The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 11: Bloodline!

Qin Yi took his own soldiers and quickly shuttled through the forest.


There are Gandalf sends giant eagles to fly, and they collect and disperse the soldiers much faster. At the same time, they also found that the ninjas of leaf seemed to have been ordered to stop attacking them.


Even these ninjas sometimes told them their companions’ places.


This makes Qin Yi feels good, although in mind that most of the ninja Konoha love peace. But after all, the reality is, they weren’t from Naruto’s world, and they have nothing to do with Konoha ninja in the end, and they even develop into a rivalry at any time.



“It is good from the leaf. They are expressing goodwill to us.”


Gandalf said with a smile.


“Well, if they are there, the speed with which we will gather will also be faster. Now we are at peace with the Konoha Ninjas, there is no need to worry about sand ninjas.”


Qin Yi nodded.


During this time, he orders Fang Lan to search for soldiers everywhere, but on the other side, he was also studying his own strength.


There are two kinds of chakras that have been plundered, which also indicates that the leaf Ninja identity is plundered. The two properties are wind and fire, and the ninjutsu obtained had both.


Like the ability to plunder the soul, he can use it with ease.


But in addition to that, Qin Yi discovered that according to the characteristics of the king’s power, he was able to combine these two qualities of Chakra as one, and then combined the two lines of ninjutsu to export a new ninjutsu.




Qin Yi’s eyes flickered, and he was clear that this was the bloodline in Naruto’s world


The ability produced by the combination of two chakras to merge change combinations is the blood limit. In addition, if you can fuse the three, it will be Bloodline Selection (KekkeiTōta), and then it will go up if you can integrate five kinds of chakras. Attributes will form a Bloodline Encompassing (KekkeiMōra)!


The power of the king is able to use all forces with ease, but it belongs to Chakra. It can actually achieve the integration of different qualities, which is beyond the expectation of Qin Yi.


This was also a shock to Qin Yi.


What does the integration of Chakra’s nature mean? Means that he can independently develop blood, ninjutsu!


Of course, this inevitably requires a lot of basic knowledge of ninjutsu and even involves an in-depth understanding of Chakra’s strength. But no doubt it is also pointed out the direction for Qin Yi’s future cultivation.


“If I can develop KekkeiMōra!”


The eyes of  Qin Yi radiated light, but it is the techniques released by Kaguya, every trick is destroying the earth. Even if it is not developed, but if it is to develop a secondary Bloodline Selection, it is a terrible stunt!


Want to know what time it is? The ninja village of the five major countries was initially established and ninjutsu was awaited. Many of the knowledge related to ninja have not yet been fully developed.


In this era, if he can gain a foothold, his gains in this world will be hard to imagine.


“If I want to evolve, I must first master five types of Chakras! Before that, my chakras must also be upgraded.”


in mind of Qin Yi.


after that, Qin Yi smiled.


in Naruto’s world, there is a famous ninjutsu, which is also the unique skill of the main character Naruto.


“Nothing can’t be solved by Rasengan and If there is, then two will!”


The right hand opens, and the wind chakra begins to swirl and gather.


Qin Yi understood the principles and only took him one try to figure it out. If this technique is created, there will be a marked enhancement in his combat effectiveness.


Gandalf noticed Qin Yi moves, he looked slightly.


“Every King is a gifted man. his Majesty has begun to grasp the power of the world.”


Gandalf said


“Yes, this power, called Chakra is amazing. In the human body is used as a source of energy. Through different printing styles, it is possible to release ninjutsu with different abilities.”


“According to my opinion, if this energy is large enough, it can even destroy the sky and destroy the earth it is terrible”


Qin Yi replied.


Gandalf nodded his head thoughtfully, and he began to learn the way of Qin Yi and gather the energy he had just cultivated.


Qin Yi Shen Sheng replied.


Gandalf nodded his head thoughtfully, and he began to learn the way of Qin Yi and gather the energy he had just cultivated.


“zzzzzzzzzz ”


A sharp chirping sound resounded, like a thousand birds calling, and it made Qin Yi’s face feel a bit shocked.


“this is?!”




shocked. Qin Yi did not expect that Gandalf had just learned how to master this technique.


This is a big joke! He hasn’t mastered Rasengan yet, and Gandalf even Mastered Chidori!


“This seems to be a change in the nature of this energy, in addition to the pattern aspects.”


Gandalf said with Chidori in his hand buzzed into the shape of a bird.


But soon, the bird was dispersed.


“In my body, this force is too little to be able to exert it.”


Gandalf Shaking his head and said.


Qin Yi was shocked and thoroughly understood the ability of the demigod. The energy that is completely unfamiliar to the different world, Gandalf can master it so quickly.


“Gandalf, you really amazing.”


Qin Yi admired and said, the cyclone in the right hand of Qin Yi is also getting bigger and bigger, and gradually tuned light blue.


A little swirl of air in the palm of his hand appears in your palm and is driving the wind around him.


“Your Majesty is the true great talented. You must know that every king is a dragon in the human race. The old man just studied the energy itself.”


Watching the cyclone in Qin Yi’s palm, Gandalf sighed.


Dispelling the little cyclone in his hand, Qin Yi shook his head and he knew he was still far behind.


Gandalf then began teaching soldiers to practice Chakra. When they came into contact with the new practice, these soldiers were very excited and accepted one by one excitedly.


“The type of the technique is still too short.”


Qin Yi looked at the soldiers and think.


if the soldiers learned Chakra’s and combined with various techniques, they soon become real ninjas.


Just in this world, Ninjutsu in the five major countries is an absolute secret, and it is difficult to get through the normal way.


“However, Chakra can also improve their physical strength and teach them all Shadow Clone Technique. It should be enough for the time being!”

Half an hour later, all the soldiers probably learned how to do it, and their expressions were uplifting and energetic.


Everyone started again, and in the afternoon, behind Qin Yi, nearly 1000 soldiers were gathered.


At nightfall, a leaf Ninja with a cat’s face mask suddenly appeared in front of them.


“I’m sorry to bother you, but the Hokage want to meet with your leader,” he said


Cat face ninja tone is very polite, and cold.


Qin Yi looked awkward. his heart rates at this time suddenly accelerated.


Hashirama Senju! it’s true the legendary ninja want to see me.


he took a deep breath…