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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 21: Uchiha Madara

“In the end, I also hope to get some basic ninjutsu scrolls from your village.”


“just some of the C-rank scrolls!”


Qin Yi said.


Qin Lin and Yang Yi’s faces were red but Gandalf’s face remained unchanged,


the grains and seeds are necessary for them to live and the scrolls to learn the techniques easily and pass them to the soldiers,


“Well, it’s not impossible!”

Hashirama said directly.


they discussed for a while then they went out.


The alliance matter is a good thing for Konoha but he must discuss it with the elders of Konoha.


Qin Yi and others came out from the office, accompanied by the Anbu, and wandered around the village.


At this time, Konoha was in the building process, so you could see workers holding hammers everywhere you go. Qin Yi and the other were touring around Konoha just like a tourist.


The people in the village didn’t show any curiosity to them. They took a look then went to do their own affairs.


It can be seen that some of the newly established buildings of Konoha even those that were already built looked new. and the harmony wasn’t the same in Naruto’s time.


“three years and  Konoha will be completely built.”


Qin Yi eyes light up slightly and he knows exactly the period of time.


after the war between Uchiha clan and the Senju clan, they create a truce and formed the first shinobi village and many various families of the land of fire joined them to complete the establishment of Konoha village.


In the early days of the village establishment, Uchiha Madara suggested that the hidden village was named Konoha and was accepted. Afterward, Konoha Ninja submitted the Hokage name to the country leader and made Hashirama the Hokage for Konoha.


This information appeared in Qin Yi’ mind, who had watched Naruto before


“If there is no problem with the historical process, this year is the year in which there will be a disagreement between the Uchiha and the Senju.”


“It means that the battle of the valley of the end will happen soon!”


Qin Yi thought as he walked with the crowd.


At this time, a figure appeared in front of them.


“Guests from the Kingdom of Qin, you are invited by the Hokage.”


The comer was about twenty years old and had a modest attitude. he was curious about Qin Yi and the others and was constantly watching them.




The Anbu-ninja said after he saw the person.


Qin Yi recognized the identity of the other person, nodded slightly, but he says nothing.


the young man was the third Hokage in the future.


“Konoha heads have discussed everything already? What’re the results?”


Qin Yi asked.


“I don’t know. When you go you will know.”


Sarutobi shook his head and said


Qin Yi nodded and took Gandalf and the two generals together and went with Sarutobi.


Soon, several people came into the courtyard.


Qin Yi saw many familiar people when he looking from the doorway


At this time, the number of people in this courtyard was small but they are the pillars of this large Hidden village and everyone here is strong.


An Uchiha group wearing kimono marked with their sign, a group from Hyuga, and from Senju headed by Hashirama, and even from Uzumaki and more were here.


“our guests, please come here.”


Hashirama smiled.


Qin Yi nodded and walked quickly, Gandalf and the two generals followed and stood behind him.


The atmosphere at this time was a little bit weird except for the smile on the face of Hashirama


the others were cold and they said nothing.


The group of the Uchiha clan, who was standing on his left side, seems like they didn’t put him in their eyes.


“Qin, after the discussion, Konoha agreed to form an alliance with the Qin Kingdom, and can provide a certain amount of seeds, grain, and weapons and other supplies.”




Hashirama was embarrassed when he reached this part.


“but, as you said before, you must give back twice what you take.”


Tobirama said while he stood among the Senju


Hashirama grabbed his own face he seemed a bit embarrassed.


For him, this requirement is too much. But he couldn’t help it. After all, he was the Hokage of Konoha but he couldn’t do anything about this.


“Of course.”


Qin Yi smiled and he did not hesitate.


As long as they give them a chance to pass through this hard time and stabilize, these supplies will come back sooner or later.


“In addition, the alliance condition according to what you said! When Konoha is faced with a crisis, we hope you help us. And for your problems, I believe that you can solve it by yourself.”


Tobirama said.


He is not Hashirama, nor was he so soft, so his words sounded awful.


In fact, when the elders of Konoha heard about Hashirama proposing an alliance, they didn’t agree. but when these conditions were put forward, their attitude eased slightly. Having 6,000 soldiers wasn’t something they would worry about with the 20,000 ninjas they had.


Moreover, they didn’t have any confidence in the future of Qin Yi who led the 6,000-people in these troubled times.


What can 6,000 ordinary people do? Not mention the five major countries or the ninjas of other small cities, The ninjas that didn’t belong to any village can deal with them, it will be hard for them to establish a new village. The support was just like giving a dog a piece of meat without expecting anything in return.


“yes, I agree.”


Qin Yi said with a smile.


“These two points, since your country has agreed, the last one is the most important.”


Tobirama nodded and his expression became serious.


Seeing such a change, Qin Yi felt bad, Gandalf’s expression was slightly calm at this time but the two generals behind him had already squeezed their fists.


It can be said that they lost too much in forming this alliance, doubting their ability is normal but this put them in the most disadvantaging position.


This is an unequal treaty, but they didn’t have any other choice.


They wanted to remind Qin Yi that they have the power over his future.


At this time, the Uchiha group, who was the stand in the front, suddenly opened his eyes.


“I am Uchiha Madara!”


This was just a short sentence but it made everyone in the room to focus their attention on him.