The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 13: Double Print!



in the desert, a thunder suddenly sounded, a white figure appeared here.


the sand ninjas didn’t know how this figure showed up.


However, they clearly saw the cold face of the other person’s face and the killing intent exuding from his body.


“It is an enemy, kill him!”


The leader shouted.


At the moment, behind the figure of the white robe, is the kingdom’s warrior who is dying and fighting.


“God loves the world, but the world angers God with blood!”


“You guys make me angry!”


the white robe figure slowly said, he slowly raised his hand with his wood staff.


The sand’s ninja was very fast. In a blink of an eye he had reached his body and the kunai was sheathed.


Suddenly, Gandalf inserted the staff into the ground under his feet.




The immense thunder rang out loud  At this moment both the kingdom soldiers and ninjas are shocked.


in this sunny time of the day, which turns dark at this time and thunder roars was heard and the sky was filled with flickering lights.




Gandalf shouted.




he shouts again, and the lightning that spreads over the sky is actually smashed down to this moment and spread to his staff.


Immediately afterward, this thunder and lightning passed through the staff and swept away in all directions to form a chain of lightning.





In front of him the Sand ninja who was slow to respond he was immediately hit by lightning, explode directly, the other ninja responding quickly but After three or four replacements, there would be charred one.


the thunder and lightning continued for more than a dozen times. , When everything subsided, there were only burnt corpses in front of Gandalf.


sands ninjas panicked and trembled.


“This ninjutsu!!”


They have never seen such a mighty ninjutsu. It was only a blow and Nearly thirty people lost their lives.


Close to the jungle, another sand ninjas went straight to the girl.


However, at this time a figure fell directly in front of the girl, accompanied by a crash


When the girl pulled her sword desperately, another figure fell at a faster speed, accompanied by a crash, and fell directly to the front of the girl.


The young girl draws her sword and held it hard.


“Give me the sword.”


A familiar voice let the girl all body shake, she couldn’t believe it,


But the figure takes the sword from the girl’s hand and looked up at the sand that had reached the top of her head.


“do not afraid. it’s me.”


With the cold and gentle words sounding into her ears, she cried instantly.


long time of pressure, one month of pain and suffering and countless times to swearing allegiance to her and see the soldiers died to save her. The emaciated body and a fragile heart endured a certain amount of grief, but it has seemed strong on the surface.


But at this moment, when these few words were heard, she couldn’t hold herself anymore.


“Watch carefully, I’ll avenge you.”


their bloody words made the girl afraid.


With the cold wind coming down, the Ninja’s grim face came closer and the kunai in his hand suddenly flicked.


Qin Yi has a single-handed sword. His eyes are cold at this moment. The sword in his hand pierces.




the sword beat the heart and penetrates the Ninja’s chest directly.


The crisp blow made the Ninjas eyes flashing, and the general and soldiers around him were also stunned at this moment.


When they saw the face of this figure, they were shocked.


“Your majesty!!!”


they said


“go back!”


Qin Yi said.


The general was quick-sighted he grabbed the girl and walked back, and the soldiers around him also followed him back.


At this moment, all the people who saw the temperament of the young man all know that besides the body there was an unknowable change.




At this moment, the ninja body that had been stabbed by Qin Yi burst and disappeared.




There are soldiers yelling to awaken.


The general widened his eyes and actually saw him in front of them.


Qin Yi turned around with each left and right hands printing and quickly flashed, almost instantly his mouth has been puffy.


“Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique!”


“Wind Release: Spiraling Wind Ball”


The two ninjutsu were completed at the same time, and a huge fireball rushed out three meters hitting the ninja directly and causing it to burst into a white mist again.



At the same time, a ninja appeared in the five meters on the left side of Qin Yi.


But this time, he just appeared and his face changed greatly.


“It’s impossible!”


Qin Yi’s eyes were cold as h slowly turned around.


An air gun, at this moment, hit the ninja, let him vomit a blood, fell down on the sand, more than a dozen meters after away.




Another sand ninja running in the distance saw this scene, his heart was shocked.


“What a joke!”


“The left and right hands each have different prints, which are issued almost together.”


“What the hell is this guy?!”


In the next moment, he saw Qin Yi’s figure appear in front of a tree.




Qin Yi looks extremely cold and launches the king’s ability.


Chakra was the only one plundered this time. He did not plunder the other person’s soul. Chakra quickly flowed into his body, allowing him to instantly replenish his deficit, and he would be instantly replenished.


“It’s just a Chūnin, but he had so much Chakra?”


Eyes flashed, Qin Yi turned and hit a sword, blocking the Kunai flying at him.


Immediately afterward, his body disappeared and he leaped to the front of sand ninja, who launched an attack on him.


the Sand ninja retreated quickly in pain, but he doesn’t expect the other side to be so fast.




A depressing whisper came out, and the damage in sand ninja hands was shot down and his fingers spread.


Qin Yi eyes flash, his right hand suddenly raised his finger at the other.


“It’s impossible!”


It was shocking to see the actions of Qin Yi at this time Senju Tobirama who had just arrived here.


He saw neither the Thunder S class ninjutsu Gandalf used nor the speed of hand sealed Qin Yi used and the speed at which he was released at the same time. However, he felt a terrible premonition which deeply shocked him.


However, it is more than this at the moment!






Shadow was cast on the sand ninja’s face, his fingers were pressed against Qin Yi’s and the latter was using his hands to print seals.


It was the same as aiding Qin Yi.


In other words, the moment the two men pointed at each other, his fingers were controlled and they helped Qin Yi print!


Almost a moment.


“Wind Release: Breakthrough!”


In the frightened eyes of sand ninja, Qin Yi opened his mouth and release a whirlwind.