The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 10: Genius Ninjas

“Hashirama Senju?”


Qin Yi little bit lost.


This name he can say he clearly knew, but he also felt a bit unbelievable.


In any case, he didn’t expect that this period of his arrival turned out to be the era of the legendary ninjas.


“There are Hashirama, so Uchiha Madara too.”


“Nothing happened in the first world war. That is to say, the war between them and sand was only a small friction between big countries.”


At the moment this is what Qin Yi understood.


He is somewhat fortunate and feels relaxed. Compared to the outbreak of large-scale wars, there is no doubt that in such an era of relative peace and they can do much more.


At the beginning of the establishment of Konoha, the legendary ninja of Uchiha, Uchiha Madara, suppressed the entire era, and the circle of Ninja was relatively peaceful. At this time, all major powers are also maintaining restraint. they are much less likely to fall into the war right now.


Afterward, after talking with General Fang Lan and others, Qin Yi also knew more about the situation at that time.


When they plunged into this jungle, it was the moment when the leaf and sand war began. The foolish predecessor, as soon as he saw the battle he panicked and ordered an attack. As a result, there is no doubt that he had lifted a stone to smash his own foot.



A momentary battle enabled both parties to realize each other’s power.


It can be said that Konoha and the Sunagakure did not put these people in their eyes. After several rounds of fighting, they simply ignored them, and the main force was also placed on each other border.


“this is good, the risk is smaller.”


Qin Yi exclaimed, he still feels depressed


“Your Majesty, the top priority today is to meet with Her Royal Highness. The large troops are all under Her Royal Highness.”


Fang Lan said.


“How many people are there with Xi Yao?”


Qin Yi asked.


“In addition to the thousands of brothers that had been scattered before, there are about five or six thousand people with Her Highness.”


Fang Lan said.


Qin Yi nodded, five or six thousand, the number is not too small.


In his kingdom, there are about 10,000 elite troops.


After consulting each other for some time,




Half an hour later, a voice of an eagle instantly Gandalf jumped from it.


“What is it? Gandalf. ”



Qin Yi asked quickly.


“There are still some scattered soldiers on our left two kilometers away.”


Gandalf said.


When he discovered Fang Lan and others, Qin Yi jumped first, and Gandalf stayed around. After seeing that there was no problem he left and continued to search for soldiers.


“Fang Lan, send soldiers to get them back.”


Qin Yi said.


The latter has said loudly and arranged for it quickly.


“What does it feel like when you fight with someone in this sub-world?”


Gandalf asked when they walked together.


“The ninja named Mirē is very strong. I have a big gap with her. If it weren’t for the power of the king, I couldn’t even scare her away.”


“I just fought her for a short time, but most of my chakra was consumed.”


Qin Yi said.


Indeed, as he said when Qin Yi was riding on the eagle before he suddenly came up with an idea.


Under the power of the king, it is almost compatible with all kinds of forces. And the chakras he plundered had the nature of fire and wind, if these two properties Chakra fused, and then released with different hand signs, is it not equal to creating a new bloodline?


In the battle with Mirē, Qin Yi boldly tried it and he didn’t expect it to succeed. Only initial integration, the power is still slightly insufficient, and the consumption is enormous.


There are obvious disadvantages.


But this made him pleasantly surprised at the special nature of the king’s power and he also produced bolder ideas.


As an outsider, Qin Yi can say that many of the things in Naruto’s world are more familiar to him and he understands it more than others.


“Well, this power in the sub-world is indeed worth studying.”


Gandalf nodded.


“Gandalf, I will give you this kind of power cultivation method. You are responsible for teaching the kingdom’s soldiers as soon as possible.”


Qin Yi suddenly said.


Only relying on melee-weapons, they are difficult to confront with the ninja of this world.


“Ok, I’m also very interested in this kind of power.”


Gandalf nodded.


Afterward, Qin Yi passed Chakra’s practice to Gandalf. Later, he instilled the language directly into the minds of every kingdom soldier with the help of the king’s power.


As a king, Qin Yi could easily grant all the basic abilities of the subjects of the kingdom. This is also one of the privileges of the king.


But he also lamented the lack of strength of the kingdom at this time, or to a certain extent, he can even rely on the king’s power to directly transmit the cultivation civilization to every king’s subjects. It doesn’t need to be such a hassle.


At this point, Mirē team has also arrived at the camping base of the leaf.


“We had a brief contact with the strange troop,” she said.


“This time, we communicate with each other successfully.”


Mirē went into the tent and said.


“Oh? what exactly are they? What do they say? ”


Tobirama asked


“It should be the army of a small country nearby, but because of the language barrier, there was a battle when we approached us.”


Mirē said.


“I see.”


Tobirama said.


“In addition, there is ninja among to them.”


Mirēa was slightly hesitant here.




Tobirama has some doubts.


“The man actually developed a new technique that brought together the wind and the fire, forming a new bloodline.”


Mirē fast said.


It is careful because of this talent that the other side just let Mirē retreat. No one can tell whether there are other ninjas on the other side. It is better to be friends than enemies. Nowadays, they are in a war already, this is why Mirē didn’t make trouble for herself because its gonna make a trouble to the village.


“Is it? Can develop new techniques, integrate new bloodline, such a genius.”


After thinking about it for a while, Tobirama said.


“If you can, invite that person, I need to be clear about their attitude. In addition, notify our people, do not approach this group of people.


“Since it can be judged that the other side is not an enemy, there is no need to regenerate unnecessary killing.”


“Otherwise, my brother will know, and then be a bad thing will happen.”


he said and he seemed he get a headache when he talking about his brother.


“Yes, Senpai!”


Mirē quickly responded, and her figure disappeared.


“Can the unknown country develop new techniques and integrate bloodlines? It’s a little interesting. ”


Tobirama murmured and he was very interested in that person.


He pondered and arranged for the matter just in case, and he was prepared to get him back to Konoha.