The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 23: Conflicts



The people watching were surprised one time after the other by Qin Yi. First, he printed different techniques with each hand at the same time, then he used two techniques that didn’t need printing and now he’s holding lightning in his hand.


the people watching are all stunned by these ninjutsu.


Even a strong man like Uchiha Madara was surprised.


“What a genius!”


Hashirama said with a smile,


In a short battle, Qin Yi made everyone here see his amazing talent.


“How do you want to do it? Little boy. ”


Uchiha Madara seems interested and asked,




Qin Yi didn’t say a word.


In the next second, the golden lightning that was in Qin Yi’s hand moved like a whip.


In a short time, the lightning was extended and rushed towards Madara.



Madara jumped up high and the lightning struck the roof of the house which burst afterward.


Qin Yi shook his right hand again.


The long lightning whip was held in his hands as he waved it at Madara’s spot again and again.




A series of explosion sounded.  Madara showed a fearful speed. In the blink of an eye, he arrived beside Qin Yi’s face.


“Your technique is very good and it is even without printing, but on the other hand.”


“it is very weak!”


His voice was indifferent, and his pupil turned into a dark three-pointed tomoe in a flash. When three tomoe came out, it was a rapid rotation, followed by a black line, connecting three tomoe, and extending a black line between tomoe.


Mangekyō Sharingan!


Qin Yi was shocked. When he saw his eyes


At the same time, a dangerous breath swept through his whole body.


“The strength of the king is far from enough to use Gandalf’s power.”


After perceiving the power of the Mangekyo, Qin Yi felt heavy.


Gandalf’s was a demigod in the Lord of the Rings. he does not belong to Naruto’s world if all of them are inequivalent, even if he can’t resist the strong man like Madara, he will not lose badly.


but, the strength of the King that Qin Yi had at the moment cannot fully release his strength.


“However, your strength and talent really made me agree!”


“I look forward to seeing your strength when you grow up.”


“But at the moment.”


Uchiha Madara said faintly, he let Qin Yi mind feel more intense crisis.


“Holy light!”


Qin Yi’s shouted and his body once again bloomed shiny white light. And this time, the white light more powerful and the temperature was higher.


“I’ve seen this skill once. Do you think it will work again?” ”


Madara said as he moved behind Qin Yi.


“not good!”


The cold blade has reached his neck and made his eyes shrink crazily.


In the courtyard, Gandalf and two generals were all tenses at this time.




“No, the strength of his majesty is exhausted!”


Gandalf’s heart shuddered.


He understands the state of Qin Yi at this time. It can be said that if it is an explosive power, it is absolutely fierce. However, he can’t stay in that state for a long time.


the people on the roof were scared, even Gandalf as he felt the dark force, he knew that even for him, facing this kind of power is extremely difficult.


Qin Yi finally reached his limit.


“Enough, Madara!”


At this moment, one hand grabbed Madara’s wrist and let it go slowly.




Uchiha Madara said.


“Qin’s strength and talent have already won our recognition.”


“So that’s it!”


Hashirama said.


Madara did not respond but stared at him coldly.


Without knowing when, their relationship was deteriorating day by day forming a gap between the two of them.


“One day, your kindness will hurt you.”


Madara said and he looked at Qin Yi’s eyes then he turned around and leapt and disappeared after several jumps.


With the departure of Madara, the Uchiha group also quickly left.


Qin Yi took a long breath and felt relaxed.


In this short period of time, the power of the king was almost exhausted, the same as his chakra.


And Madara didn’t use the power of the Mangekyo! From the beginning to the end of the fight there are only a few shadows and no ninjutsu.


Qin Yi knew that there is a huge gap between their powers. He quickly judged at the bottom of his heart that even using the power of the king, his power would almost be comparable to Jōnin.


And this Jōnin is only a common one.


After all, he came to the world for a short time and the skills and the experience he gained were far from enough.


“Qin, are you okay?”


“Qin, how do you feel?”




Hashirama asked as he was somewhat worried about Qin Yi.




Madara disagreed with Hashirama but this conflict is still in the level of ideas.




The quarrel between the two has been going for a long time.




“Madara is over-aggressive!”




“The village is at a time of peaceful development but He always calls to use the power to eliminate everything. It is a stupid thing.”




“Hashirama, you shouldn’t continue to let him mess around.”




“Yes, Hokage-Sama Madara has gone too far!”




At this time, the elders of the families began to speak and Their eyes were full of hatred and disgust of Uchiha Madara.


Qin Yi jumps down the roof.


“I am sorry for destroyed so many wooden houses Hokage.”


Hashirama turns around and laughs, “It’s nothing, Qin.”


At this point, Gandalf and the two generals also hurried over and looked at Qin Yi with concern When they noticed that his strength was exhausted, they just breathed a sigh of relief.


“Next time, let me do this, your majesty.”


“Though the old man is too old, he still has the power to battle.”


Gandalf said to him and he took the staff to the ground.




The ground quickly cracked and cracked and passed to ten meters away, the ninja surprised


People at this time just looked at Gandalf, from the beginning they only pay attention to Qin Yi, but there is a thick and majestic atmosphere around him, he is quite horrifying.


“i feet that old man no any less powerful than a Kage.”




The Crowd started whispering to each other.


“Now the matter has been discussed, the wood leaf will form an alliance with the state of Qin from this moment onward.”


Hashirama said loudly.


No one present opposed this decision.