The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 27: Sarutobi’s Loyalty


His first time developing a new ninjutsu wasn’t that successful. There were many shortcomings like the huge consumption while the chakra nature transformation was too slow.


However, Qin Yi wasn’t disappointed as he felt the joy of creating his very own ninjutsu.


“as long as it succeeds, it proves that the hand seals are the way to interact with the world’s power and based on that I can make new ninjutsu.”


Qin Yi became excited as his confidence grew.


Gandalf stood beside him and as he saw the new ninjutsu he was surprised.


“Your Majesty, what was that ninjutsu?”


“I guessed that the hand seals help interacts with the world’s power. This will be helpful for our future.”


Qin Yi said with a smile


The two generals look at each other fool of excitement and said “Great”


Gandalf’s eyes flashed:” it seems like that you have realized the way to become stronger in this world”

“Not bad”


Qin Yi nodded.


It is incredible to understand the hand seals and to be able to develop the ninjutsu by yourself, after all, there are a few talented people in this world who can develop their own ninjutsu by themselves.


The king’s power was beyond the imagination of Qin Yi, Basically, he can learn everything with ease.


That explains why Qin Yi studied it just for one night and could already create a new ninjutsu.


Which means that as long as he gets a lot of ninjutsu and studies the hand seals he can easily create various styles and different ninjutsu.


At this time, he still a beginner so his new created ninjutsu won’t stand a chance in front of Uchiha Madara and Senju Hahirama.


Qin Yi continued excitedly to study the hand seals on the scroll while writing down the B-level and A-level ninjutsu, and he compares his ninjutsu with them.


“B-level and A-level Ninjutsu is more complicated, but they are also simple and comparably powerful. so why?”

He stumbled upon a problem as he was studying.


He noticed that some ninjutsu are powerful but simple.


“Is it related to the chakra nature or its amount?”


Doubt and comparison always births enlighten.


Going deeper into this world’s knowledge, his understanding slowed down as you can see him wrinkle down his eyebrows more often.


at noon Sarutobi came to visit.


“the Hokage invited you to attend the alliance ceremony.”


Sarutobi in his early twenties was very nice.


Sarutobi witnessed yesterday’s battle, he was surprised by the show of talent. He was a self-taught ninja and his talent can’t be described with mere words.


“Alliance ceremony?”


Qin Yi glimpsed then reacted.


“Okay let’s go right now”.


Sarutobi nodded, he looked at the open scroll in front of Qin Yi then he went out.


“I will be waiting for you at the door”


After a few minutes Qin Yi, Gandalf, and the two generals went out.


In their way, Qin Yi was thinking about a puzzle that he found in the scroll.


“the power of ninjutsu and the hand seals complexity are not related.”


“Some of the ninjutsu without print are equally powerful to high-level ninjutsu.”


“Did I study with wrong way? I can develop no printing ninjutsu and some of my unique ninjutsu, that will be enough to solve my problems.”


“but what will my soldiers do? It’s still a problem.”


He thought of this and his face became firmer.


“The people of this world cannot have all kinds of ninjutsu I must do it by myself”


Gandalf observed that Qin Yi annoyed, he asked softly “is there something your majesty worry about it?”


“well, I faced some trouble when I was studying the mid-level power of this world.”


Qin Yi said


“Your Majesty has just been studied this power, I think you must take it to step by step from the basics.”


Gandalf said gently


Qin Yi stunned and then suddenly realized that on C-class ninjutsu there is a tiny part he didn’t pay it attention.



When he studied the hand seals he skipped this part and he rushed to B, A levels. And his impatience made him confused.


“You’re right”


Qin Yi nodded


Developing a ninjutsu is not that simple it’s important to increase the knowledge step by step until this knowledge reaches a certain level.


Some geniuses, who have learned from great masters and mastered many ninjutsu, can develop new ninjutsu.


“it’s very important right now to develop ninjutsu and master them as fast as I can.”


He felt that time was not enough.


After 30-min, Qin Yi and the others came to a square in front of the Hokage’s office, and there is a platform which was recently built.



“What a way to build a platform.”


Gandalf said after he saw it.


“It’s made by Hashirama-sama’s wood release”


Sarutobi said with a smile.


Gandalf was surprised, Qin Yi’s eyes flashed and he said:” Sarutobi, do you want to be the Hokage?”


When he heard this he’s almost jumped up.


“King Qin Yi, you shouldn’t talk like that, I never thought about this.”


“Hahaha, as young people, we have the right to dream and we can achieve them as long as we preserve.”


Qin Yi said.


This was Sarutobi’s limit.


Hashirama is the establisher of Konoha he built it by his wood release and he is the most powerful, even Madara can’t face him.

“At this time if we say anything about the Hokage, we will be killed by Sarutobi.”