The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 20: The Legend


“of course, please follow me.”


the Anbu ninja quickly said.


He couldn’t help but once again glance at the hundred soldiers who sat cross-legged, he had a very clear understanding of the will of this group of soldiers.


Unlike Ninja’s hiding and assassination, these soldiers are more likely to give people a positive impact, making people shocked.


Qin Yi and the Anbu quickly came to the front of the office.


Soon, he will see the legendary god of the ninja. At this time, Qin Yi’s heart fluctuated too much.


Qin was at this time estimating the other’s intentions and what he could gain for his kingdom.


Perhaps it was the feeling that made Qin Yi think about this. he thought he would be excited and admired. But when things came to the fore, he discovered that these were all illusions.




The door of the Hokage office was quickly pushed open, the Anbu stretched out his hand to make a request and then he disappeared.


Qin Yi hid his emotions and stepped in with Gandalf behind him. He was so tall that he had to bend down to not touch the roof. After him, Qin Lin and Yang Yi entered.


“I am very welcome to all of you. I am the Hokage of Konoha. Hashirama Senju ”


As soon as they entered the door, Hashirama said.


Qin Yi has swept away with emotions. His appearance was similar to the anime. he was the legendary ninja who was radiating with warmth and gentleness.


“Hello, Hokage Hashirama I am the king of the kingdom of Qin.”


When Qin Yi saw the doubts on Hashirama face, Qin Yi explained to him.


“This is your name.”


Hashirama suddenly said and after taking a glance at them, he saw Gandalf’s tall figure and said again.


“The old man, you’d better sit down first. The house is built low, hahaha.”


Seeing Hashirama Laugh made Qin Lin and Yang Yi’s look surprised.


They didn’t expect that the strongest of the world and the leader of the largest ninja power in this sub-world is a good ninja with a sense of humor


“I’m very curious about your identity. I heard from Tobirama that they suddenly met you when they were fighting with Sands in the jungle.”


After a few moments, Hashirama sat in a chair and asked with a smile.


Qin Yi looked serious and said: “Since Hashirama Senju have asked us about our identities, then I will first ask you a question.”



“Do you believe there are different worlds?”


Gandalf and the two generals were very surprised, they didn’t expect Qin Yi to actually tell the truth directly.


“Different worlds?”


There was a strange look on Hahirama’s face, and then he solemnly nodded.


“I believe that the origin of our world ninja power is from a different world, but you?”


“We are from a ridiculous world. The world is on the verge of destruction. from desperation, we came here.”


Qin Yi shook his head said.


“It was no wonder that you came from a different world.”


Hashirama suddenly realized.


“I deeply sympathize with the situation in your country.”


“When we first came to this world, we suffered a lot. The death of our companions made us extremely miserable. In addition, we were also faced with the problem of replenishing the supply.”


Qin Yi looked in pain as he talked.


In his mind, this person is different from Uchiha as he wants more love and peace to influence the world and stop the war. If you ask for help, Hashirama is very likely to give it.


“I hope to get the help of Hokage Hashirama.”


Hashirama did not expect the other person to directly seek help.


“And be sure, In the future, we will repay you for this help, and we will give double support. ”

Qin Yi is also said.


Hashirama stayed silent, although he had already controlled most of the forces of the Konoha, and the power he held is also large, but it is not for him to decide on the funding of other forces.


In addition, according to the interlocutory words, it is more desirable to absorb each other’s power and make Konoha more powerful.


“That, I actually want to invite you to join Konoha.”


Hashirama scratched his head and said.


“This is impossible!”


Qin Lin and Yang Yi shouted loudly but Qin Yi did not speak.


All of them saw Hashirama hang down with a very hard look.


“It’s exactly the same as the original story”


Qin Yi said in his heart.


Qin Yi smiled and reopened: “For this meeting with the Hokage, we are holding great expectations and sincerity.”


“I also hope to be able to form an alliance with Konoha. Maybe you judging from our current weak strength, it doesn’t seem to be helpful to Konoha, but having one more friend is not harmful to your country.”


When it comes to business, Hashirama started to think.


“In war, our country can advance and fight with Konoha, but your side does not have to abide by this agreement!”


The people sitting here are all surprised.


The meaning of the representative of Qin Yi is amazing. It means that if Konoha has a war in the future, the Qin State will join, and the Qin state is attacked by other countries, Konoha doesn’t have to participate.


Hashirama was even more surprised. His younger brother said that if he can’t invite them to Konoha then alliance is the best result.


The fighting power of the 6000-soldiers was nothing to Konoha. They were more concerned with Qin Yi and Gandalf.


“I agree with you!”


“As for the things on the supply side…”


Hashirama said.


In the early days of the establishment of wood leaves, they also lacked resources, most of which were also demanded by the country of fire.


“We just want to get some food and seed support, and we will pay back it in the future.”


Qin Yi said quickly.


After coming here for a month, his army can say that he has already run out of food and supplies, and supplies are the biggest problem. Even if it is later in the country of the wave of stability, these things are not easy to obtain, if they can be supported in the leaves, they can develop easily in the early days and the rest of time will not be a problem.


“I still need to consult with others. As Hokage, I can’t decide these things by myself.”


Hashirama said,


“It is understandable that we can be satisfied with the attitude of Hokage Hashirama.”


Qin Yi said with a smile.


“I’m sorry.”


Hashirama Senju is a very nice, gentle person. After the first meeting, Qin Yi was more understanding and respectful.


The short talks also made Gandalf and two generals change their impressions of Hashirama. Even their hatred was reduced.


There is no doubt that Hashirama a very charismatic leader.