The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 16: The Opportunity!


Three days later, the sunlight crossed the gaps between the trees of the forest.


Qin Yi shook his head as he woke up but He felt his head was heavy.


“Qin Yi!”


The whisper was heard in his ear, so he opened his eyes.


In front of his eyes, a pair of red and swollen eyes appeared with a face full of worry, that face belonged to his little sister.


“Xi Yao.”


he took a glance around him when he found himself surrounded by soldiers, Qin Yi breathed a sigh of relief and a smile appeared on his face.


At least, the great pressure on his mind finally reduced.


When he knew that he was reborn as a king and his goal is to conquer the other worlds. He found out that his own sister and all the soldiers were trapped and didn’t have any way out he had been depressed and terrified

Until now when most people were there has he finally relaxed.


“You’re all right, that’s good, that’s good!”


Gandalf, Qin Lin, Fang Lan and others said and then quickly smiled.


This king is not the one they knew before. Perhaps it was because of the last life and death experience that he has changed. But this is certainly what they needed.


Three hours later, Qin Yi completely recovered his energy.


The continuous plundering allowed his energy to run out and his mental power to suffer. However, after three days of rest, the sides effects disappeared


After talking with Gandalf, the other party said full of doubt.


“I had been with your father for a long while, and this power, even if he has rarely used, would cause great shock to mental and willpower.”


“And the period of weakness is very long, but you.”


when he speaking of this Gandalf looked at Qin Yi’s eyes very strangely.


“Ha hahaha, maybe I am in good health, but this is good news, isn’t it?”


Qin Yi was full of energy. He squeezed his fists and let go as he could feel the chakra inside of him.


The light blue Chakra interacted a subtle six-pointed star that exudes a touch of brilliance.


After silently feeling the power in his body Qin Yi’s eyes began to twinkle.


“Three types of Chakras! In addition to the previous wind and fire, the plunder gave me the chakra nature of the earth!”


Qin Yi said.


This is certainly a happy news. The three chakra nature proves his previous ideas.


The multi-functional power of the king is able to help him master the five kinds of Chakra nature, and in turn, he can develop stronger bloodlines.


“According to Naruto, there are seven types of Chakra’s nature: water, fire, wind, thunder, earth, yin, and yang!”



“If I can master these seven properties and integrate them, I will be able to get close to the truth and the ultimate power of this world.”


Qin Yi’s eyes were shining.


Power is a man’s natural pursuit and becoming a strong person is the desire that runs through every man. He held the greatest knowledge about Naruto’s world and is also a king who had an army in his hands


In this world, as long as he doesn’t die like his predecessor and strives for power, there is a great chance that he will become a strong person in this world.


Even Qin Yi was thinking.


“It is not impossible to build up a village and make a Naruto’s world evolves my kingdom!”


This is the highest goal. As far as he knew, his village must be different from the rest of the worlds and it must be very civilized. It must be the most powerful village in this world.


At that time, the land of Fire would have a large land and a powerful ninja force army like Konoha

Of course, this will take a long time. but Qin Yi was not in a hurry, he is very patient to achieve his ideals.


Nearly 6,000 people are stationed in the forest of Konoha. It has to be said that this is still troublesome. It has always been a bad idea to settle on other people’s land.


Konoha can allow this army to be temporarily stationed, but not for long.


But after a while, the three generals of the army came to him.


“Your Majesty!”


After Qin Yi opened his eyes and practiced for a while his Chakra grew again.


“Generals, we should make a plan for the next action.”


the Three generals Qin Lin, Fang Lan, and Yang Yi.


Gandalf was also bent to stand on Qin Yi side at this time with His tall body, which was almost three meters. Xi Yao had no rest for a long time. Qin Yi requested for her to go to bed.


“For Gandalf, the three generals may not know him. Let me make a brief introduction.”


“Gandalf is the talent that my father brought from the outside world and left him to me. He is also the only person in our country, except me who have supernatural forces. and he is the strongest person among us!”


Qin Yi said with a smile and he pointed to Gandalf.


“the generals are good, when I was in the King’s City I saw them a lot.”


Gandalf laughed.


“Mr. Gandalf.”


The generals were surprised and looked at Gandalf carefully.


Supernatural power! It seems that everyone in this sub-world has this kind of power. It is clear to them how powerful they are when they have fought and experienced them.


And this old man has shown this same kind of power.


“You three generals have been here for a month, and I am ashamed of the mistakes I made before.”


“But, there will be no more in the future. I promise you.”


Qin Yi said straightly


” We’ll always follow you, Your Majesty.”


“Time is tight, let’s talk about business!”


Qin Lin said.


he pulled out a map from his arms he spread it slowly and put it on the ground.


A king, three generals, and a demigod were sitting on the ground as began their discussion.


“In one month, although we fought against these ninjas we lost a lot but not without any gains.”


“We have paid the price of many lives and we have also killed many of them.”


“Before, we got their items and maps. After scrolling, it is not clear what these things are for. But when we understand their language, everything was clear!”.


Qin Lin slowly said.


Obviously, in these three days, they have already made a summary of what they had gained.


“The most important thing is to determine where we are going. The army of 6,000 people represents 6,000 mouths Our supplies are no longer enough!”


“That is to say, we need a place to settle now!”


“According to the information we currently have, this sub-world is in big disorder.”


general Yang Yi said and pointed his finger at the map.


“They seem to have just ended the War. Today, it is the beginning of the Ninja era.”


“In this troubled time, it is our opportunity!”



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