The King of The Worlds The King of The Worlds
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K.T.W Volume 1: Chapter 30: Practicing Rasengan



In the forest of Konoha, Qin Yi and the others are going to the big army carrying the supplies.


Everyone felt good as they practiced chakra.


Qin Yi is very satisfied with the situation, everything going to be better.


“When we arrive in the land of the wave, we will stabilize, then we’ll go back to our world, so we can make our people happy at least.”


Qin Yi thought with a smile on his face.


Three hours later, Qin Yi and the others arrived at the camp.


“Qin Yi!”


Xi Yao ran over Qin Yi and hugged him.


“Our little princess, did you miss me? Did you have a good rest?”


Qin Yi said after he hugged her with a smile.


“Yes, I had a good sleep, general Fang Lan did all the jobs.”


Xi Yao said softly.


Qin Yi laughed loudly: “That’s good!”


“Nice job, General Fang Lan!”


“Guarding the princess, guarding your majesty, guarding the king’s city, is my duty, your majesty!”


Fang Lan said.


Next, because of the short time, Qin Yi said directly.


“Generals, check out the state of the soldiers if we can move now, we must hurry up.”


Qin Lin and the others nodded and turned away quickly.




Xi Yao asked.


“we must find a stable place as soon as possible.”


Qin Yi said.


Then, he sat down next to Xi Yao and said.

“I’ll teach you the way to practice chakra.”




It Seems like Xi Yao heard about it before.

He gave her a chakra paper test that he got from Konoha to check her nature.


Five hours later. Xi Yao learned chakra, she was jumping excitedly.


Qin Yi looked at her rubbing his head in his memory his sister was always cold and arrogant but after practicing chakra she was like this.


“That’s enough today, in the future I’ll teach the army, you must work hard by yourself.”


“this is the only way to survive in this world we must be hard workers.”


Xi Yao nodded with flashed eyes.


At the moment. The three generals had not returned yet, and Qin Yi sitting on the ground alone experiment his ninjutsu.


“It’s impossible for my soldiers to become strong in a short time.”


“Now, the quickest way to improve my army is making some people stronger first then I’ll drive the rest of them.”


Qin Yi thought.


At this point, he adopted a plan from a great man in the great Roman empire in his previous life, everything must be for the strength of civilization and the imperial, this will make citizens units, and civil rebellion is impossible under this plan.


“For myself, I must master all the ninjutsu as fast I can.”


“I should develop Rasengan as soon as possible.”


“in addition, we should develop the bloodline quickly.”


Qin Yi thought clearly.


Then he immersed himself in the development of Rasengan.


The effectiveness of Rasengan is clearly shown in the original story.


“In the battle with Madara I used it but I counted on Gandalf power more and it still has many defects.”


Qin Yi thought.


He gathered the chakra in his right hand and then release it.


A blue faint halo is visible to the eye.


“Keeping chakra in irregular movement make it more powerful.”


Qin Yi thought.


Soon, chakra in his palm formed the shape of Rasengan but it’s not powerful enough.


He continued increasing the release of chakra in frequency irregular movements.




Gradually, the chakra ball movement became fierce with real sphere shape.


Qin Yi’s eyes amazed.


“It’s too intense to be controlled.”


He stopped releasing chakra and he trying controlling It


Ten seconds later, Rasengan became stable but the whirlwind was much stronger.


Finally, it formed a stronger cyclone.


Suddenly, Qin Yi increased chakra output, the ball almost exploded.


“It’s not stable!”


Qin Yi’s face changed he stood up and ran quickly.

Xi Yao looked at him when she heard the voice of Rasengan then she amazed from the scene.


He hit the blue ball in his hand into the big tree in front of him.




Qin Yi thrown away a dozen meters behind when he hit the tree.


He looked at his hands which were full of wounds, and he looked in front of him the big tree with a big hole in the middle with one meter and we can see things behind it.


“this! Is that caused by you Qin Yi?”


Xi Yao shocked.


“I failed, but I have more experience now!”


Qin Yi said with a little smile.


This blow is much better than the one that he released during the battle with Madara, though it failed, but its power also terrible.


“This is the real Rasengan!”


“No, if the practice is successful, the real Rasengan will be even stronger than this one!”


Qin Yi’s eyes flashed with hope and confidence.


He gathered chakra in his right hand he was ready to continue practicing Rasengan.


Chakra’s recovery speed was fast enough for him to practice more.


He released a Rasengan in three seconds,


“This is the amount of chakra as long as I increase the frequency and the speed of chakra’s movement it can be stronger!”


“but I must control it!”


Qin Yi’s eyes flashed with Rasengan in his hand.