The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 19: Konoha



the Anbu ninja was surprised. In the world of ninja, power is undoubtedly crucial. The way to become stronger is the most important thing for all the hidden villages.


The group of soldiers in front of him, he was naturally clear about their power. At best, it can only be regarded as a group of elite soldiers. There was nothing special.


Not to mention practicing Chakra.


“The ability to give power to others, the power of this leader is amazing.”


Even in Konoha, there will be no such large-scale spread of power. The gap between the civilian and the Ninja is great.


In this era, those who can become ninjas are more of the Ninjas family that each family has their special abilities.


Qin Yi and others did not know what the Anbu was thinking as they rushed through the road.


Three hours later, in front of their eyes, a village was blocked by a circular wooden wall. Above the wooden walls, there are watchmen at regular intervals. Through the walls, you can see the buildings and the voices of the people.



“This is the village of Konoha. On behalf of the Hokage, I welcome you all.”


the Anbu ninja said.


“Thanks for the invitation of the Hokage, I’m very honored.”


Qin Yi smiled.


Behind the Qin Lin, General Yang Yi and 100 soldiers. At this moment, they looked seriously and looked ahead.


Gandalf was tall and had already passed through the fence to observe the strange village in the strange land.


This is the best source of cultivation for them to come to a completely different realm from the great Qin Kingdom.




Suddenly, three figures appeared in front of the crowd.


“Who are the newcomers?” ”


One of the three people shouted.


“I invite guests to come, by the order of the Hokage.” ”


The Anbu quickly said, handing over his own squad.


The three people took a closer look and said, “Go in!”


the Anbu nodded, took his own paper, led Qin Yi and other people into the village.


Soon, everyone passed the three ninjas.


As soon as they passed, Yang Yi’s face changed and his fist tightened.


He turned violently and stared at the three people behind the door.


The logo of the red and white fan is clearly visible and represents their identity.


“It’s them!”


Yang Yi shout and clenching his teeth,


“Yang Yi.”


Qin Lin whispered at this time and grabbed Yang Yi.


The 100-soldiers are also stared at the three ninjas who were at the door.


“What’s wrong? They are ninjas of Uchiha’s family and are responsible for the task of guarding the village.”


the Anbu ninja saw their condition and asked in a deep voice.




Yang Yi shout.


Yes, this is the name! They lost a lot in the previous war. The name they inadvertently received was this word.


“If there is anything to say later, I’m is still here.”


Qin Lin softly shouted.


Yang Yi noticed that the Qin Yi and the mask of the cat face had been turned back, taking a deep breath and he fakes a smile.


“All right, let’s go.”


Qin Yi’s looked over the three Uchiha and had some guesses in his heart.


When he was in his City, the information he got when he was awake was the Uchiha word. Yang Yi’s performance at this time shows that ninjas with Uchiha’s name had fought with them.


Although the cause of the incident was caused by the stupidity of the predecessor, However, hatred has already been laid.


As the king of a country, Qin Yi understood.


In the future, it is still necessary to get justice.


Blood-born hatred, it seems, can only be repaid with blood.


“Calm down, in this strange world, the first thing we need to do is to gain a firm foothold, and then try our best.”


Qin Yi whispered in Yang Yi’s ear, Yang nodded his head.


In front of Qin Yi, the ninja has been stepped with the cat face mask, but Yang Yi knows that the young man must have understood what he had in mind and given the answer. He also relieved his heart and felt grateful.


“Now we do not have the strength to seek justice, we have to wait until we are strong enough! Your Majesty will lead us to conquer this world!”


Originally, Yang Yi like the other soldiers is weak. However, when they met the new king, they found the difference with Qin Yi.


He seemed to grow a lot overnight and became steady, he was their hope.


when they walked through the leaf village, along the way, Qin Yi’s attracting the people’s attention.


The team of 100 soldiers is not small. Qin Yi and others can also see the shadows of hidden ninjas in the roofs and lanes.


This is surveillance, but it is also a deterrent, allowing them to give up all unrealistic ideas.


With observation, Qin Yi and others also got most of the information about this village.


After looking at each other, they blinked.


There is no doubt that at this time the village of Konoha is in the period of the building. Some buildings have already been completed and many people have migrated in. but some are still semi-finished products. They are busy with construction and the building is mostly made of wood, which is close to the country where Qin Yi used to live.


Street vendors, small businesses are few in the streets. they are more of a murderous ninja in his eyes. they are wearing loose clothes, looking at them indifferently, and curiously pointing at them.


“In the early stages of the establishment of Konoha, the specific components were mainly the ninja clan of everywhere.”


Qin Yi said in his heart.


Gandalf was tall and quite eye-catching at this time, so many people were amazed.


“Gandalf, I want you to observe as much of their characters, their opposition to each other and the village’s structure as much as possible during this period of time and gather as much information as we need.”


Silently commanding Gandalf in his heart, Qin Yi looked back with an involuntarily glance.


Gandalf nodded slightly and moved the staff a little on the ground.




After a second, a giant eagle appeared one kilometer above the ground, staring at the village with his sharp eyes and hovering constantly.


The Anbu ninja obviously didn’t want them to contact their villages too much so they went directly to their goal.


In less than half an hour, they have already seen Konoha’s office and the Hokage who was in front of it.




Looking up, looking at the appearance of the majestic, Hokage, Qin Yi eyes slightly sank.


“I hope that the captains and your soldiers can stay here.”


The Anbu ninja said.


Qin Lin shouted: “Rest in place!”


the soldiers understood, and they sat with a cool and grim expression.


Seeing this scene, the face of the Anbu trembled, they were somewhat astounded.


“Can you take us to meet the Hokage?”


Qin Yi asked with a smile.