The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 12: Eagles!

At this time, if he can connect with Hashirama. it will be something excellent


in the next second a figure suddenly flashed.


“Although I don’t like coming to you, Tobirama asked me to come to deliver the message.”


Mire’s face appeared to everyone.


“Your other large force seems to have entered the Land of Wind.”


“The situation is very dangerous!”


The few words make Qin Yi’s expression immediately changed.


“The people of the wind land may not be as merciful as we are.” ”


“In fact during this time it was mostly them who was killing your army.”


“After invading our territory, they certainly treated you as allies of Konoha.”


Mire continued.


The people present were able to understand the language of the Naruto world and their expressions all was changed,


Qin Yi looked more serious in a moment and he shouted, “Fang Lan!”


Fang Lan immediately stepped out: “Yes!”


“camp here and do nothing without my orders!”


As soon as his eyes changed, Fang Lan would speak, but after Qin Yi looked at him, he could only respond quickly.




Qin Yi took a deep breath and asked Mire: “How far is this place of my army?”


“Not far away, and then 15 miles to the southwest, you can see a desert.”


“And they should be in that desert now.”


Mire said faintly.


“it is good!”


Qin Yi nodded.




Gandalf turned back




The eagle soon came and fell to the ground.




Mire and the cat face mask on the side looked at each other in surprise.


In the next second, Qin Yi and Gandalf ride on the giant eagle and fly away from the ground after an eagle’s voice


Fifteen miles away, the giant eagle can fly quickly. After a minute, Qin Yi and Gandalf can already see the edge of the jungle, a yellow desert.


“over there!”


Looking down from above, they can see that a large number of soldiers are guarding a woman to withdraw toward the forest. In the distance of the woman, in the desert, there is a figure passing through the soldiers, and each time it flashes, there will be a lot of blood spilling, and some soldiers fell down


More than 5,000 soldiers formed a solid wall of people at this time. They stood in front of the woman, shouted, snarled, and rushed to invincible enemies, using their own bodies. Block their melee-weapons. They tried to grasp each other with their hands, creating opportunities for their partners, but they could not do it.


Although the number of enemies is only 100, the fighting capacity is exceptionally horrible.


“those weak bunch how dare to participate in our battle with Konoha!”


“Kill them all!”


“The woman seems to be their high-level woman. I’ll grab her and bring it with me. I’ll kill her in front of them ”


The leader of the sand ninjas said with a cold sound shout


They were kicked out of the jungle by Konoha in the small scale of the previous war. Just returned to the desert, then was attacked by this group of weak guys, at this time the heart is full of the grudge. With the loss, let them vent their anger in front of these weak people.


Hearing the command of sands ninja, a dozen figures flashed immediately and rushed toward the princess who was about to return to the jungle.


“Protect her royal highness!”



The general who stood beside the princess was gazing and yelled.


The eager soldiers, rushing to the enemy one after another, vowed to stop the enemy.




“No!! Give me back!”




“Don’t die with no reason!”



“This is an order!”


the young girl in red dress roared with a hoarse voice, her eyes full of tears.

On this day, she saw too much blood and saw too many familiar faces. The soldiers of the Kingdom died one by one, leaving one by one, making her depressed


“Let me go, I will fight, let me die with them!!”


The girl rushed out of the wall and was pulled by the soldiers.


“Hello, Her Royal Highness is not impulsive. If the soldiers are all finished, I will protect the Princess!”


“Now, also please retreat, protect yourself!”



The general shouted.



Shouting and killing, the pungent smell of blood, the woman will cry dry tears. The general looked serious, but only occasionally saw the woman beside him, could not help but reveal a trace of pity.


Only 15-years old will bear such wars and pressures. The girl’s pain, in his heart, he understood it very well.


“the princess is outstanding but unfortunately her brother is a waste.”


“What is even more hopeless is that waste is the king of this country!”


The general was in his mind to think of it.


Under persuasion, the girl finally agreed with tears. She looked at the fallen soldiers in front of her. Her heart was bleeding, she was angry, she was unwilling and she was distressed.


Every one of the kingdom warriors is most elite and has long lived with them. The feelings of the girl and soldiers are very profound.


This is also the danger at this time, every soldier is willing to sacrifice for his life, to strive for the girl’s one second or two seconds to escape.


However, the long human wall can’t stop the progress of Sand’s ninjas. For more than a dozen seconds for people who don’t deliberately fight, the speed is very fast. In just a few ten seconds, they have crossed a distance of several hundred meters. , came to the front of the girl and others.


“You, a group of weak chickens, really do not know where they are coming from and dare to fight with us.”


With a disdainful smile, the ninja drew out his kunai and prepared to kill.


The distance between the girl and him are very close. It is easy for them to catch each other.




The soldiers could not understand what the other person was saying, but they could feel the other person’s killing intention. Without hesitation, they rushed up with a long knife.




The scarlet blood spilled and dyed the desert, and more than ten sand ninjas quickly moved forward.


“Stop them!!”


The general changed his complexion, roared with anger, drew out his long sword, and made preparations for fighting at any time.


The girl’s face was calm, and her eyes were filled with cold hatred and anger.


She was not afraid of death. She was grieved by the death of the Kingdom warrior.




When soldiers reduce one, the men will have less hope of living.


She doesn’t want the man to die. Even if the man discarded it, she didn’t want it.


Suddenly, a figure jumped high enough to reach ten meters.


The young girl looked up and could see the cold kill in the other’s eyes. She had no fear and slowly pulled out her long sword.


The desert, the blood, the slaughter, the hideous, and the sword hung in the Maiden’s hands.


It is a sad and sad picture, which makes people tremble.


“Wow hahaha, this woman is mine!”


He shouted.




Suddenly, an eagle sounded through the sky.