing Qin Yi’s eyebrows that let Fang Lan and others’ hearts sink to the bottom.


However, just after one second.




A circle of white mist spreads, wood falls on the ground, and Qin Yi’s voice flew out from behind Mirē.


“I have already said that there is no malice. Does Konoha’s Ninja treat his guests like this?”


Mirē flashed and she smiles.


“Very good.”


“is it?”


“There is something more good for you to see.”


Qin Yi said with an expressionless face.


His hands suddenly become so fast, and he quickly changes hand seals.


“he’s printing speed, so fast!!”


“And, such a seal!”


she never saw it from the beginning to the end of the printing process let her shocked.


It is a new technique! In the leaf, never appeared Technique!


“wind and fire release: Fire and wind dragon!”


Qin Yi opened his mouth and sprayed out at one breath.




The wind engulfed the flames. The burning flames swelled in the blink of an eye. They swelled for a moment and reached thirty feet. Then they swallowed Mirē.




“miss Mirē.”


The sound of screaming sounded from the tree, three silhouettes flashed, and in front of Qin Yi’s eyes.


Fang Lan and others responded so quickly that they shouted and quickly surrounded the three men.




Mirē’s voice suddenly sounded and her figure appeared again, closely watching Qin Yi.


Qin Yi faces expressionless, seems to know that the technique did not swallow the enemy.




In this case, there is a wonder in the eyes of Mirē


“Yes, I developed it myself.”


Qin Yi said.




A deep breath. a drop in the heart of the shock.


“If you say no malice, then we are not enemies.”


“I will report to you as soon as possible.”


“I also want you to control your warriors and not join in the battle between us and the Sand village.”


There was a smile on Qin Yi’s face: “I understand, please give us time and I will find them all at the fastest speed.”


“Besides, may I ask who is the current Hokage?”


he has his doubt.


“It’s Senju Hashirama.”


After she finished she flashed and took off with the three ninjas