The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 29: I’m Alone


Qin YI understood Tobirama’s words and felt glad for his appreciation.

he didn’t know him a lot from the manga but all know that he is a calm intelligent man.

He tells him about the private meeting of distribution of the Biju and tells him the conditions to enter this meeting and there will be a big possibility to get a Biju. The second Hokage, Tobirama really admire Qin Yi.

People of this era didn’t know the real importance of the Biju, but Qin Yi knew it from the finale fight in Naruto.

He thought that no matter the cast he had to get a biju.

Qin Yi was happy, as a matter of a fact after he came to this world everything was going to his advantage.

The king’s power, the foundation of bloodline, his previous knowledge, his ability to develop a ninjutsu and his alliance with Konoha all of them were advantages to his future development.

He was confident about building a kingdom in Naruto’s world now.

“Gandalf, Qin Lin, Yang Yi!”

Qin Yi suddenly shouted.

“Your majesty!”

The three of them were stunned and quickly shouted.

“Check out the leaves supplies and prepare to go back to the army!”

“As you command, your majesty!”

Soon, the three men took the 100-soldiers to check the supplies.

Qin Yi thoughts

“it’s going to be all right, it just takes time.”

He needs to be stronger and his army needs to be converted to ninjas in three months, he must work hard.

The more the chakra he has, the quicker this process will become.

“It’s a pity that I can’t use the king’s power constantly, if I can, turning the soldiers into ninja will no longer be a problem.”

Qin Yi sighed.

This skill is mostly passive. This skill will be activated when the king builds his own kingdom in the sub-world.

Only like this will, the kingdom will evolve, civilization, cultivation, and even his strength will grow rapidly.

It’s the way for the king to make his own world evolve and make his people stronger.

In this process, the king will have a unique ability to be as powerful as the gods.

For example, he can give power to subjects without practice and pre-knowledge, at the same time his king’s power will evolve rapidly.

There is a lot of unique skills that Qin Yin can’t comprehend at the moment.

It can be said that for the kings, the best way to increase in their strength is not to learn in the sub-world, but the rise of the kingdom’s power when it evolves.

The power of the king represents the nature of all the forces of the world, he can evolve everything even the power of the gods cannot be compared with it.

At the moment, Qin Yi is just a small king who just started, he also experienced his first world. When he grows up he will realize what Gandalf said about his father power previously.

The three men spent half an hour counting the supplies while the 100 soldiers are guarding it.

“This is the list, sir.”

Yang Yi took the list and brought it to Qin Yi.

The soldiers can stay for a while with these supplies, and during this time they can evolve quickly.

Qin Yi looked at the list after a while he figures that it was enough to settle at the land of the wave.

“He is a really good guy.”

Qin Yi’s eyes flashed as he somewhat admired Hashirama.

He is really the best political guy in Naruto.

He took a deep look at Konoha then he turned around.

“let’s go!”

The soldiers guarded the supplies as they went out of the village.

Konoha is very strong and beautiful but also they have their own fate maybe one day we’ll meet.

At the moment when Qin Yi and the others left the village, a figure sat atop a stone tabled staring silently inside Naka Shrine secret room.

This stone, in the eyes of ordinary people, is just a monument that maybe records some mystical words.

But when this man uses his Sharingan or Mangekyo Sharingan, the information in this stone can be enough to shock the world.

Madara uses his eternal Mangekyo Mangekyu Sharingan to read this stone.

After a while, he said with a bloody voice.

“All of you are wrong, Hashirama, Konoha, all of you are wrong!”

“Only me Uchiha Madara the only one who see the reality of this world.”

“Now all of them lost the right road, so it is up to me to pursue it alone.”

Madara whispered.

At this moment he felt like he was a lonely man ignored by people, everyone is laughing and enjoying this world.

At this moment the contradiction between him and Konoha had grown to the point where there is no hope for an agreement.

He was far away from his friend, his clan and everyone right now.

No one could understand his feeling, the darkness, hatred and grudge that had grown in his loneliness.

“Strong men didn’t need a company, only lambs and sheep do.”

He stood up slowly and disappeared.

This day when Qin Yi left the village Uchiha Madara also left and no one saw him.

In the Hokage’s office, Hashirama heard about this.

“Hokage Sama, we couldn’t find Uchiha Madara.”

Hashirama disappointed, he felt like his friend was gone forever and this is the end of their friendship.