The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 17: The New Country



The people of the kingdom Wangcheng are not missing wisdom because their civilization has also been strong before. They just degraded too much and had to start again.


So, for some things, there is a very clear concept for these generals.


“Actually, before we saw the border between the country of fire and the country of wind, there was a blank area 50 kilometers west of the desert. We just wanted to go there.”


“That’s it!”


Yang Yi saying and shook his head.


To survive in this world they first need to gain a foothold. at this time they are like Lost refugees. They don’t have land. This is so bad.


Qin Yi and the others are silent. They are very clear about what follows.


“After discussions, we changed the plan. Today, we can say that our relationship with Konoha is pretty peaceful.”


“But we can’t be comfortable just yet. After all, there was friction between us before.”


Yang Yi continued to say that his fingers swiped the map crossed the forest of Konoha and reached the valley of the end and finally stopped on the next island.


“As far as I know, the island is still unoccupied and it’s not even marked on the map!”


“And the area is not big, the five major Villages are now forbidding each other from going near their villages, and there is small friction constantly, this will be our best place.”


Fang Lan also said at this time.


“Yang Yi said that this island is indeed our best place. What we need to do now is stabilize. Then develop our village and provide materials for ourselves.”


“This is a medium-sized island with rich resources If we go there it will be easy to occupy it and develop steadily.”


Qin Yi listening to the three said as he thought slightly.


He recognized the three islands that the trio said. It is the country of waves in the future. It is near the village of Konoha and surrounded by the sea. Today there is no indication on the map, That is to say, there is no country of waves.


a smile appears on his eyes, Qin Yi nodded.


“Yes, this is our best choice!”


“Then our goal is this island!”


After they heard Qin Yi agree, the three generals smiled.


They also discussed this matter many times before and even discussed whether it can be attached to a big country, but they have eventually rejected this idea. Their ultimate goal is to have a big development in this world. If something does not have a good start, then the follow-up will become very difficult. If they can occupy the island and then establish a small village and a small country, they can develop it step by step.



“Secondly, the general historical background of the world. As I said before, the five great powers have just stepped through the Warring period and entered the Ninja era, which is a period of balance and relative stability.


“This is good news for us. When it is peace, it is suitable for us for development. Otherwise, in the war, like the previous battles, Konoha would be merciless, and our losses will be even more severe.”


Fang Lan said.


Qin Yi nodded slightly. He also understood this reason and motioned to the other party to continue talking.


“Finally, it’s power!”


In this case, Qin Lin’s eyes were fierce.


When they came to this world, they were defeated and the reasons for the heavy losses were due to their weak strength.



“On this side, it relies on your majesty.”


“Mr. Gandalf and General Fang Lan said that you have already come into contact with this kind of power.”


Qin Yi nodded: “yes, this force is named chakra, which is divided into seven properties and according to the different talents of each person, a different chakra property will be awakened.”




“They divide Ninja grades into genin, Chunen, special jōnin, jōnin, Kage and so on.”




“The Kage level is the highest authority in a village and the strongest.”



“In the next time, our army must learn this power quickly. Even though we don’t have enough ninjutsu at this time, Chakra has a strong effect on physical growth and the use of some small methods.”


At this point, the three generals nodded silently.


“Gandalf, Fang Lan, teaching the army about Chakra’s will be handed to you!”


After that, Qin Yi looked at the scroll.


“This scroll, I need it, besides, the language of the world, I will let everyone grasp it through the power of the king.”


The three generals rose quickly and put their right fist on the left chest.


“Thank you, your majesty!”


Then they quickly left with Gandalf. Obviously, for mastering Chakra, the trio and their soldiers were highly motivated.


Qin Yi looks at the back of the three and shook his head and slowly rolled the scroll open.


“is this the earth release?”


“Double Suicide Decapitation Technique,  Earth-Style Wall, Earth Flow River, etc.”


Soon, Qin Yi saw something on the scroll. It was the method of recording the ninjutsu.


He tried to remember in his mind and then discovered that his talent was amazing. After only half an hour’s exercise, he was proficient enough to release it at any time.


“Then there are some tactics but now I have too few ninjas, which mean it is useless.”


He shook his head and accepted reality.


“Bloodline, Chakra nature, ninjutsu.”


Qin Yi sat on the ground and thought.


In order to enhance their strength, apart from plundering, he was looking for the bloodlines, Chakra. only, in order to develop a bloodline in addition to his luck in the start, there is no sign of how to do it.


“Maybe I lack knowledge!”


After a moment, Qin Yi shook his head.


To understand the power of this world, knowing power is just an introduction. What he needs to do is understand it completely.


“If I can get a lot of ninjutsu scrolls.”


Qin Yi’s eyes brightened,


Chakra is energy, and ninjutsu releases this energy, which is also a way to increase energy. If the energy is strong then the ninjutsu will be strong.


“I can try to develop stronger ninjutsu by myself!”


If his left and right hands are printed separately, he can also turn it into ninjutsu if he develops it further.


And if this kind of printing is developed, it will be the first case in this world.


“This is the easiest thing I can develop at the moment!”


after he thought of this, Qin Yi was a little excited.


Qin Yi has found a way to quickly become stronger at the moment, and he soon began practicing in his mind.


With his talent, if it is achieved in the mind it can also be released outside the body.


another three days passed.


In three days, Qin Yi’s army, with 6,000 fighters, basically mastered Chakra’s cultivation methods. At this point, everyone’s expression is filled with confidence and excitement.


It also made him relaxed, as long as this group of soldiers had Chakra and learned to be a ninja, then they could do more in the future.


Also on this day, the ninja sent by Konoha came.


“My lord the Hokage wants to see you.”


The ninja in the dark part with a cat face mask was polite, but Qin Yi’s expression was serious.