The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 28: Bijū


Qin Yi just said his joke and three people came over.




They called


“Koharu, Homura, Danzo.”


Sarutonbi said happily.


When they arrived they looked at Qin Yi with curiosity.


“Oh, this is Qin Yi the king of Qin Kingdom, today he is going to affirm an alliance with us.”


Sarutobi introduced quickly.


“a King?!”


They surprised, they heard about the fight between the king and Madara of yesterday and the ninjutsu that he showed but they didn’t expect he Is 17-years old,


They didn’t have a doubt that the young man affronts them is a genius.


“it’s an honor to meet you, king Qin Yi!”


The group responded.


“honored to meet you too.”


Qin Yi said with a smile.


These three people look very young now but, in the future, they’ll be the most powerful people in Konoha.


“Ha-ha, Qin Yi, here you are, the ceremony is about to start, come with me.”


Hashirama said with a smile.


When the four ninjas saw the Hokage they stood straight.


Qin Yi followed Hashirama to the stage.


At this time Qin Yi surrounded by many people were curious about the King who faced Madara and many females fascinated by him.


Hashirama looked at Qin Lin and shouted loudly.


“He’s married yet and his genes are superb.”


In this era, people were more straightforward than the next ones.


Qin Yi’s face turned red from embarrassment as he stared at Qin Lin down the stage but the latter laughed and didn’t care about the threat in the king’s stare.


“Ha-ha, Qin, since we have formed an alliance, I think you’re not counter marriage between our states.”


Hashirama said with a smile.

“don’t talk about it Hashirama Senju.”


Qin Yi said


At the same time, Tobirama who was standing in the back said: “Big Brother stop it and hurry up all the clans arrived.”


The clans of Konoha came up to the platform.


Hashirama took five minutes to prepare for his word.


“Hashirama! Madara is not here.”


Qin Yi suddenly said after he looked below and he didn’t find Madara,


Hashirama shocked for a second and said: “It doesn’t matter, Qin don’t worry about him.”


The fact of the contrast between the two men was clearer to Qin Yi.


Next, the ceremony continued, Qin Yi didn’t have any experience for those events.


To Qin Yi, this alliance ceremony was like a ribbon-cutting ceremony in his previous life.


“So, from today, I declare that Konoha is formally allied with the state of Qin.”


Hashirama announced loudly while he stood next to Qin Yi on the platform.


The women reacted more than the men, they were screaming and clapping.


“Ha-ha, Qin you’re popular with our women.”


Hashirama was joking.


“I haven’t planned to get married yet so don’t mess with me Hashirama.”


Qin Yi was annoyed.


Hashirama turned away to some business, then he came with Sarutobi squad to join Qin Yi and the others.


“Qin, what is your next plan?”


Hashirama said suddenly after a while of silent walking.


“I am planning to settle temporarily in the island that border Konoha.”


Qin Yi said.


“Is it,” Hashirama said then he fell into silence.


After a long while, he slowly said:” it is the very good place but as far as I know there are many displaced-ninjas settled there.”


“at this time, there is a group of exiled ninjas controlling the island but this is not a problem for you, right?”


Qin Yi nodded.


“Konoha will give you the needed supplies, but you must know how to carry your own problems on the island. I believe in you.”


Hashirama said.


He is more mature than his brother and wiser than him.


“Thank you for the generosity, Konoha.”


Qin Yi said politely.


“Hahaha, it’s nothing. Since it is an alliance this is what Konoha can do for your country.”


Then they fell silent again and the others didn’t speak.


After walking about 100 meters, suddenly Tobirama showed up and said with a heavy voice:”Qin, I have something to say to you.”


Qin Yi asked: “What?”


“Personally, I admire you. I even want you on my team. But unfortunately, you don’t belong to Konoha. ”


Tobirama’s words make Qin Yi surprised but he nodded silently.


“You have an exceptional talent. If you develop it well you can become a very strong man in a short time you just need the right teaching.”


“In fact, this is the most important reason for the alliance of Konoha with you. You should understand, Qin. ”




Tobirama said in a deep voice.


Qin Yi nodded, he knew that Konoha didn’t care about the army as him and he was the most loyal ally for them.


“Well, this is not the point.”


“What I’m going to tell you now is that my brother will soon meet the five nation’s Kages to talks about some issues.”


When it comes to this Tobirama’s voice getting deeper and lower.


“this will be three months later in July!”


When he heard this Qin Yi realize and remember what’s happened at this time.


“It is about the distribution of the Bijus!”


Tobirama said.


“So, what do you want to tell me, Tobirama?”


Qin Yi asked.


“I hope that you can be stronger and build your country in three months.”


“I don’t need to tell you the rest. Qin Yi.”


After whispering that sentences, Tobirama turned around and left.