The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 22: What to do



Gandalf’s eyes narrowed as he got ready for anything. He felt a great threat from this man!


“Konoha does not align with wastes!”


“So, you need to show your value!”


Uchiha Madara said and his voice was cold and his expression was indifferent.


Hashirama’s face changed slightly,


“Madara, Qin is a talented person …”


Madara has a smirk and he takes a direct look at Qin Yi.


“If no one from you and your 6000 soldiers is a strong man how can you help us?”


“And I prefer to include you in the country of the fire instead of an alliance.”


“If you don’t agree, that s all of it”


As soon as his remark came out, the two generals expressions suddenly changed, and they pulled out their long sword on their waist suddenly.


But Uchiha Madara ignored the both of them and he looked directly at Qin Yi.


his dark eyes were suddenly changed at this moment and turned into three tomoe Sharingan.


Qin Yi was shocked, after taking a breath, the scene in front of him changed.


The swords flashed, followed by screams.


When he looked back and saw Qin Lin and Yang Yi, who were already in a pool of blood.




In an instant, Qin Yi has already believed what was in front of him.


The scene in front of him was real, and even the smell of blood was real. People can do nothing but believe this.


“Your Majesty!”


Suddenly Gandalf shouted and light emerged from him. After which Qin Yi returned to normal.


Uchiha Madara showed his cold eye and looked at Gandalf behind Qin Yi.


His figure was already in front of Qin Yi.


“You are too weak, you are worthless for Konoha.”


he said in an indifferent voice which was like thunder in the ears of Qin Yi.


his eyes contracted and Qin Yi clearly saw the other person’s hands shining with coldness as it was moving toward his neck


“too fast!”


“And, there is no flaw at all!”


Just a casual move and made him face a dead end


This is the strength of Uchiha Madara!




When he facing death, Light flashed from Qin Yi’s forehead.




he said in his heart, this moment he can only rely on the power of Gandalf.


And, he must face this current enemy! The alliance with Konoha is unequal, and if it fails to show any strength even if it is an alliance he will not able to lift its head in the future.


“Under the heavens, the king is a god, everything is the king’s possession, and this is a king!”


“The power of the king, open!”


At this moment, Qin Yi’s body suddenly burst out with bright white light.


This light is extremely holy, but also has a high temperature it seems to be able to clean all the dirt of time.




Madara figure exploded in front of Qin Yi


The white light converges, out of the figure of Qin Yi, but Madara was nowhere to be found.


The people saw Qin Yi’s body suddenly exuding such energy and were surprised.




in the next second Qin Yi’s figure suddenly disappeared.




The sound of iron rang quickly on the roof, and all of them looked up.


The two shadows were rapidly colliding. Every collision, the rubble under them will collapse and when the weapons collided, sparkle spread out


“you suddenly become much stronger. Is this your hidden strength?”


Uchiha Madara cold asked.


“Didn’t you want to see my strength? Then take a look!”


Qin Yi said after a collision with Madara he jumped backward

“Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique”


“Wind Release: Great Breakthrough”


Qin Yi did separate hand prints and the speed is approaching the limit of a phantom.


Madara’s eyes narrowed with the same speed hand printing.

“Fire Release: Great Fireball Technique”


everyone in the courtyard saw the two men on the roof fighting They were all speechless. In particular, Qin Yi’s hands were printed that make them stunned.




Two the ball of fire and the blade of the wind burst on the roof. In a short time, a wooden house collapsed.




At this moment, it seems that ten thousand birds were singing together. His figure suddenly rushed out with an incredible speed and the roof burst again.




It was almost an instant that Qin Yi had already arrived in front of Madara.


His right hand full of lightning, it was very fast. It formed a knife and stabbed at him.




In the gaze of the public, Qin Yi carried the dazzling blue light in his right hand and stabbed it into the heart of Madara,




Hashirama and the other people present were stunned.


They did not expect that the young man could even fight with Madara, and even Qin Yi demonstrated the technique that made them shocked.




Suddenly, a burst of smoke broke out and the figure in front of Qin Yi collapsed.


“Was it a shadow?”


Qin Yi suddenly turned around and in his left hand, the Rasengan appeared. The light blue energy quickly formed a ball that revolved swiftly.


He has almost no hesitation as he pressed his left hand behind him.


When it turned around, it was clear that Madara was behind.






Rasengan revolved is on the stomach Madara and after that, time seems to be stagnant.





Madara showed surprise in his eyes as he flew away.




When he flew about 3 meters, his figure suddenly turned to smoke again


“Another shadow?”


Qin Yi’s heart feels extremely unsettled.


this is indeed one of the men known as the god of ninjas, and this reaction speed is extraordinary.


“Two new techniques and they are without seals, are you developing them?”


At this time, Uchiha Madara voice came from behind with a little bit surprised in his tone.


“Not bad, right?”


Qin Yi said and turned his body.


His right hand slowly lifted high, and the dazzling blue light lit up again.


“Do you want to attack again? It’s useless, boy.”


Uchiha spotted cold.




Qin Yi shouts but the right hand forward suddenly.




Above in the sky, thunder suddenly exploded, followed by a golden chain of lightning rushing down and snaking into Qin Yi’s hands.


Qin Yi took his right hand and caught the chain of lightning.


At this moment, the lightning flashed off.


Everyone watched as Qin Yi held the lightning in his hands and stared at Madara.


“What is this!?”