The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 14 : How Genius!


“Puff puff.”


in a second the fierce wind blades cut the Ninja’s body.


Step by step, Qin Yi once again launched the plunder ability.


the Chakra was flow and his veins began to pop up.


On the edge of the jungle, Tobirama watches Qin Yi and he is shocked.


“This boy’s seals!”


“Are you kidding?”


Gandalf once said that the king is a talented genius.


Before Qin Yi did not have any real fight he supposed that he can master Chakra and Ninjutsu faster than others.


But at this moment, when he is in real combat he deeply realized this.


Each hand prints exceed the speed of ordinary people’s printing, as well as the borrowing of the other’s hands.


It was a flash of light in his mind, but in a very short time, he makes decisions quickly. And, he is more aware of the flow, more able to determine the opponent’s attack position.


There is no doubt that these are derived from his so-called king’s power.


What is a genius? This is a genius! Others have to spend a long time mastering it. He only needs to ponder it a little and he can master it. Others need to spend a lifetime to master, he only needs to spend a little time to master. They cannot be mastered by others but he can develop it and become a precedent.


This horrible talent, this is a king!


At this moment, he is in need of such a gift and He is also glad that he had this talent.


Otherwise, everything in front of him will probably be different.


His eyes turned colder, the bodies of the soldiers in front of each other, bloody, pungent and irritating, and the grief of the girls that always linger.


He plundered twice in a row to make him feel his head hurt, but all of them could hardly conceal his anger and killing intent.


The sacrifice of the soldiers, the pain of the young girl, made him heartless!


He is the king of a country. He is the only one qualified and the only man who can take responsibility in this kingdom!


“You all deserve to die!” ”


The pain made him look grim and crazy at the moment.


he was stepping up and stepping forward, his own chakra and the new Chakra provides him with a more powerful force, immediately he appears behind the next ninja.



The longsword waved and pierced straight into the chest of the ninja.




Another chakra plundered into his body, Qin Yi’s head hurt more




he cried.


But at the same time, the amount of chakra in his body also suddenly jumped one at a time becoming a level of Jōnin.


He was even stronger but he felt more pain. Even his vision was beginning to blur.


On the big trees on the edge of the jungle, Tobirama looked very surprised.


“This boy’s Chakra seems to have grown stronger! But his spiritual energy is weakening and the damage is very bad.”


“Yes, I’m also feeling it.”


“But it’s really hard to imagine that his Chakra amount is a low-level ninja. Just now he only took it.”


uchiha Izuna having a Sharingan with three tomoe., he said with a tone full of shock.




Tobirama more surprised.


He stared at Qin Yi tightly and he was completely ignorant about what was happened with the other ninjas.


Behind the road, a figure of Ninja has arrived here.


“Tobirama, this kid is definitely a genius, even he is not less than Hashirama!”


Izuna Uchiha said in a serious voice.


The speed of printing and the strange way of printing are just like creating a new style!


Tobirama indulged in a moment, slightly hesitated, and then suddenly ordered.


“Protect these fighters, especially the girl.”


Izuna Uchiha surprised: “Tobirama?!”


“Sand ninjas is an enemy. During this period of time, they harassed us and thought I didn’t know what they are planning?”


“on the other hand.”


he paused.


Tobirama stared at Qin Yi’s shaking body with a serious look.


“This kid is really shocking! If…”


He did not finish talking, but the Ninjas at the scene understood what he meant. Mire is more surprised to look at the Qin Yi. Yes, he is a strange boy from the weak enemy, and his opponents those sand ninjas are at the level of jōnin.


But the ingenious attack and the smoothness of the combat rhythm even surpass her.


What is this genius?


At the time of Konoha’s initial construction, Hokage Hashirama was recruiting and inviting major families to form a strong and happy village. Because of the establishment of the five major countries and the Hidden villages, the major Hidden villages on the surface have also maintained peace, and the occasional friction is only uncasual cases. But to maintain peace on this surface, the first thing you need is the strength.


There is no doubt that the source of this power is more of the upper stratum in the village, the ninjas.


there is a Genius ninja among them. Moreover, the king’s is aware of the number of soldiers hi had. They numbered five or six thousand.


Such an identity and talent will undoubtedly give the attention of Tobirama. Although there is a difference in the age of the other it does not matter.


“Create bloodline, super prints, and bizarre upgrades. This guy is quite mysterious!”


Tobirama’s eyes shone.


The ninjas of Konoha soon took action and they quickly came to the edge of the jungle to the other soldiers.


“All soldiers, all back!”


At the moment, Gandalf, standing in the front, suddenly shouted.


Although the soldiers did not understand it after seeing the thunder and the familiar language, they all knew that he was from their side and quickly retreated backward.


“who are you?”


The Sands chiefs across the street were full of jealousy in their eyes. They were shocked by the thunder.


There are more and more ninjas seen in the corner of the eye. The leader also knows that when he most not fighting, he makes gestures and order to retreat.


“Old Gandalf!”


“Wangcheng city’s ordinary old man!”


His eyes were full of cold killing intent. Gandalf looked around the soldier’s corpse, and the white robes on his body radiated light.


This light is very holy and full of the strong breath of life, but the remaining sand ninja of the opposite side does not feel comfortable, but intolerable suffering and scorching heat.


“The holy light!”


He took a deep breath, Gandalf did not hesitate, holding his staff with both hands and slamming forward.




The glowing white light dazzled to the eye, and everyone’s eyes were damaged by this white light and couldn’t help but close them. And at the front, those ninjas are screaming in disgrace, distorted and dispersed in the white light.


After a slight tilt, everything was subsided but Gandalf’s front was empty.


Konoha’s ninja’s pupils contract and they are shocked.


At this moment, the screams suddenly came out.


People quickly turned their heads and they saw Qin Yi’s right-hand release a sand corpse, and his body was trembling violently.